Electromedicine —

A Coming of Age (Part 2)

(Nothing New Under the Sun)

John Wright foresaw long ago that the medical profession would ultimately embrace electromedicine as a viable approach to healing. Furthermore, he said, the “powers that be” would claim it as their own, never acknowledging the work of those who came before. He continued, however, with the encouragement that their endeavors will only validate what we have been providing for years. 

He’s been proven right, for many have come forward to tout the benefits of frequency application in the treatment of countless ailments. Typically, each new reprisal of what we have understood for decades is presented as “New”, “Original” and “Unique”.

Here’s a recent example: 

Dr. Boris Pasche, the new president and CEO of the Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Institute, recalls working on a new treatment for insomnia in the late 1990s when a wild idea [emphasis ours] occurred to him: What if exposing people with cancer to radio frequency electromagnetic fields could slow the growth of their tumors? 

It had never been tried before…… [emphasis ours]

“One morning, I woke up and I said, ‘What if we could identify tumor-specific frequencies?’ ” Pasche said.

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Note that the FDA approval for Dr. Pasche’s device is limited to those for whom the first two tiers of “standard of care” therapies have failed. Thus the pharmaceutical/surgical approach takes precedence and the patient can only attempt the less invasive therapy when all else fails. This is typical of these “new technology breakthroughs”, and it reveals the level of control being exerted in terms of choices being offered to those who are suffering.

You will also notice that each new development is intended for one malady only. This is significant. This is why we see numerous devices on the market which have achieved FDA approval for only one application. Each approval  process comes at a very high cost, so most manufacturers will settle for the first approval. (Example: TENS machines, patented about a year after Rife’s passing, by folks located within shouting distance of Rife’s laboratory. Another example is the bone growth stimulator, patented in the 1980’s by Johnson and Johnson.)

Typically, these companies are well capitalized (big money is heavily invested in electromedical devices—even Google’s parent company, Alphabet.), with emphasis on the singular ailment for which it is approved, or they will take the tact of advertising for the one approved application and tell you privately that it can be used for many maladies. It’s a survival game, and the game is rigged.

The bottom line is that the bureaucratic structure which has become the dispenser of “standard of care” practices does not wish the public to know that instruments are available which have been used safely and effectively for many decades, often in the privacy of one’s home.

We strive to maintain a certain optimism, even a sense of humor about this state of affairs, preferring to view each “new development” as further validation of our decades of work. Furthermore, we’re grateful for the refinements being made to this fascinating technology.

We are living in an era wherein much of our history is being pummeled, deleted and re-written. Certain truths are being forgotten. We hope to provide perspective on what has come before, even as we take great strides into the future.

After all, Raymond Royal Rife developed these theories (“A first object [of this patent is to provide] a resonant frequency therapy device for destroying cell malignancies…”) prior to Dr. Boris Pasche.

Though we have been thwarted from speaking as frankly as we are accustomed to, even coached to censor our testimonials, we celebrate these newfound “pioneers” who claim the headlines. For indeed, they speak to the legitimacy of frequency therapy. We hope you too will find assurance in their success and that you find encouragement that your small Rife machine from JWLABS, based on technology which existed before most of us were born, holds promise for you.

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