Frequently Asked Questions

Over the past 34 years, we have been asked a lot of questions on Rife machine technology and our frequency sessions. We’ve answered those questions based on our decades of experience and hope you find your answers in the list below.

Upon the receipt of an FDA warning letter, and the advice of legal council, we have been forced to remove all references to specific health conditions.

We regret that we can no longer represent the full stories that have been consistently reported by our satisfied customers.

General Overview

There are a number of theories as to exactly what has suppressed Rife technology over the years. Some of them are exaggerated, glamorized, or simply untrue.

What is true is that if you already know about it, the technology will not be deliberately hidden from you, but if you do not know about it, and do not seek it out, nobody is going to come knocking at your door or send you unsolicited mail. This tends to keep the profile down.

Big business is not interested in the technology for the reason that they do not want to invest a lot of capital in a technology that they cannot exclusively control. In a few cases, however, businessmen and industries have developed their own unique interpretations, which can be patented.

The TENS unit and the bone growth stimulator, both of which have been approved by the FDA for many years, are examples of Rife machines that you may have heard about. The Cybersonic, Ionic, Sonic, and other types of advanced toothbrushes are based on fundamental insights taken directly from the Rife technology. (In fact, John Wright had significant input in the development of at least one of these devices.)

Outside of the U.S., there are many countries that have embraced the advent of frequency technology. It seems to fall in and out of favor, depending on the administration or regime.

The short answer:

The Rife machine, by our definition, is an instrument that delivers frequencies to the body. 

The long answer:

The term is something of a misnomer. Rife did not invent the transducer. It had been in use a long time before he was born. The technology and techniques we employ today, were mostly developed by others who preceded Royal Rife.

Royal Rife was a microscopist, (someone who makes and develops microscopes). He is correctly attributed as having discovered what are called Mortal Oscillatory Rates.

One school of thought is that it was the Ray Tube that was the true Rife machine, a device that uses a radio wave to deliver frequencies, rather than current. In a certain way  there is a correct aspect to this belief, since the transducer could not be used to treat Rife’s microscope. This is because they are too powerful. The sample under Rife’s scope would be destroyed by the current delivered by an electrode. For this reason, he had to develop the broadcast type instrument which could affect the sample on his slide without destroying it.

This was part of Rife’s genius. When something did not exist which he needed to extend his research, he invented it.

Over the years it has been proven that even a very feeble transducer vastly out performs even the most powerful ray tube modality for the reason that a transducer is direct, and broadcast, is indirect.

There are a great many other things that make the transducer a far better method of delivering frequency to the body.

In the loose language of the present day, virtually anything that delivers frequency to the body might be called a Rife type device. Although there is literally no better or more powerful way to accomplish this than the transducer, frequency delivery devices have taken many diverse forms.

John Crane, who built machines for Rife for over 20 years, attempted to reveal all these facts after Rife’s death in 1971. Even though Rife knew and had proven its effectiveness, he did not openly admit to the effectiveness of the direct contact frequency instrument. Again, because he did not invent the transducer. But he did prove it, so the name has stuck. To reiterate, Rife did not invent the Rife machine.

JWLABS does not make a broadcast device, and we never will. It is simply much too dangerous. And it is a danger that users cannot detect.  Royal Rife, John Crane, and others who worked with them for years, have all died in a terrible diminished state of mental acuity. Alcoholism, erratic behavior and dementia seem to be common among them. We have long maintained that these and other maladies are the result of cumulative exposure to radio frequencies. 

So, there is really no cut and dried definition of what a Rife machine is. But there are a few things that we must be sure a Rife machine is not. By our definition, a Rife machine is something that does the user a lot of good, and that is scientifically sound in its design, and empirically safe for home use. A Rife machine is not supposed to be dangerous, or harmful during normal use. Broadcast, or “ray machines” violate this basic safety rule.

No, there are no legal prohibitions against having a machine. Nor is it illegal to manufacture them. It is, however, not legal to make claims about the results the machine will produce.

Even with over three decades of experience, we are careful to qualify that individual results may vary. We can tell you what is reasonable to expect, given the facts of the history and the gravity of the science. We can speak to what we know the machine is capable of, and we can instruct you how to use it safely. We can even teach you advanced techniques which will increase your likelihood of achieving the desired results.

We have seen a number of our most precious rights and privileges taken from us; but as of this writing, we are still permitted to use this device in the privacy of our own home.

Each customer must sign an agreement which establishes a mutual understanding that JWLABS machines are hired for build under contract, with the express understanding that they are meant for experimental use and that our coaching is not to be construed as practicing medicine.

You need not keep it a secret that you have a rife machine; in fact, many of you will naturally want to share about it once you have experienced the benefits. But you must not tell others that it will cure their ailments. You must speak about it in a responsible, even a respectful way.

A resounding NO!

Our Model A machines are much more potent than those devices you strap to your body and wear for hours. In fact, we advise sessions of a mere ten minutes a day for the first week of use. Even this varies with individual cases, that the best approach for them is sessions of even less time. Our Customer Support helps them to modify their sessions as appropriate over the weeks that follow.

One size does not fit all, and individual progress will vary. Significant reactions are more likely in the beginning days, as well as when we progress to different ranges of frequencies.

Please trust the wisdom of our coaching. If you have had experience with other devices, it may be even more important to heed our instructions, as many of them are under-powered. Please don’t assume that you know how to proceed, given your previous experience. We have had customers make that mistake, with very uncomfortable effects. JWLABS Model A rife machines deliver as much in five minutes as some machines do in an hour or more.

In the day of Royal Rife, only vacuum tube-based machines existed. This is what he used, both with direct contact AND to power his broadcast device. Because he had nothing to compare to, Rife himself was unaware of the significance of this.

The people who approached JWLABS in 1986 were friends and associates of Royal Rife. They had figured out that the vacuum tube-based instrument was essential to Rife’s results. The output from these devices is ANALOG. It is more harmonic, more robust than a signal that is merely generated from a chip, called DIGITAL. Analog is a more natural signal. Nothing in nature is digital, only analog.

Our new associates, long schooled in the work of Rife, insisted that we build for them the original style vacuum tube-based instrument, and with good reason. (Musicians understand the advantage of vacuum tube-based amplifiers; the sound experience is more richly textured and more nuanced. Audiophiles insist it’s as close as you can get to the experience of live music.)

Our legendary Model B was our singular instrument through 2004. Fully manual and tuning within as much as a millionth of a hertz, it is prized by those who possess it to this day. Our entire library of sessions has been hand tuned from the Model B, making them far superior to those on cheap digital machines.

Learn more here.

As a matter of fact, rife technology has been approved for veterinary use for some time now. Many of our customers are using their Model A devices with their pets. We know a lady in Texas who uses it routinely on horses, goats, and even cats. A woman in Michigan is thrilled with the results she sees with horses and dogs. It’s heartwarming to hear from these folks who are taking such loving care of their animals who depend on them for the very best.

To paint you a picture, the easiest way to begin sessions with your beloved pet is to place the electrode patches on your palms and lay your hands on the animal. It’s especially good if you can make contact with areas on their body with little or no fur – perhaps their ears, paws, stomach, or even a shaved area. We can coach you to try different techniques, including different electrodes. Keep in mind that their bodies are much smaller than yours, so less is often more. We will gladly help you along the way.

Because that’s exactly what our machines do. Each of our instruments converts audio frequency to output that you feel. Directly applying current to the body adds vibrancy not achievable any other way.

Our customers appreciate the energy they feel, from their favorite music or our specialized hand-tuned sessions.

Our Tactio® feature is unheard of in other Rife machines and brings great enjoyment to our users.


Our devices are extremely portable. Measuring 6” x 4” x 2” they are embedded in a crush proof case. We have truck drivers and travelers who would not be without their machines. We have retirees who give themselves sessions while a passenger in their car or motorhome. We have numerous people who have traveled to other continents without being delayed by inspections at the airport. We have even used our machine on a commercial air flight and no one batted an eye!

LiveWires, our pocket-sized Rife machine is even more handy for travelers, as it will fit in the palm of your hand!

Since the onset of a certain virus in early 2020, we wrote about potential therapeutics which we speculated would take the sting out of the panic that engulfed the world.
This resulted in a warning letter from the FDA. We had never, in over three decades, drawn their attention. They pointed out that our devices are not FDA approved. We make no secret of this. They admonished us to remove ALL content referring to the big virus.
Lawyers subsequently advised us harshly that we could NOT REFERENCE ANY EFfECT ON THE HUMAN BODY resulting from the use of our machines. This included our own customers’ stories
We understand that people are reassured when they hear of the successes of others; however, it’s not appropriate for us to share these stories in a way that could be construed as a “pitch” for a sale.
For this reason, our more detailed material is made available ONLY to our paying customers.
We hope this helps you understand why we cannot be as forthcoming as we once were.


This is a very important question for those who have been doing their homework on the internet, or in conversation with folks who have used the non-contact devices. Let’s see if we can clear up some of the rhetoric.

The “non-contact” type device is known generically as a “broadcast device”. It generates an electromagnetic field in a tube or in a bulb and it beams them at you via carrier waves. These frequencies are measured in megahertz (MHZ), which represents radio frequencies.

We have serious concerns about the safety of these higher ranges of frequency. More is understood now than in Royal Rife’s era about the issues around radio frequencies. For starters, we are living in an environment which is now highly charged with radio frequencies, and we do not truly know the combined effects of all this frequency pollution. To make matters worse, the band of frequencies we call “radio” or “broadcast” includes the microwave band.

We have noted that some manufacturers of broadcast devices tout their instruments as more powerful, in terms of output. Of course! What they don’t tell you is that the higher frequencies they employ require more power! In fact, much of this amplitude is wasted as the signal traverses the distance between the source and the destination.

You will notice the phenomenon of higher frequencies requiring more power when you use your Model A. The higher the frequencies being delivered by the instrument, the more you are likely to adjust your amplitude dial to an ideal level. It’s not unusual, at the highest numbers in the audio range that we use, to not feel the sensation at all. This is normal.

To summarize, to proclaim that a device is superior because it outputs more power, with no regard for what is the safest deliverable power, is unconscionable.

In most cases you will feel a tingling effect at the point of contact, meaning where the electrodes are placed. This will vary with each individual as conductivity issues such as nerve damage (from medications or disease) will influence the degree of sensation.

We provide a sophisticated ten-turn potentiometer with which you will adjust the amplitude (intensity of the signal). We advise users to employ only enough power to register as “comfortably strong”. In other words, it’s fine to have the power fairly strong, or even mildly strong, but we advise against having it turned up so intensely that muscles are contracting.

Note that our expertly tuned sessions have employed tuning techniques which include sweeping, sometimes upward, sometimes downward. On a particularly fast sweep in the downward direction, you will feel the sensation intensify. Likewise, the upward sweep will decrease in intensity. You will adjust the amplitude knob according to your comfort.

It’s normal, when placing electrodes on the soles of the feet, to accept more power.

The TENS unit was patented in 1972, the year after Royal Rife passed away. Curiously, the patent was awarded to folks who were located a mere few miles from Rife’s laboratory.

The TENS machine is a very low power frequency device which delivers a very small range of frequencies directly to the body. It has been distributed widely via prescription and is now even available in drug stores.

Comparing the TENS machine to our Rife machines is like comparing a roller skate to a Mazerati! Same principle, but with limited function.

Inherent in our design is our commitment to ease of use, without sacrificing the integrity of our expertly tuned frequency sessions. Once you have begun, you will appreciate how JWLABS has taken the guesswork out of the experience for you. You will be delighted with how simple it is to use your Model A.

Model A3 is our mid-priced unit. It accesses our frequency sessions from our membership site which contains our entire library of hand-tuned sessions. Customers enjoy the easy access via their computer, laptop, tablet, or Kindle. Some even successfully employ it with their smartphones. We still have customers who do not use a computer, so they enjoy the sessions via their CD player. (Must be a player with a headphone jack.) Learn more about the Model A3.

Model A4 is the most user-friendly Rife machine available. All JWLABS frequency sessions are loaded on board the unit. A touch screen menu grants you easy access to the menu and you can select your favorite sessions, so you need not scroll through the 300+ titles to make your selection. Learn more about the Model A4.

With our Model A line, you can easily repeat professionally tuned sessions. You will get hours of enjoyment when you use the Tactio® feature on our machines. Let us take your experience of music to a new level! Just plug and play and put it away!

Model A3 is our mid-priced unit. It was launched in 2004 and now includes a rechargeable battery, so no external power supply is required during sessions. A3 accesses our expertly tuned frequency sessions from CDs by becoming a member of JWLABS. It is built into a crush-proof case and is covered by a full warranty and personalized customer support.

Measuring 6 inches by 4 inches by 2 inches deep, it weighs about ¾ of a pound. Model A3 can access our frequency library via a computer, laptop, tablet, or Kindle. Some even successfully use it with their smartphone.

Model A4 is our top-of-the line unit, built into the same size case as the A3. It has our entire library of frequency sessions on board, with easy access via a touch screen menu. The user can mark their favorite sessions, so they don’t need to scroll through the entire library of 300+ titles to make their selection. This, plus the rechargeable battery provide completely independent usage. It’s no wonder that some call it the DREAM MACHINE!

Compare all of our devices here.

Yes, but only if you are using a Model A3 or LiveWires. Our frequency library is an internet-based service. In order to stream your applications, you will need access to high speed internet.

Check to make sure your computer, tablet, or mobile device sound volume is set to maximum. You should also ensure your audio cable is securely inserted into the computer output and the Model A3 input. Make sure your battery is charged.

John Wright conceived Tactio® very early in his career of developing Rife machines.

Given that the safest range of frequencies is in the audio range, he knew that the potential for tactile music was promising. The device has gone through many renditions, and we’re proud to offer this safe and exhilarating experience to our customers. Do you love music? This will take your enjoyment to a whole new level. The thrill of listening to your favorite music and feeling the electron flow that these selections produce is second to none.

Simply plug your input cable into the device you’re using to play your music. Attach your headset to the Tactio® jack and set up your electrodes for a regular Rife session. Be prepared to adjust the amplitude as the music intensifies or becomes more subdued. 

Tactio® will bring you hours of entertainment and will provide an entirely new way for you to introduce your friends and family to Rife technology.

JWLABS LiveWires

In short, it’s a pocket-sized Rife machine! We produced LiveWires in 2014 as our engineers were doing research and development on another project for us. It represents a break-through, in that we were able to shrink the size of our Model A circuitry down to a little over a cubic inch.

It’s very sophisticated from an engineering point of view, yet less advanced from the perspective of user interface. For instance, our other Model A products provide a very refined potentiometer with which to govern the intensity of the output. LiveWires has merely a one-turn thumb wheel. LiveWires does not have safety features such as power light or activity light to indicate that the electrode wires are active.

LiveWires relies on internet access to obtain the frequency sessions and move them through the device. The wires are fixed to the unit; and the cube is not subject to repair, given that the innards cannot be accessed.

It’s a wonderful little unit for those who are limited by budget and don’t wish to postpone their entry into Rife technology. Most LiveWires units are placed with families who have a full-bodied Model A and wish to extend the therapy to family members who are off at college or those who travel frequently.

You have two choices; General Alignment is available for download to your computer for permanent storage. This provides an excellent maintenance session, and it may be all you need to achieve your desired results. For more aggressively tuned sessions, you must subscribe to our membership site which gives you access to our full library of professionally tuned sessions.

Yes, LiveWires is tablet and iPad compliant. In order to utilize the service you must be connected to a high speed WiFi connection or have previously downloaded the GA tracks. Some tablets and other mobile devices may require a mini USB adapter. You can order this item on our JWLABS accessories page.

No, this device is constructed in such a way that it cannot be opened for repair. This is the only device JWLABS makes that is not warranted.

Check to make sure your sound volume is set to maximum on your computer, tablet, or mobile device. You should also ensure that your audio cable from LiveWires is securely connected to your media device.

JWLABS Hand-Tuned Frequency Sessions

Yes, but only if you are using a Model A3 or LiveWires. Our frequency library is an internet-based service. In order to stream your applications, you will need access to high speed internet.

The online library of recorded applications for JWLABS Model A3 is in a compressed format for streaming. The sampling rate on our devices is so extraordinarily fast that it more than compensates for the condensation. In fact, we did not release them until we were confident that we could preserve the original analog output. This is one of our engineering marvels!

Yes, our frequency library is tablet and iPad compliant. In order to utilize the service you must be connected to a high speed WiFi connection. Make sure to disable all inbound calling and text messaging on the tablet.

Yes, our frequency library can be used on smart phones that are connected to a high speed WiFi connection. While 3g or 4g may work, it is not recommended. Make sure to disable all inbound calling and text messaging on the tablet.

Our frequency library is only for JWLABS customers because every recorded application was created to work specifically with the JWLABS Model A Rife machine.

Customer Support

Yes, but only if you are using a Model A3 or LiveWires. Our frequency library is an internet-based service. In order to stream your applications, you will need access to high speed internet.

Log in to your JWLABS account and go to Membership Account. On your membership account page, click “Cancel” under My Memberships.

One login per account is allotted. Membership accounts are set up to be used by one household.

Still have questions?

If you didn’t find the answers to your questions here, call us toll free at 888.891.1122 or direct at 708.356.6513 today and we’ll do our best to provide the information you need to make a sound decision. Or, send us an email at [email protected] and we’ll get right back to you.

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