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People Just Like You

Buy Rife Machines Built by JWLABS

JWLABS customers are those who understand that something is very wrong with “the system.” They appreciate that our bodies are electric and that frequency matters. Conventional medicine has not addressed this in a way that’s meaningful for maintaining optimal wellness.

Improve Wellness

People buy Rife machines from JWLABS to improve and protect their General Wellness. They are looking for alternatives to what is offered via conventional medicine OR they endeavor to complement the services of their health care practitioners with approaches which are not recognized in the mainstream. Folks recognize that we are electrical beings and that the gentle stimulation of carefully crafted frequency sessions can improve their experience of health and vitality.

Repair and Recover

While many seek us out because of a health crisis, increasingly people purchase our Rife machines to protect and preserve their current state of well being. This is true for athletes who wish to accelerate their healing from injuries, folks who endeavor to hasten their recovery from illness or surgery, and families who strive to protect their loved ones from toxin overload or preventable infections.

Buy Rife Machines from a Trusted Industry Leader

Typically our patrons do their homework. Not just for themselves, but for their entire families. It’s not that they need to fully understand the technical aspects of Rife technology, but they want to have a basic grasp of the potential benefits, the history, and who in the industry is trustworthy.

You might say that our consumers think outside the box! 

JWLABS Model A4 touchscreen rife machine

Are you new to Rife technology?

That’s no surprise, as even after nearly a century since its inception, it remains a best kept secret!

Rife machines have been around for over 100 years and are a great compliment to a general wellness program. They work using low frequency waves and can be tuned to suit the individual.

JWLABS Rife Machine Model A3 Frequency Instrument

What Makes Our Rife Machines Different?

The magic is in the tuning!

Our frequency sessions are comprehensive, robust and have been tuned to the needs of the hundreds of health conditions. Rife Machines built by JWLABS have been very finely tuned, sometimes within a millionth of a hetz, which greatly impacts the user’s experience.

Our original (Model B) Rife machines provide immersive acuity, with undertones and overtones around each frequency being addressed.

Our breakthrough Model A Rife machine preserves the integrity of the original analog signal.  

Our Rife device frequencies are carefully researched and expertly tuned. We employ advanced techniques which target specific frequencies and sweep through ranges of frequencies. This allows for mutations, differences in terrain and General Wellness support.

We're Celebrating 37 years in the Rife machine industry!

Our mission has always been to provide instruments and support
to help you optimize your experience of health and well being.

A Legend of Trust in the
Rife Machine Industry

As one of the earliest stewards
of Rife device technology,
JWLABS strives for excellence
in our products and customer service.

A Legend of Trust in the Rife Machine Industry

As one of the earliest stewards of Rife device technology,
JWLABS strives for excellence
in our products and customer service.

history of JWLABS rife machine timeline condensced

We have proudly built our Rife instruments in the USA since 1987.

JWLABS is your home for quality Rife machines.

Our Rife devices are extremely user friendly. Our designs are based on historical facts and research, coupled with expert engineering.
We have products for you which will fit your budget AND your desire to get up to speed quickly. People of all ages buy JWLABS Rife machines because of the experiences our past and current past users have had. We build Rife machines that can be a potent part of your wellness routine.

Model A4.1 Rife Machine

Our Premium Rife Machine

model a3 wright laboratories rife machine open blue

Model A3 Rife Machine

Our Mid-Priced Rife Machine

image coming soon placeholder

LiveWires 2.0

Our Palm-Sized Rife Machine

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Pre-Owned Model A4.0 Rife Machine

Rife Machine Therapy for Body and Mind

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JWLABS Rife machines are media adapters that act as transducers, converting audio frequencies such as the sound of music to electrical impulses which the user feels as gentle vibrations or a tingling sensation. The JWLABS Rife machines are not designed to nor do we intend that they will exercise any structure-function effect on the user.

These are not FDA certified medical devices and we offer them only for general well being and entertainment purposes.

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