Manufacturing Fine Frequency Instruments Since 1987.

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The Future is Here Today!
Ideal for Clinical or At-home Use

Sophisticated technology with user-friendly interface.

Pristine Quality

Precision engineering is the hallmark of our Model A line of purpose-built Rife machines.

We’re There for You!

Active personal support & progress management. And unlimited warranty.

Power and Control

Take the Alternative Road…

Are you disappointed in the options being offered by the medical system?
Do you want to break the cycle of dependency on pharmaceuticals?

Increasingly, people are turning to Rife therapy to take control over their health and well being. JWLABS has a long history of helping people, whether critically ill, or seeking to protect their future health.

Our Customers

We serve people from all walks of life.

Not just clinicians and practitioners, but entire families. Folks who are ill, and those who have come to understand that supplementing with frequency therapy is fundamental to maintaining good health.

“To say that our Model A and JWLABS are the cornerstone of our family’s health would be an understatement….”

– Neil M.

Our Mission

We Design, Produce, And Support The Finest In Frequency Instruments.

Our mission is to make quality Rife therapy potent and reliable for clinical use, yet affordable and practical for the patient to take home. We have advanced the technology to provide the best of the old and the new.

With user-friendly devices and our Customer Support, you are more assured of achieving your desired results.

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Our History

Since 1987 JWLABS instruments have set the standard in the industry.

Beginning with the analog manual Model B and culminating with the state-of-the-art Model A devices, we have endeavored to produce the finest quality and most affordable devices in the industry.

This, with our steadfast customer service, ensures that our users can confidently experiment with Rife technology in the privacy of their homes.

Product Evolution Timeline

JWLABS Evolving Rife Machine Product Timeline
Hand-Tuned Frequency Sessions


Analog Source

Vacuum-based technology

Highly Refined

Increments of one millionth hertz

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A Legend of Trust…..

As one of the early stewards of Rife technology, we see our role as being multi-fold:

To educate our customers and help them distinguish between the facts and the fiction.
To protect the technology itself by providing quality instruments based on the original analog devices.
To continue the development of the technology, providing instruments with increasing reliability, ease of use, and affordability.
To support our customers in proceeding safely and most effectively.
On-line Rife Session Library

Over 320 comprehensive sessions, each delivering trillions of frequencies.

Engineered for Precision

Designed and assembled in a state-of-the-art factory. Made in the USA.

Mike F., OhioAugust, 2016

“As you know, I am trying to reduce my blood pressure so I can get off all medications. In 3 weeks of using my Model A with Hypertension Track 4, my blood pressure has dropped from 152/84 to 123/65. These results are astounding! My blood pressure has never been this low, even with medication, at my current weight. Thanks for your help.”

R.WhiteSeptember, 2016

“My Model A has made the biggest difference of all I have ever done. It’s the only thing that’s made a difference that I can observe. I’m a life-time user; I will never be without this machine! It’s worth a hundred times what I paid for it.”

Grant L.Missouri

“An amazing technology, a simple interface and convenience beyond imagination. I travel and the ability to access a whole library of frequencies for hundreds of health issues using a computer, iPad, smart phone and the very small and portable Model A3 is incredible.”

Steve C.Arthritis

“Best machine made-whatever the cost! I had arthritis on both hands with 30% grip strength in 2004. Rife by jwlabs solved the problem in 2 months and I have been fine since.”

Roger A.Carpal Tunnel

“I had carpal tunnel syndrome. I used the machine on my palms and my CTS was gone in a relatively short time. I still use the machineto maintain good health. I recommend that everyone purchase one. You really can’t afford not to own one.”

Dolores M.Cataracts

“I have used a magnifying glass for reading fine print. After treating my cataracts with the Rife Machine, I no longer need magnifying glasses, and I can now read fine print. The treatment took about 8 days.”

Marian D.Colds/Arthritis

“I love my Model A It really does help prevent colds and also helps my arthritis.”

Lanny S.Diabetes

“I have been using the machine twice a week on a regular basis. It has improved my blood sugars for Diabetes and has helped me to stay off the pills and shots. My family will use your machines for the rest of our lives. We have three.”

The Future is Here Today!

No compromise. Full function. Lifetime warranty.

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