Model A3 Rife Machine


  • Maximum output is 64-68 volts. Much more power than that of Dr. Rife’s instruments.
  • Delivers frequencies to 10,000hz
  • By virtue of the harmonics, you have access to trillions of frequencies.
  • Backed by full warranty and customer support.
  • Proudly manufactured in the US.

Works with batteries or AC adapter.
Comes with everything you need, including a 73 minute General Alignment session, free!


888-891-1122 or 951-926-6415
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Model A3 Start-up Kit

Included in the Model A3 start-up kit:

  • Two sets of electrode wires
  • AC adapter/USB cable
  • Input cable
    (to connect device with media player)
  • General Alignment frequency recording
    (1 cd)
  • 4 adhesive electrode patches
  • 2 carbon electrode patches
  • one tube conductivity gel
    (for use with carbon patches only)
  • one 15ft roll pH testing paper


  • Crush-proof carrying case
  • Maximum output is 64-68 volts
  • 16 hours on 4 quality AA batteries
    (32 hours on re-chargeable batteries)
  • Library of recorded programs
    (available separately)


  • Case measures 6″ x 4″ x 2″
  • Weighs one pound

Recorded sessions are now available on CDs for numerous applications. You must provide your media player. A personal player, boom box or a computer with a disk drive. Please call us at 888.891.1122 for current titles

Check out our pricing guide here.

Manufacturing in the US for over 28 years!

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