The Dangerous Rife Machine – Further Discussion

Dr. Royal Rife

This is a further discussion on what many Rife machine manufacturers do not disclose. Read the original discussion here.

Here, we endeavor to add further discussion to John Wright’s assertion about the dangers of broadcast type Rife devices. We hope to deepen your understanding of the benefits of working with our devices and to increase your confidence that using our machines consistently has cumulative beneficial effects on your system, irrespective of what you can observe subjectively.

John Wright, our founder, began building  frequency instruments in 1987. He focused on the vacuum tube based design, meaning it was fully analog. This was significant to Rife’s results, in that analog output is a more natural signal. When you are tuned to a target number, you get not only that frequency but the undertones and the overtones – out to infinity.  Much like the ripples in a pond when you have tossed a pebble.  The point where the pebble lands represents the target number, the ripples extending to the edge of the pond exemplify the undertones and overtones of the analog signal. (Read more here:

Regarding what Royal Rife himself was using, our contacts from 1986 insisted that we build for them the original device he was using. Direct contact, vacuum tube-based  frequency generator.  John Crane confirmed that this was the original instrument. We improved on the original design, providing exquisitely fine tuning capability, which eluded Rife with the older equipment.

The Inside of our Model B27 Rife Machine

Rife could not prove his “frequency theory” with the direct contact device. The force delivered to the slide under the scope by the electrodes was too powerful. It destroyed the sample before he could ascertain the “mortal frequency”. Rife, in his genius, devised the broadcast instrument in order to “treat’ the sample under the scope. It was with this instrument that he was able to demonstrate the ability to devitalize the pathogen on the slide.  The demonstrations you see online of the microbes meeting their end feature the broadcast type machine affecting the sample under a slide. They extrapolate that indirect application of these high frequencies has the same effect within the body. We are not convinced!

The frequency instrument Rife used had already been patented. He could not benefit from promoting it. Instead, he touted his new broadcast unit. He spoke more about it, he was photographed with it. In some photos you will see the old frequency instrument in the background because this is what powered his newer device. That’s not to say that he didn’t use the broadcast device in treating people. He explored all avenues. But this is where the two schools of thought diverged into what we see today, causing considerable confusion among the public.

In the early days of JWLABS, John Wright had the opportunity to collaborate with a gentleman in their mutual endeavor to make Rife technology better known. The other party insisted on exploring the broadcast type instrument and John contended that the direct contact device was superior, both in terms of safety and effectiveness. After many discussions, they parted ways due to irreconcilable differences.

Manufacturers and proponents of broadcast units insist that their frequencies “penetrate deeper”. But let’s follow the logic. We are delivering an electron flow directly to the body. This has effects which are not achievable via radio frequencies. (See The nerves, the blood and other conductive tissues carry the current deep within and throughout the body. The current can even penetrate deeply into the bone. The entire blood volume is subjected to the treatment within minutes. We’ve witnessed this multiple times via dark field microscope.

For example, we would take a small sample of blood and place it under the scope before a session. Typically, we found the red blood cells tightly stacked like coins. This is a condition called rouleau and it indicates a coagulated state. Often the white blood cells were inactive, not well formed, and not plentiful.

After ten minutes on Track 2 of General Alignment, we took another sample to observe under the scope. In every case, the red blood cells appeared fully liberated. Better formed and more active, they were clearly up to the job of bringing oxygen to the tissues. More efficient delivery of fresh blood to areas of concern is essential for healing and recovery. The white blood cells were also revitalized; they were better formed, more “on the scene” and we could observe them going after contaminants as they are meant to do.

It’s not unusual for a subject to feel a gentle sensation in an area of concern (known or unknown) far away from the electrode placement (such as hands or feet).  The current will naturally be drawn to more acidic tissue which is often the first indicator of inflammation or infection.

Placing electrodes near a bone break will accelerate the healing exponentially.* The assertion that radio frequencies penetrate more deeply, on the very face of it, is patently false. We are creating an electromagnetic field WITHIN the body. They are producing the electromagnetic field within a bulb and broadcasting it to the body.  It’s worthy of note that the broadcast machines which proliferate in the market are typically producing the radio range frequencies digitally, not via analog.

It is our contention that direct application of current, tuned at frequency, is more efficient, safer and more effective in shorter periods of time than broadcast devices.”

You  may often see purveyors of broadcast instruments boasting that their machines are “more powerful”. They fail to mention that broadcast units require much more power than direct application devices because they employ much higher frequencies.  Higher frequencies require more power.

You  experience this when you advance from the lower tracks to the higher tracks on the Model A devices.  Lower tracks = lower frequencies, higher tracks = higher frequencies. So with a non-contact machine not only are you broadcasting high frequencies into the air,  power is lost from the source to the destination, making it less efficient.  Both factors, high frequencies and distance to destination, require more power. So what they say is true, their instruments are more powerful, because they must be. This does not equate to being more effective.

We are also concerned, and we have been writing and speaking about this for decades – about the repeated exposure to these higher frequencies. They involve radiation. In fact, some of their effects are from heating of the tissues, rather than the stimulation provided by an electron flow.

Furthermore, after all these years of expressing our concerns, we see no one addressing this issue:

What are the harmonics which are generated when these radio frequencies and beyond intermingle with our already EMF polluted atmosphere?”

No one knows. And no one seems to care. We assert that this issue should be carefully considered, as the wifi factor, smart meters and 5G have become increasingly prevalent. It’s well documented that the deployment of these technologies has resulted in serious health concerns for many.

Speaking of the many, we note that broadcast device users often place a group of people in a room wherein they are subjected to a pre-selected program. Are we to assume that each person requires the same selection of frequencies?  It sounds like a convenient approach, but we believe that the assumptions miss the mark. We do not presume that a given condition in one person is the same as in the other. We do not presume that the layers of potential underlying causes are the same, and in the same proportion, for each individual. We understand that the terrain has everything to do with how microbes and other infections are tolerated. Or not.

We believe this is also where “conventional medicine” has failed us. 

*While our attorneys insist that we not speak about the effects the machine has on the body, and they implore us to speak only of  applications on the hands and/or feet, we may prudently coach advanced users to apply the current directly over an area of concern when appropriate. This must not be done in writing, and certainly not via email. Such applications must be done with vigilant care AND low amplitude (intensity).

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