The Dangerous Rife Machine – What Some Manufacturers Don’t Disclose

Originally published on January 17, 2013 by John Wright

ray tube broadcast rife machine

Broadcast units utilize radio frequencies. This range does not produce the same effects as direct contact, and may be harmful to your cells.

It is established that above the audio range, the higher the frequency, the more dangerous it becomes. The frequency energy itself is trying to turn into heat, into light, and into electricity. Frequency energy in the microwave range, and most of the radio range, are all deadly in high concentrations. This is particularly true in prolonged or repeated exposure in very small amounts.

When we examine the frequency spectrum in nature, we observe that almost all frequencies generated in the earth are in the audio range, meaning the part that you can hear. Although there is a minimal amount of background radiation noise, the percentage of exposure it represents is very very small, indeed. In short, frequencies in the audio range are the safest. This is significant for Rife machine users.

This factor must be carefully considered when examining the genre of Rife machines in the marketplace which tout radio frequencies. Often, promoters of these devices fall back on the axiom that their “broadcast” machines are the only true Rife machines.

For years, we have consistently reported that the broadcast-type device was useful primarily to prove Dr. Rife’s theory. It was what he needed to deliver frequencies to his Universal microscope.

True, experimenters continued to employ the “ray tube” or “beam ray” devices, irrespective of concerns expressed by some scientists of the era concerning the consequences of over-exposure to radio frequencies. Needless to say, less was known at the time of the real dangers. Indeed, microwave was unheard of.

Today we know the dangers of microwave exposure. So why are manufacturers of these broadcast-type devices not disclosing that their radio frequencies include the microwave band? Do they not know that microwave energy damages, and even kills human cells? And that the brain is particularly susceptible?

cell tower alters frequency in body

In today’s modern world we are surrounded by devices producing massive frequency energy, almost all of which are in the unhealthful ranges.

< Cell phone towers alter our landscape – and the frequencies of our bodies.

In the world of Rife machines the broadcast, or radiant tube, is merely a means of application. If you are building your own device, it is by no means a required modality because 80% of the most established Rife applications cannot be performed by a tube apparatus anyway.

Radio energy is not healthful energy. Period.

Experts can appreciate that if it is oscillated correctly, and there are proper measuring procedures it does have some value for a small number of applications. In fact, even ionizing radiation, such as X-rays, can be oscillated at the correct frequency thus achieving a percentage of the effect we call Rife therapy. But that would be like putting frosting on rat poison.

You can see the problem with the logic. Why build a device which is marginally effective in most applications and introduces additional health concerns?

Simply put, only direct application is direct. All other means of application are indirect. These other techniques are only capable of a small portion of what is possible when using current applied directly to the body. It should be obvious that only direct current is capable of microbial electrocution, which is an essential part of the therapy for many afflictions.

In spite of what some Rife promoters would like you to believe the ray-tube, beam-ray, and resonant gas filled applicators have absolutely no useful therapeutic value in the majority of applications where Rife therapy has demonstrated to be highly effective in a great number of cases worldwide.

Therefore, it is a complete waste of time and money to build a radio broadcast applicator when the simple, proven and inexpensive electrode patch means of application works far better. Electrode patches are many times faster, and infinitely safer.

The suggestion that current energy does not penetrate beyond the skin is pure nonsense, for a number of very obvious reasons. Thus we strongly recommend that you avoid devices which are sold using this claim. It is totally false, and here’s why:

On contact, the nerves are the electrical circuitry of the body; and as you might expect, they are the most conductive tissue of the body. The next is the blood. Obviously these components are present almost everywhere in your body, and they provide excellent conduit for delivering energy to any organ or tissue.

If you cook a hot dog with radio/microwave, it cooks from the outside in. Try it with a beef roast. Cook it half way, and then take it out and slice it open to confirm this. So, the claim that current does not penetrate and radio does, is completely the opposite of the truth.

If you are considering a manufacturer who claims that radio frequencies penetrate more readily than direct current, beware. Common sense, and real science, will dictate otherwise.

Current stimulates the body. (If it didn’t, then how would all those muscle stimulators work?) The stimulus provided by direct current helps to optimize the function of all your cells, even as it proves mortal to the pathogens. For this reason, there are countless benefits to using direct application devices.

royal rife frequency instrument technical machine

Royal Rife’s original vaccum-tube instrument, which he used in treatments and then later to power his broadcast device to “treat” the specimens under his Universal microscope.

The TENS device (used for pain relief for about 50 years in mainstream medicine), is proven effective for millions. The device we make at JWLABS is similar to a TENS unit, but it is much more refined and far more potent. It’s effective for a wide variety of applications, where the TENS unit is designed primarily for joint pain and back pain. The demonstrable penetration of current via the nerves is well established, and it cannot possibly be responsibly refuted.

Why JWLABS is better?

First, we have been doing this a lot longer than anyone else, by a good margin. We have been listening to our customers’ feedback for over three decades. The methods we use have been established by our users, with our equipment. We don’t just work with a collection of frequency numbers we got off a free internet site.

Second, our Model A is a solid-state equivalent to our legendary analog Model B, which today would cost 10 times what Model A costs. Since Model A is controlled by Model B session recordings, it is the same therapy you would get from a $15,000 machine, as tuned by an expert.

Third, since we have the experience and the confidence that only direct involvement can bring, we are happy to provide unlimited customer service free of charge, to ensure that all JWLABS customers achieve the optimum results that are possible. Furthermore, Model A comes with everything you need to get started and is supported with a generous warranty.

Upon reading our material and discussing with us your questions and concerns, we trust that you will conclude that we stand apart from others in this industry. We look forward to serving you!

(UPDATE: Our devices are not FDA approved for medical use. Subsequent to receiving a warning letter from the FDA, attorneys advised us NOT to claim or imply that our machines have any effect on the human body. This is contrary to known science. The statements made herein are based on said science. In the event that we receive indication of any further harassment, we will be forced to remove this blog from public view.)

For further discussion, please check out the second part of this post.

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13 thoughts on “The Dangerous Rife Machine – What Some Manufacturers Don’t Disclose”

  1. I adore your approach to the danger problem. I have been debating this subject with many other Rife type tubes and generator on line. (the so called Junk rife machines) I have the about same approach to the problem as John when he is detailing the problem. But I find that these other sites who call themselves the only true “RIFE type Frequencies deliverer” a two edged sword to further health problems. Permit me to quote John; I Quote”The suggestion that current energy does not penetrate beyond the skin is pure nonsense, for a number of very obvious reasons. Thus we strongly recommend that you avoid devices which are sold using this claim.” For me,this is for the longest time the best quote I have ever been able to put forward. We are on the same page.


  2. It’s comforting for a person who isn’t an engineer or a scientist to feel that at the very least they aren’t going to hurt themselves or family members with misunderstanding of the technology being used here. Not to mention receiving no benefits from the device. Just the fact that I can call and talk to Mr Wright helps me to feel that he is standing behind this technology and understands it implicitly because he is a manufacturer AND he can answer my questions, makes me really look forward to testing it on myself and my family members.

  3. perlito g. cabauatan

    i understand that the rife machine was effective in the 1930-40s. when the fda, ama and pharma suppressed it, it is now considered doubtful. is america the land of the greedy? these machines are available in europe and is not suppressed.

    thanks for the internet, these info is available. of course, one should not experiment on microwaves but up to 10khz or 20kz only.
    ayurvedics say that cannabis is used thousands of years ago. now, who is trying to suppressed this info?

    many years ago, fda and ama said that coconut is very, very bad for humans. now it is the purest oil in nature. they now say that the worst oil is canola. anyway, you have your haarp program which could control weather and peoples attitude. money, money, money

  4. I recently was diagnosed with left breast invasive cancer stage 2. I also have Hep C and lung disease. I have some experience using the rife 11)a few years ago and do believe that Dr. Rife was right about radio frequencies delivered can treat cancer and other concerns. Yes. If not used right it can cause side affects. I had kidney stones and the Md used a machine with radio frequencies to break up the very large stone. A halo procedure is used on Barrets esophagus to prevent cancer.

    I am are tired nurse and would take the risk to cure some of my medical condition as I feel chemo and radiation might kill me before cancer. Retired I do not have money to cover a machine and assesories.

  5. T. Hannibal Gray

    First of all Timor Essor has written an elegant Rife generator program for the computer and you can download it from Cnet Downloads for around $30. It generates both sine and square waves. There is also a list of frequencies used by Rife, and Tuft and Garvey, two Canadian doctors who did extensive research and added decades of findings on the frequencies. Its available as a PDF and it has many curative frequencies for conditions that Rife didn’t have time to research. I am looking for anyone who knows of hand held copper or aluminum electrodes with the cables to attach it to a simple audio receiver. My computer is okay, but to generate the sound voltage to acceptable greater levels, the use of electrodes from a powerful audio receiver will get you faster results. I used to get cold sores every time I caught a cold and in 2011 I found a pair of electrodes online and cured myself of that common herpes bug. I have had one flu and about ten colds since and nary a single sore on my lip since. If you know of a source for some electrodes I need a pair and I want the pipe ones, not the expensive skin pads that are amazingly fragile and require a gel. Messy and expensive. The hand held pipes are better.

  6. Maybe it would be beneficial to those of you who do not believe in this type of technology… to give it a second thought. Have a ever thought of perhaps using a Rife machine on someone who has high blood pressure.. for example.. whether u want to believe it or not.. quite frankly i could care less either way.. but if you must know, I have personally read my blood pressure on a monitor before i began my rife machine treatment (programmed hypertensia) and my bp read 147/102…. then again 5 mins into my rife therapy treatment…. & my bp then read 128/88. Of course , even for myself that wasn’t enough for me to be convinced it cured anything & could possibly work miracles, so I tried this method step by step with a few mins in between to make sure I had a hard copy, or a real live example of the benefits of this machine. I’m not trying to convince anyone, all I would like to see is for more people to have a little more hope & faith in this world… Bc sometimes that’s all you’ve got left.

  7. If product purchased how do you provide the coaching/training? What’s the difference in a TENS unit and the RIFE machine? I have a TENS unit used for joint/muscle pain, but was recently informed of this machine. There is a clinic close by that performs treatments, but I wasn’t sure if this was something I could purchase and perform myself. Thank you!


    1. Hello Janene. For customers acquiring our Model A3 or Model A4, our customer support is available via phone and/or email. The TENS machine was, in fact, the first device based on what we know as Rife technology to be approved. This occurred just a year after Royal Rife passed away. The TENS units deliver a very limited range of frequencies, and they are much less powerful. That said, they do bring pain relief to some users.

      Our units will do all of that, and more. We deliver very refined hand-tuned frequency sessions, spanning the range from 2hz to over 10,000hz. Everything you need to address your needs for detoxing, immune stimulation, and reducing the load of pathogens.

      Please call us for more comprehensive conversation. 888-891-1122 (Central time)

  8. Cherry-
    I found your article to be the most professional version of this MODALITY. I was considering a Tens Unit for Myofasial Pain Syndrome. But I have Lyme Disease, also-with Bursitis.
    How are the frequencies categorized?Do You mentioned sound waves…are they beneath the Microwave Classification?
    I found a link online that states Remote Healing is possible with Rife Technology now. Am I to understand this should be avoided?

    1. Our frequencies are in the audio range, measured in hertz. (Hz) These are far below the microwave band. This is the safest way to deliver frequencies to the body.
      While it has long been known that there can be therapeutic effects of sound, this does not mean that listening to the traditional “Rife frequencies” is of value. I believe these people are taking advantage of the name recognition of Royal Rife. But they are also taking advantage of what you do not know.

      We work with many people with conditions similar to yours, with excellent results. Each case is different, so our customer support is essential.

    1. Cherry Maly Wright

      Hello Robert. We cannot make or imply claims about successfully treating cancer with rife therapy. That said, we do have testimonials from satisfied users of our machines. Go here to read what our users are saying. We will be glad to discuss your specific concerns, so please call us at 888-891-1122.

      (NOTE: in the Spring of 2020, consequent to an FDA warning letter, attorneys advised that we should no longer publish full testimonials from our satisfied customers. Thus, testimonials in public view have been redacted.)

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