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THANK YOU for ordering your JWLABS LiveWires. In order to be placed in the order queue, please fill out the below Purchase Order & Agreement.

If you do not see the below form, print and fill out this form and email a signed copy to [email protected].

  • Wright Laboratories LLC Customer Purchase Order and Agreement for LiveWires Purchase

    This is an agreement (herein referred to as ”agreement“) between Wright Laboratories LLC (“JWLABS”) and Customer ("Customer");

  • 1. Seller

    Wright Laboratories, LLC (a.k.a. JWLABS) is a privately held business which is located at 205 E. Butterfield Rd., Suite 227, Elmhurst, Illinois 60126.

    2. JWLABS Devices

    JWLABS devices are Media Adapters which are intended for General Wellness and entertainment purposes. They are not FDA-Certified Medical Devices.

    3. Permitted Uses

    a) Check with your physician before beginning use of the device.

    b) Customer is referred to JWLABS website, website content, and Instructions for Use, particularly the Warnings and Cautions stated therein, which are incorporated by reference herein. Customer agrees to follow and comply with any and all safety instructions provided by JWLABS with the device, either verbally or in writing. The safe use of JWLABS devices is described in detail in the site content. No other use of the device is recommended and should not be engaged in.

    c) DO NOT engage in any use of the device which is not expressly stated in our material. If the user engages in using the device for anything other than entertainment, the user accepts full responsibility for the consequences, such as serious physical injury.

    d) DO NOT use this device if you have a pacemaker and/or defibrillator or other sensor, monitor or electronic device.

    e) DO NOT use the device on children under 18 years old and do NOT allow children to use the device without adult supervision.

    f) DO NOT use the device near water.

    g) DO NOT plug electrode wires into an electrical outlet.

    h) This device is intended for use exclusively on the palms of hands and/or soles of feet. DO NOT place electrodes in places on the body other than the palms of the hands and/or soles of the feet because it may cause skin irritation, injury or burns.

    i) DO NOT apply electrodes over the heart or above the neck because it could cause serious injury.

    j) If the user feels any sensation of pain, burning, skin irritation, or shock stop using the device immediately and turn it off. Seek medical advice if necessary.

    4. Limitation of Liability

    Customer agrees to hold JWLABS harmless of any and all responsibility for damage or personal injury, which may result from the Customer’s use or misuse of any JWLABS device.

    5. Availability

    The availability, the supply, the shipping and delivery of any particular JWLABS device is not guaranteed. Availability is to be discussed at time of order placement.

    6. Payment

    This Document comprises a contract for the manufacture of the device, and payment in full is required in advance of shipment. Payment may be made in US funds by check for payment to Wright Laboratories or by any other means as made available through Customer Service.

    7. Protection of JWLABS Intellectual Property

    All of the materials found on JWLABS’ web sites, and all products we offer, including hardware and software, videos, audio, graphics and design content are protected by our copyright, intellectual property rights, or the copyrights of our Partners and Affiliates. Customer may not use these materials, or any JWLABS Product except in accordance with this agreement.

    Customer further agrees that under no circumstances will Customer attempt to reverse engineer any JWLABS device.

    8. Shipping

    JWLABS will ship directly to the Customer. JWLABS agrees to provide for low cost shipping and handling via courier service to all Customers in the contiguous United States. We do not pay for return shipping.

    We do not pay for shipping outside of the Continental US, Hawaii or Alaska.

    We do not pay for International Customs Fees in any country.

    We will not falsify any shipping document in any way.

    Customer will be responsible for all shipping costs incurred in order to return loaned or damaged or defective devices to JWLABS. Customer will insure shipping of devices through a courier service, to JWLABS. Returned devices will be shipped by courier service chosen by JWLABS.

    Customer will pack devices according to the instructions of JWLABS, and obtain said instructions by phone, in person or in writing, prior to shipment.

    Customer will be responsible for shipping costs of returned devices. Customer will be responsible for all customs fees or taxes when shipment is to or from a destination outside of the continental United States.

    9. Return of Material

    Customer agrees and understands the Product, once received, cannot be returned to JWLABS unsolicited. A Return of Materials Authorization number must be obtained from JWLABS in writing before any returns will be accepted.

    10. Privacy Policy and Confidentiality

    Customer agrees and understands that JWLABS promises not to reveal Customer names or any personal details about Customer to anyone without their express permission, unless required to do so by a United States court of law or other United States government authority, in which case JWLABS agrees to use its best efforts to inform Customer of any such proceeding or requirement, but cannot guarantee this information will be given to Customer in a timely fashion. JWLABS is not responsible for events or invasion of privacy by anyone or any technology beyond its control, such as invasive product identification (RFID), homeland security, or surveillance of any kind covert or otherwise. JWLABS does not add RFID to the Product.

    Customer further agrees and understands that in the event JWLABS refers the Customer to any other user/customer of JWLABS, that Customer shall not reveal or cause to be revealed, the identity of another Customer so referred, and shall not stalk, or harass the referral under any circumstances. Customer shall not under any circumstances, call by telephone or otherwise contact the referral unless expressly authorized by that person or persons.

    11. Warranty

    The JWLABS device is warranted only as stated herein. If the device fails due to no fault of the Customer, upon our receipt of the failed item, we will replace it or repair it. Return of Materials Authorization number is required for all returns.

    JWLABS offers no warranty for the results any user might experience. It is also Customer’s responsibility to determine if your use of the Product is unlawful, and if such laws apply to your use, in the privacy of your own home.

    Customer further understands and agrees that in the event of a failure of the device, JWLABS reserves the right to repair or replace the device with another device. JWLABS may replace the device with any instrument of its choosing, of greater or lesser value than the original, until such time as the defective device can be permanently replaced or repaired.

    In no event will repaired or replacement devices be shipped to the Customer until any loaned device in Customer’s possession is returned in good condition. JWLABS reserves the right to assess damage to any device it has made for Customer, to determine if the device has been damaged due to negligence on the part of the Customer. JWLABS’ assessment of damage will be final, and if the Customer is found negligent, JWLABS reserves the right to collect funds for the repair or replacement from the Customer, prior to the replacement or repaired device being shipped to the Customer.

    the JWLABS LiveWires device is not covered or protected under this warranty.

    12. Governing Law/Disputes

    This agreement and our relationship will be governed by the laws of the State of Illinois without reference to the choice of law provisions thereof. Customer understands that any dispute of any kind arising out of or related to this agreement or our relationship will be settled exclusively by confidential, final, and binding arbitration administered by JAMS and conducted by a single arbitrator in the city of Chicago, Illinois in accordance with JAMS Streamlined Arbitration Rules and Procedures.

    Customer certifies to having read this agreement, and hereby agrees to be bound by its terms.

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