Frequency Matters

(Part 2)

There has been much discussion over the years about what frequencies are most beneficial, which ones Royal Rife actually used and what frequencies are desirable for specific applications. We have been restrained from discussing the benefits of Rife technology, but we will briefly address some distinctions which we hope will enhance your understanding of why we do what we do.

When our founder, John Wright, was hired in 1986 by friends and associates of Royal Rife, they were insistent that the old style analog frequency generator was essential to Rife’s results. This frequency instrument employed vacuum tubes, which condition the output signal such that it’s more harmonic and natural. Audiophiles, who prefer vacuum tube based amplifiers appreciate this distinction. We produced a much more refined version of that original device for many years (Model B) and only introduced our Model A line when we were confident we could preserve the integrity of the original analog signal.

JWLABS produces machines which deliver frequencies in the lower end of the audio range. These waves are much longer and require less power than the frequencies in the megahertz range. We have advised people who are shopping for a Rife machine that this direct connection to an electron flow is safer and more effective and efficient than devices that utilize radio frequencies. Moreover, there is no power lost. This direct electrical impulse creates the electromagnetic field within your body, contrasted with devices that create the electromagnetic field in a tube or a bulb and broadcast the signal from a distance.

The lower range of frequencies is not only safer, but the nerves, the blood, and other conductive tissues carry the current deep within. We have long expressed concern about continued exposure to frequencies in the radio range and above. Radio frequencies (RF) may produce some results which provide benefits over a longer period of time, but much of the benefit comes from the heating of the tissues, which is not desirable.

When using machines that beam frequencies from across space, more power is required, which leads to more lengthy sessions. This isn’t simply because of power lost in transmitting from the source to the destination, it’s because these higher frequencies intrinsically require exponentially more power. That’s not our only concern about these high frequency devices, either. An inquiring mind might ask the following:

  • Why is no one expressing curiosity or concern about the effects of these broadcast frequencies blending with the ambient frequencies to which we are subjected to day and night? 

  • What are the harmonics which are generated as the broadcast machines emit megahertz frequencies into the already existing EMF soup in which we are increasingly submerged?

We assert that these questions are important, particularly in light of our increasing exposure to frequencies in the radio range and above. (see Frequency Matters – Part 1

We take issue with much of the information that proliferates on the internet concerning Rife technology. The notion that a frequency, or a small series of frequencies, is required to address a specific microbe or a particular disease leaves much to be desired. We understand that it derives from Rife’s own notes, wherein he documented the exact frequencies that successfully devitalized a given microbe on a slide under the microscope — Rife’s impeccability was exemplary in this regard — but this approach still elicits further inquiry.

  • Are we to presume that the microbe lives at the same frequency on the slide as it does in a human body? We know that the microorganism adjusts to the medium in which it’s grown in the petri dish. With this adjustment, they change their frequency signature. Does that not imply that the same virus (for example) might live at a different frequency, given the host?

  • Rife himself, upon viewing the morphing of the subjects under his scope, asserted that he had routinely observed pleomorphism. This is a process in which a virus might change to a bacterium, or vice versa. Do the frequency lists which abound on the internet account for this? Do they consider that the viral range of frequencies is different from the bacterial range and that if the microbes truly morph they change their frequency signature?

  • The final question pertains to causality. Are we to believe that each disease is caused by a specific pathogen and that the eradication (or devitalization) of that microbe will reduce or eliminate said disease? This warrants further discussion and it hearkens back to the controversy between Pasteur and Beachamp. (Bechamp did not believe the infection had to be killed, simply that the dysfunction in the immune system had to be corrected.)

We hope you agree that this is a worthwhile discussion. Let’s briefly consider the strategy that JWLABS employs in our approach to tuning frequencies for our users. We provide not just the frequencies that have been historically reported as being effective in devitalizing particular pathogens — sometimes referred to as the target numbers — we encompass, on each of our frequency sessions, the full spectrum of frequencies in the lower end of the audio range as well. Our refined tuning is sometimes as finite as within a millionth of a hertz.

Furthermore, we employ expert techniques, both in sweeping and dithering, through these frequencies. Each title (session) is orchestrated with unique emphasis on certain frequencies and/or tuning techniques. For instance, it is sometimes more desirable to sweep in a downward direction. Likewise, the opposite might be true. A slow sweep may, in some instances, be more desirable than a fast sweep, and vice versa. Our engineers have said, “The magic is in the tuning.”

These skills need not be learned by our customers. We strive to produce user-friendly machines so our users are more likely to commit to regular practice, even when on the go. In short, our instruments are a tool for protecting and preserving your general wellness; for many, it is an essential part of their healthcare regimen.

In reality, it is not the bacteria themselves that produce the disease, but the chemical constituents of these microorganisms enacting upon the unbalanced cell metabolism of the human body that in actuality produce the disease. We also believe if the metabolism of the human body is perfectly balanced or poised, it is susceptible to no disease.

Royal Rife

DISCLAIMER: Our Rife machines are not FDA approved as medical devices. For that reason, we’ve been admonished by attorneys that we must not reference any effect our frequencies may have on the human body. This thwarts our three decade history of being straightforward about what our machines can and cannot do. In lieu of discussing the benefits of using our machines with respect to enhancing and protecting your wellness, moving forward we will cite information from other sources which attest to the positive effects of certain frequency applications on the human body as well as other living beings.

7 thoughts on “Frequency Matters (Part 2)”

  1. I have had this machine since around ’89 or ’90.
    I have not had the flu or a bad cold since.
    However I can’t feel any sensation in my feet above 800 or so and that sort of limits some of the things I could use it for.
    I was wondering if you have any settings for the Covid series of flu… sounds as tho’ there are more than one or two.
    I can’t imagine being without this.
    I just scrolled down and see the pix… looks like you have totally different units now. How much better are they than the older ones? I am 91 and on limited income so really can’t afford a new one.

    1. Hello Doris. We don’t show you as a registered customer, however we would be glad to assist you if we can. Please call us at 888-891-1122.

  2. Bechamp’s hypothesis may very well have been correct! However, when we are combating fluoride in the water, chemtrails in the air, poisons in the foods and inoculations, one has to assume that a perfectly healthy immune system is a rarity. So, I would suggest employing all the means necessary to cover all bases (meaning targeting specific organisms, i.e., Pasteur’s hypothesis). Thank you for this illuminating article!

    1. Cherry Maly Wright

      Carol, I agree that we need to manage the terrain and that includes ensuring that we don’t have an overgrowth of microbes. When the body becomes overwhelmed the immune system is unable to sustain balance. This is also why the detox mechanism is most important. Good clean oxygenated blood and optimum movement of the lymph – all of this contributes to supporting the system.

  3. I have had my Rife machine for almost two years. I got it from your company. It is a Model A4. I have just started using it on my 52 yr old son who has Glioblastoma. The worst form of it. I was told to use the ‘general’ setting at first. I have used it now 4 times in 5 days. Is that too often for him? He has been very weak but today seemed a bit stronger! Could the treatment be helping already? He is the reason I got your device but his wife didn’t want me to use it as he was being treated by cancer doctors with all the bad medicine. I’m wondering if I should keep using the general setting or is there a better setting for him? Thank you!
    Janice Warnke

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