JWLABS MODEL A3 Rife Machine

Our Mid-Priced Rife Machine

JWLABS Rife Machine Model A3 Frequency Instrument

Find out why so many are using our devices to support their General Well Being.

“Thank you for your A3. At 75 I’m using it every other day and feeling good!” — Ed W., British Colombia

“I’ve experienced a huge transformation in my general well being using my Model A3. I had tried other devices, but none has made such a difference! I always feel better when using my machine and I wouldn’t be without it!”— Rob D., California

” This machine has become very important to me. It’s a treasure!” — Thomasine B., Maryland

The JWLABS Model A3 Rife Machine has been a favorite since 2004. Users can access over 300 expertly tuned frequency sessions online to be streamed through the A3. Our sessions, which deliver frequencies from approximately 2 hertz to 10,000 hertz, have been hand-tuned from our analog device, assuring you a rich, robust signal. These audio frequencies are instantly transformed to electrical output which you feel as a tingling sensation.

Ask about our Tactio® feature, bringing new life to your music! Use your Model A3 to stream your favorite music from your computer, your tablet or your smartphone. Tactio® elevates your experience of music.

Take full advantage of the JWLABS Model A3 Rife Machine and become a JWLABS member to access our entire library of hand-tuned frequency sessions. Full range audio tuning at its finest!

The best of the old and the new in Rife technology.

Precision engineering.

User Friendly.

Three decades in the industry.

Made in the USA.

Full warranty.

Straightforward. Reliable. User-Friendly.

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Crush-proof enclosure for optimum protection!


AC Power


Port for re-chargeable battery, providing easy portability!


Input port which permits accessing frequencies from an outside source!


Tactio® port for your exhilarating experience of tactile music!


Two electrode ports provides for two users!


Activity Light indicates when your electrode wires are live.


Polarity switch permits the change of direction of current!


Precision, wire-wound, analog, ten-turn potentiometer for precise control over the intensity of your sensation!

Crush-Proof Case

Model A3 Rife Machine

Ten-Turn Potentiometer

For precise control over the intensity of your sensation!

jwlabs A3 Rife machine frequency instrument 10-turn pantiometer

Available in Multiple Colors

Model A3 Rife Machine

Start-up Kit

  • Two sets of electrode wires
  • USB cable and charging cube
  • 4 adhesive electrode patches
  • Input cable (to connect device with media player)
  • Quick-start guide
  • General Alignment frequency recording (1 cd)
  • Start-up Video Online


  • Crush-proof carrying case
  • 2 electrode jacks
  • 10-turn amplitude dial
  • Maximum output is 64-68 volts
  • Built-in rechargeable battery
  • Activity light indicating output
  • Case measures 6″ x 4″ x 2″
  • Weighs one pound
  • Library of recorded programs available separately

Exclusive Library of Audio Recordings

JWLABS has expertly tuned frequency sessions for you from our legendary Model B.This analog source delivers undertones and overtones around each number we’ve targeted.

Each session is meticulously tuned, incorporating sophisticated techniques which ensure that you benefit from a comprehensive approach.

We deliver frequencies from 3 hertz to 10,000 hertz, each title representing its unique emphasis on certain frequencies as well as nuances provided by our tuning techniques.

Model A3 users access our extensive library via streaming from the membership section of our website. A subscription is required.

“I have been using my Model A3 for at least 10 years and it has done wonders for me. I talked my husband into using it too and made a believer out of him. An amazing machine!!
Thank you JWLABS!”
Teri V. - Oregon
November, 2018
“J.W. Labs’ model A is the best device of its kind in the industry, and their service is second to none. Still years after the purchase both keep going like the first day. Can’t wait to see what they come up with next.”
José V. - Illinois
November, 2008

Will Model A3 be easy to use?

Model A3 reflects our straightforward, no-nonsense approach to Rife machine user interface.

Power and activity lights let you know immediately the status of the power input and signal output, with no unnecessary bells and whistles.

Connect to your media device of choice (cd player, computer, notebook, or tablet) and select the frequency range to play through your Model A3, which converts the signal instantly to a tactile output. Adjust the intensity of the output via our precision, wire-wound, analog, ten-turn potentiometer.

This provides you with supremely fine amplifier attenuation, instilling a confident, intuitive feel when applying even to the most sensitive areas.

Confident Personal At-Home Use

You have the advantage of our expert tuning methodology, which employs both analog and digital technology. Our specialized sessions are recorded from our legendary Model B27v7 vacuum-based frequency instrument, providing accuracy as high as one millionth of one Hz.

Each session contains the entire range of frequencies specifically tuned and adjusted for each application. Target numbers, both traditional and non-traditional, are tuned to a precision unheard of in previous Rife machines. This gives you the best possible opportunity to explore the possibilities with your device.

We provide a comprehensive library of professionally tuned sessions for JWLABS members.

Learn How to Use Your Model A3

Watch this hand informational video to learn more about how you can best utilize the Model A3 and all of its features.

Precision engineering is the hallmark of JWLABS Rife machines.

Our devices reflect our straightforward, no-nonsense approach to Rife machine user interface.

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JWLABS Rife Machine Model A3 Frequency Instrument

Model A3 Rife Machine
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We can’t promise in perpetuity, but in essence, we provide a lifetime warranty on our Model A3 and Model A4 devices.

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Tactio® Technology

Our innovation to an age old technology, Tactio® allows you to feel the sensation of your music.

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