JWLABS Rife Machine Product Comparison

JWLABS provides over 320 sessions which have been recorded from our legendary Model B-27v7 vacuum-based frequency instrument.

Each session contains the entire range of therapeutic frequencies specifically tuned and adjusted for every application.

Target numbers, both traditional and nontraditional, are tuned to a precision unheard of in the industry except in our Model B and our Model A Rife machines. This gives you the best chance possible for full and unsurpassed success.


Rife Model A4

Rife Model A3.3

Rife Live Wires





Product Comparison

Access to Hand-Tuned frequency sessionsTouch screen menu on boardCDs or online audio stream from membership siteonline audio stream from membership site (General Alignment free at LiveWires site)
Power OutputMaximum 80 voltsMaximum 64-68 voltsMaximum 64-68 volts
Voltage IndicatorYesNoNo
Amplitude Dial10-turn potentiometer10-turn potentiometerOne-turn thumb wheel
Power SupplyBuilt-in rechargeable lithium ion batteryBuilt-in rechargeable lithium ion batteryUSB connection
Size6" x 4" x 2"6" x 4" x 2"1.5" x .5" x .75"
Weight1 Lb.75 Lb5 Oz
ElectrodesTwo electrode ports, detachableTwo electrode ports, detachableOne electrode port, fixed
LED indicatorsPower switch, Activity Light, Battery chargingPower switch, Activity Light, Battery chargingNone
Customer SupportUnlimitedUnlimitedVia Email
Start-up kit4 adhesive electrode patches, 2 carbon patches, Electrode wires, gel, charging cable,Universal adapter kit, pH paper booklets4 adhesive electrode patches, 2 carbon patches, Electrode wires, gel, input cable, GA cd, pH paper, booklets, Start-up video2 carbon patches, GA available at web site
Tactio® EnabledYesYesNo
ColorWhiteBlack, Blue, RedBlack

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