The Basics of Rife Therapy at JWLABS

JWLABS Rife therapy is intended to appeal to users who are not interested in learning any more about the technology than is required. It’s important that Rife technology, with its complex layers of effects, be made safe, easy to use and understandable. Only then is it practical for the end user.

Recorded frequency sessions are a form of music; they are hand-tuned and played with skill, much like any musical instrument is played while music is recorded. The needs of the user are anticipated in the contents of the recording, or score, and the full effects of the therapy can be realized with little or no education required. Safety is the primary concern.

The Model A Rife machine cannot harm human cells, does not cause disease, and has no direct side effects. However, it is extremely potent.

Overuse of the Model A may result in an increase in symptoms. This can be a real hazard, especially for a new user with a long history of chronic disease. This is not the famous “Herxheimer effect”. It is the user’s physical reaction to massive immune stimulus and sudden detoxification of the system. There is no danger, provided the user knows to stop the therapy and allow the effects to pass before they begin again.

All of our sessions are created on JWLABS Model B-27, our analog instrument, and are recorded by channels A, B, C and D.

On our advanced recordings, the frequency range of each channel is as follows:
  • Track 1) 3 to 33 Hz
  • Track 2) 33 to 333
  • Track 3) 333 to 3300
  • Track 4) 3300 to 10k
Representation of tracks on JWLABS model A4 Rife machine for Rife Therapy

With the exception of the General Alignment, each of these channels always corresponds to the four tracks of each session title:

  • A = Track 1
  • B = Track 2
  • C = Track 3
  • D = Track 4

Additional information on tracks is no longer available to the public. Only registered customers have access to this information.

If you are a registered customer and would like to view this information, please login. Call or email if you require login access.

Basic Instructions for Beginners and Re-starts:

The General Alignment (G.A.) is designed to find a level of therapy that is safe for everyone, regardless of their state of health. Our tradition is to establish a regular maintenance routine for the user via the G.A. before attempting more aggressive or more specific treatments. A process that we find often will take longer for folks who are ill.

We suggest using Track 2 of the G.A. (10 minutes, hands only, 5 days on, 2 days off ) for the first week. You should refrain from moving beyond this until it is obvious that no further reaction is expected. 

Adding Track 3 to the daily routine (again until there are no reactions) establishes a base line or maintenance level. For some, it’s appropriate to add only the first ten minutes of the next track until it’s clear that it’s safe to traverse all of Tracks 2 and 3. More aggressive systemic and localized sessions are added to this basic maintenance as appropriate.

In summary, a typical routine during the first week looks like this

Track 2 of General Alignment (GA): 5 days on, 2 days off.

And then your second week would look like this:

G.A., Tracks 2 and 3 for 10 minutes each, 5 days on, 2 days off.

This presumes that there are no significant reactions either in the pH swing from before to after the session or in terms of how the Model A user feels.

JWLABS customer Support often provides personalized coaching to help each user progress through the tracks at a pace appropriate for them. Generally, Track 1 is not utilized until the user has successfully traversed Tracks 2 through 5. This is because Track 1 provides a more aggressive detox action. 

The energy Model A delivers is a volts/amps electrical current. It’s an energy that you can feel and is effective in this way at any of the frequencies Model A delivers in normal use.

All the frequencies are effective. Specific frequencies are often more effective. Model A automates both of these factors to accommodate a smooth and complete therapy with no other planning than to select a Title and a Track. This leaves the user free to direct their attention to the process of the therapy itself. Such as the physiology, the path of the energy, method and timing.

Recorded sessions allow the user to more easily repeat sessions consistently. And take advantage of our masterful tuning. Thus the user, whether private or professional, can expect a certain predictability about the effects of their Rife therapy sessions. A perfect solution for those who don’t need to know how the engine under the hood of their car works to arrive safely at your destination!

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