Skeptical About Rife Technology?

“Believe nothing, no matter where you read it or who has said it, not even if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense.” —Buddha

Being Skeptical about Rife technology is healthy in order to learn more about how it works. For those who reserve judgment about the merits of electro-medicine, and in particular, Rife technology we offer not argument, but encouragement.

Disbelief, even confusion, are part and parcel of the learning process, especially when we encounter a subject that flies in the face of what we have held to be true regarding our health care. Good science and sound reason will lead us to the questions which will most reveal the truth about this remarkable way to manage our health care.

We urge you to advance your study of this approach to health care with certain scrutiny; and we emphasize that it is essential to engage in the right questions along the way. We remain available to assist you in discerning the facts from fiction, the science from the hyperbole.

John Wright wrote:

Good science and sound reason lead us from skeptisim to understanding. An important process as we explore Rife technology.
From skepticism to real-life results. Rife technology has helped countless people improve their quality of health care.

…When we were first introduced to the Rife technique, we were skeptical too. In fact, we are among the most skeptical of people, in part because after you have been scammed enough times, you don’t quickly accept much of anything, even when the proof is staring you in the face. At that time, (1986), all [the current] Internet rhetoric and mumbo-jumbo, did not exist. We had to figure it out for ourselves.

One of the obvious and best known principles of the Rife technology likens it to shattering a glass with the right musical tones. A hundred years ago, there were probably a lot of people who would have a hard time believing that, unless they could see it for themselves. However, in the modern world, these principles are no longer doubted.

A lesser known principle of Rife has to do with taking advantage of the difference in strength between virus and bacteria and that of a human cell. The difference can be as much as a million times. [Note that] radiation therapy attempts to take advantage of the difference in the strength of a normal human cell and a human cancer cell, which is a very small difference by comparison.

The Rife transducer is, in part, designed to exploit the difference between human cells and pathogens by means of current. It only takes a few volts, at minuscule amperage, to electrocute almost any pathogen instantly. JWLABS machines deliver this electrocuting energy, which is at the same time a stimulus to the body, incorporating Rife’s Mortal Oscillatory Rates. Even if you have doubts about the MORs, it is very difficult to be skeptical about the effects of microbial electrocution.

Electro-stimulators have been in use by the mainstream medical profession for many years. Their ability to revitalize and to reduce pain, are well established. It is also a matter of historical fact that much of that technology has been built on the work of Dr. Royal Raymond Rife, [formerly] of San Diego, California. We encourage you to examine additional information by reading our Rife FAQ, which answers twice as many questions as are most often asked. This should at least take the edges off your skepticism.

Not sure about the merits of Rife technology?
Not sure about the merits of Rife technology? Confusion often precedes understanding when we embark upon this inquiry.

However, legitimate scientific or professional skepticism will probably not be satisfied in the present research environment of Rife technology. Although the theoretical principles of the therapy do not contradict established sciences and cannot be credibly refuted by the basic sciences of Pathology, Chemistry, Pharmacology and Physics, it is still very often regarded as a fraudulent practice. This is likely due to the preponderance of poor quality devices or the low percentage of genuine instruments that are produced in the US.

Lack of reasonable regulation also means that products and equipment that is sold and marketed as Rife technology may be nothing of the sort. There are many false Rife machines, and the promoters of these fall into a spectrum of classifications from outright frauds to the genuinely mistaken.

It is also quite common for false Rife machines to adopt all the same words and phrases as are used to describe genuine Rife instruments, making it impossible even for experienced users to determine either the hardware value or efficacy as opposed to price point. Dosages, amplitudes, wave forms, frequencies and session protocols all are without labeling requirements, acceptable standards, or authoritative training. This means that all of these critical factors are subject to arbitrary opinion and must certainly fall under the US House of Representatives definition of quackery, whether they are genuine or false machines and/or practitioners.

Further mass confusion concerning the Rife technology stems from the very fact of its basic truths. The results possible from the use of a very feeble machine is often quite impressive the first time it is used. This is similar to many drugs, where the maximum notable effect occurs upon the first use. The long term effectiveness of the drug may taper off dramatically thereafter.

Such a feeble machine does not display its diminished result and this is not evident to the user until after they have made a purchase. Feeble machines may be adequate to prove the theory, even in a scientific environment, but still fall short of having any real therapeutic or medicinal value. This one-time-only effect has been enough to convince even the most ardent skeptic; and astute scientists and researchers should be aware that these effects are common and misleading.

Rife machines are further stigmatized by a lack of approval, compared to the perceived credibility and public acceptance of products that are approved and widely marketed in advertising media. It is the opinion of many drug examiners and approval preparers for drug companies that the present fast track approval process is even more a danger to the public than any snake oil, as evidenced by the mass recalls and withdrawals from the market of well known drugs.

In these cases, it is obvious that the approval process is seriously compromised and wholly inadequate. Unlike the use of transducers and Rife machines, which have been in use for as much as a hundred years, new, unproven drugs are approved and placed on the market in as little as 5 months. It is simple logic to realize that until a product has been tested or used for at least 50 years, its long term side effects simply cannot be determined.

John Wright’s work is based not on frequency lists, which abound on the internet. Not on someone else’s say-so. He has worked for twenty five years, bringing scientific logic and human reason to analyze the results of his research.The old-fashioned trial-and-error approach, within the context of what is already known about real science and physics, has led John to observing nuances which have proved significant to the success of his users and have gone largely missed by those who would imitate him.

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