The Rife Machine – From Obscurity to Commonplace

Written by John Wright, 2011

Dr. Royal Rife at Microscope
rife machine is now commonplace every day

The Rife machine [remains] unknown to virtually 90% of all people. How, you ask, can something so important remain so obscured? One reason is that it’s still called a Rife machine. Keep in mind that Electro Therapy and Electro Medicine existed long before Royal Rife. (See Albert Abrams and others.)

As we have discussed in previous posts, Rife’s contribution was his frequency theory – the idea that he could isolate frequencies which proved mortal to pathogens. His genius in microscopy, and his invention of the Universal Microscope opened new realms of exploration.

His work gave credibility to what had come before in the field of electro medicine, for in proving his frequency theory he explained an important component of why this approach was effective. He had an important piece of the puzzle. Not the whole picture, but he certainly opened up serious inquiry by esteemed medical professionals. This inquiry continues to this day.

Beginning with his work with long-ago patented frequency devices, and culminating in the design and construction of what he called “Ray tube devices” Rife’s work evolved from audio range frequencies, delivered via direct current, to broadcast frequencies transmitted through the air.

In fact, the therapy that Rife himself invented has been proven harmful. This, because he utilized radio frequencies rather than the safer (also called base) frequencies which lie in the audio range (20,000 hertz and below). Little was known or understood at the time of the inherent dangers of this range of frequencies, which includes the microwave band.

In the 1970’s Rife’s partner, John Crane, published material which debunked many of Dr. Rife’s ideas and revealed the truer nature of the secret. He maintained that the most effective devices had existed for many decades, even before Rife came upon the scene. Though he was accurate in this regard, Crane was misguided in that he attempted to utilize the newly developed digital technology to generate frequencies. Unaware of the importance of the full-bodied analog signal inherent to the original instruments, he put out machines which were limited due to the newer technology. That said, his devices were based on more accurate frequency data.

Following this history of mixed results, the systematic pursuit of the technology truly began in earnest in the 1980’s. It was in 1987 that JWLABS first produced the fully analog Model B instrument which delivered safe audio frequencies in a format that was effectively utilized by practitioners and private users alike.

The Rife machine does something that is fairly easy to prove as a theory; and by performing certain tests, or experiments, the conceptual relevance of the principals can be demonstrated. It is important to remember that proving the theory and reducing it to practical use, can be two very different things. In the case of the Rife machine, it’s quite difficult to achieve a practical application that will be consistently equal, or very nearly to expectations.

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