The Rife Machine — Basic as Soap and Water!

For many, Rife technology provides an essential tool for supporting General Wellness.

Exasperated with the limitations of conventional wisdom, people are turning to Rife machine technology as a more personal approach to balancing their system and enhancing their innate immunity.

When we recognize the nature of this remarkable technology, we see that it’s as basic as brushing our teeth – a routine hygiene practice which keeps the bacterial load down.

As we understand more about the nature of the body, we appreciate the fundamental importance of electro-therapy and the long history of experimentation which has led us to the latest in state-of-the-art devices.

Unfortunately, we have failed to acknowledge the electrical nature of our bodies. It simply is not a part of our general knowledge. True, there are numerous authors who address this (i.e., The Body Electric by Robert Becker, Vibrational Medicine by Dr. Richard Gerber for  example), but the fundamental understanding of our physical being is largely overlooked by conventional medicine.

If we were trained to appreciate that we are, in fact, electrical beings, we would quickly understand that to bring current to the body in a safe and effective way is a straightforward and fundamental approach to nourishing our physical being. Sadly, we remain limited by the “prevailing wisdom” of the powers that be.

And so, we remain captive to a culture of thought which would have us believe that we can “fix” our health issues solely with drugs, surgery, and other toxic measures. Indeed, if we can’t fix what ails us with one pill, we’ll try another and then another and another. Each time hoping for the magic formula that will bring quick relief in favor of an actual remedy.

True progress in medicine has always, without exception, been violently resisted by medical authorities who cling to the beliefs of their time.

~ Dr. Julian Whitaker

Have you heard of Dr. Ignaz Semmelweis?

ignaz semmelweis doctor was hands

His story illustrates perfectly the concern expressed by Dr. Whitacker. Semmelweis was a renowned Austrian physician/scientist of the 19th century. During the 1840’s he was a professor of obstetrics at one of the most famous hospitals in the world. Decades before Lister and Pasteur had shown that bacteria caused disease, he established for the first time that childbirth septicemia in hospitalized obstetrics patients was a contagious infection spread primarily by the medical staff and students.

Though it was many years before he was taken seriously, history now remembers Dr. Semmelweis for scientifically establishing the iatrogenic nature of puerperal sepsis and for developing effective methods for stopping the cycle of contagion from the medical staff to the patients. His remedy? Insisting that the staff wash their hands in chlorinated lime water between patients.

The results were astounding. Death rates plunged dramatically, yet his work was greeted with indifference, even hostility. This is explained by the fact that his work contradicted the beliefs of the time with respect to the very nature of disease.

Semmelweiss was not the only one of his time to suspect that infection was being transmitted by medical staff; there were others who shared his concern. But their ideas were considered radical. They were dismissed as absurd by those who thought it inconceivable that the healing hands of a physician could ever be a vector for contagious and fatal disease.

We must not be afraid to challenge the prevailing wisdom of our time. We must seek out voices of reason who have explored a greater understanding of the nature of our bodies with regard to disease and healing.

For those who have an intuitive understanding of our bodies as electrical beings, the Rife effect is a no-brainer. It’s quickly apparent that the technology is about much more than what Royal Rife and his colleagues understood.

The position of the FDA is that we not discuss the effects of Rife technology on the structure/function of the human body.

What follows is a summary of what the FDA does not want us to say because the government believes you are being “misled” if we do so.

Most people, when they initially look into Rife technology, grasp that the primary impact is that it devitalizes microbes and helps to eliminate pathogens. There is much more to it than that. It is a safe, effective method for supporting our body’s natural functions. Some of these effects are subtle; others are more pronounced. Yet, for the most part, these effects are not discussed by the very people who manufacture the machines.

John Wright, founder of JWLABS, noted that among the benefits of using Rife technology are improved immune and circulatory function, enhanced enzyme catalysis, and ATP synthesis. Some of this is discussed in ECC paper from the DOD. He stated that these responses, and more, coupled with the detoxification effect and the devitalizing of microbes, make for a potent approach to protecting our greatest wealth – our health.

Deeper discussion of these benefits is beyond the scope of this blog. However, I felt it important to point out that what we accept as reasonable and sensible is shaped by the prevailing beliefs of our time. So until we question our belief system, however strongly adhered to, we are not likely to discover anything new.

Dr. Semmelweiss was trying to impact the thinking of his professional colleagues at a time before the microbial theory existed. Limited by the ontological concept of disease that prevailed in his time, he nonetheless reduced mortality in the maternity ward he chaired to .085% . Prior to this, it averaged between ten and fifteen percent.

It’s tragic that years passed and countless people died before Lister and Pasteur developed and demonstrated their work. It was only then that antiseptic practices truly took hold. And it was only then that the work of Dr. Semmelweiss was fully appreciated.

How is this pertinent for us now?

Perhaps it’s more relevant now than ever. We have gone through a long period of time embracing the “germ theory”. We’ve been obsessed with eradicating bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites. And yes, even the tiniest of microbes, the mycoplasma. But what if Antoine Beachamp was more accurate than Pasteur? What if these pathogens only have the potential to overwhelm the body if the system is already compromised? How do we protect ourselves, nurture ourselves, such that these critters do not gain a foothold and overwhelm the system?

As we all know, the AMA model of medicine seems to disregard these questions. Our culture of medicine and the prevailing medical practices remain limited by the dominant, though antiquated ideas of our society, and we are still presently held hostage to the “germ theory”.

Practitioners continue to prescribe therapies which often bring more harm to the body. In some cases, more harm than the disease itself. Only the bravest among them step out of the box and strive to bring forth more effective approaches. Some of these pioneers embrace electro-therapy and they are often startled when they first observe the positive impact Rife technology has on other therapies.

rife machine model A4 white jwlabs

Those of us familiar with the benefits of JWLABS Model A devices expect excellent results with respect to hastening the healing of injuries and warding off invasive infections. We expect it to provide remedy for various toxicities, including heavy metals. These expectations are based on our understanding of the basics of the technology and our experiences with customers for over three decades.

In fact, those of us who use the Rife machine routinely appreciate the strengthening and balancing effects which make us resistant to opportunistic infections. It is simply something we would never be without.

The remedial effects of using our Model A machines regularly keep us tuned to optimum wellness. We know this from experience. We need not read a textbook on the subject. We expect not to fall ill with influenza and colds; we expect rapid recovery from injuries; we rely minimally or not at all on medications, thus avoiding the pitfalls of what are commonly dismissed as “side-effects” of the drugs. Those who do require medications are generally relieved from high levels of toxicity from their use.

We treasure our freedom to use these devices in the privacy of our own home and we recognize the responsibility of taking back our power concerning our health and well-being. These are things we must not take for granted, and we must protect our ability to exercise freedom of choice with respect to our health and wellness care.

For the growing community of Rife machine users, it is perfectly clear: JWLABS Model A Rife machines have the potential to change the way we take care of ourselves. It’s not a magic bullet; it works synergistically with other natural approaches.  It is no less significant than the work of Dr. Semmelweis — who taught us to wash our hands.

Those who tell the stories control the society.


2 thoughts on “The Rife Machine — Basic as Soap and Water!”

  1. I have a GwInstek sfg-1003 DDS Function Generator…….that’s what is says on the front.
    This is my second one ( I mistakenly thought the first one didn’t work anymore….just needed to hit a different button, I guess) and I only use it when I feel like I’m catching some sort of ‘bug’.
    I use the plates to put my feet on and the only settings where I can feel anything are those under 750 or so. There are a couple things I guess one holds in one’s hands but I have never tried those.
    I have a huge book with settings for all sorts of conditions but most of them use the higher settings.
    After glancing thru your message here I would love to speak with someone about maybe finding lower settings that may help my back, legs and feet pains…..and numerous other miserable things that happen when one lives for 90 years.
    Or do I just have to wade thru all those pages and see what else I can come up with? I don’t really have the patience.
    A lot of people laugh at me (or give me strange looks) when I tell them about this unit but I don’t care; It works great for the way I use it….haven’t been really sick with the flu or bad cold since I got the first one back in the late ’80s.

  2. I appreciate the thoughtful comments in this blog. I hope it goes beyond those of us who have been committed to the effects of the Rife technology for many years. I do not travel without it. It has helped my body bring about the required healing for both acute and chronic situations. Having this in my life has contributed to the fact that most people think I am much younger then my 78 years. Unfortunately they would attribute it to “good luck” or “good genes” and readily dismiss any connection with humans as electrical beings and the benefit of all the “Gadgets” that are part of my life.

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