The JWLABS Difference

As one of the early stewards of Rife technology, JWLABS strives to provide the information you need to make an educated decision about what’s right for you and your loved ones with respect to Rife technology.

In an effort to help consumers overcome confusion about Rife technology (which abounds), we explain why JWLABS produces the best Rife machines on the market today at reasonable prices.

We may occasionally be a tad redundant, but we seek to deliver this information in the most relatable manner, in many different ways and in various contexts — from the simple to the sublime — so that you, the consumer, can best assess the superiority of JWLABS products and the quality of our commitment.

As you peruse our material, you will note that for many years we built the old-fashioned Rife machine with vacuum tubes. The people who hired us, friends of Royal Rife, insisted that this analog technology was significant to the results Rife produced.

We have stayed true to that principle, releasing our solid state Model A line only after many years in development. Once assured that we were preserving the integrity of the original analog signal, we launched Model A3 in 2004.

Our commitment to customer relations, and our endeavor to bring forth innovative designs that preserve the best of the old technology, distinguishes us from others who are merely distributing off-the-shelf units, most of which are assembled offshore. We have always built our Rife machines in the US, and that tradition continues.

We think that after careful consideration, you will choose to work with a company with a proven history. A company that designs its own products; a company that delivers expertly tuned sessions available at your fingertips; a company with dedicated people who specialize in personalized coaching; a company that believes so much in their products that we offer an unprecedented warranty.

Committed to Quality in Products and Service!
Helping You Invest in Your Health.

  • Over three decades as a steward of Rife Technology.
  • Masterful Tuning techniques available at your fingertips.
  • Personalized coaching to help you work safely and effectively.
  • Generous Warranty, unmatched in the industry.
  • Steadfastly producing in the USA.

Manufacturing Fine Rife Instruments Since 1987

JWLABS Model A Rife Machine Frequency Instruments Rife Technology History

Wright Laboratories was established by Ralph Jay Wright in 1931. John Wright eventually took over the company in 1985 and began looking for a new project, Rife technology being chief among them. At the time, Rife machines were relatively unknown. Upon meeting with personal friends of Royal Rife, the mind behind the technology, the challenge and the opportunity became apparent. They brought us documentation of the original instruments and we discussed how we might help to make them better. From that point, Rife technology was at the forefront of Wright Labs advancements.

JWLABS Rife Machine Frequency Instruments Rife Technology Better Mousetrap

Building a Better Mousetrap

Many years ago, Ralph Wright, the founder of Wright Labs, invented a better mousetrap. It was a simple box with a teeter, held in place by a magnet. When the mouse entered, it would pass the point of no return and be dropped into a bucket of water. The trap would then reset itself, ready for the next mouse. It worked extremely well and could clear a field of mice in a matter of hours.

The conventional wisdom was, if you built a better mousetrap, the world would beat a path to your door. In truth, this was not the case. Why? Because it had to be explained to them. Not once, but many times. And when that didn’t work, it had to be demonstrated.

In the end, people didn’t want a better mousetrap, simply because it was not in keeping with what they were already familiar with: the Victor springtrap, which killed mice horribly when it worked and could not reset itself.

Don’t Settle for the Norm

The Rife machine is like the better mouse trap in one respect: it is not in keeping with what people are already accustomed to. Therefore, most people will continue to take drugs, rather than explore healthier, better and more rational solutions to their physical problems.

For those who imagine a better way to address many health concerns, Rife technology provides a reasonable and practical tool. It’s not a magic bullet, though some notice improvements very quickly. Think of it as an important tool to have in your arsenal. One which provides a non-invasive, highly reliable approach to addressing many of our routine health concerns.

At JWLABS, we are intent on offering the best of both worlds: the robust signal of the old fashioned vacuum tube-based generators used in Royal Rife’s time and our highly refined tuning technology, all in a package that makes sense to the modern day user.

We think you’ll agree that we continue to build a better mousetrap!

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