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If you have contrasted the effects of various kinds of music on your physiology, even the effects of certain voices and cadences of your loved ones, you recognize that we are transmitting and receiving frequencies every moment of the day.
For many years, it has been our endeavor (and that of many others) to explore the ramifications of frequency application and to harness the power of healing.
It has long been known that the lower end of the audio range (measured in hertz) has beneficial effects on the human body. This is the range we utilize in our Rife machines. The extreme low end of these frequencies (say, 20hz and below) are of particular interest, given their effects of detoxification, bone growth stimulation, wound healing and more. This has been documented on our website and in many other technical documents. We are inhibited from making claims about the effects our frequency applications, but in our endeavor to continue your education about the effects, we will cite the research of others. We do this with an effort to make the information and the research understandable.

Our Physical body has a vibrational frequency just like every living organism in nature.

— Gena Livings

Here is a brief review from another source which claims that 10hz is essential for healing. We have long known that that the lowest selection of frequencies available on our sessions often promotes sleep enhancement.
A NASA study has shown that a 10Hz square waveform electromagnetic field signal stimulates neural stem cells. This particular signal was able to increase growth of stem cells by 400%. It was also discovered that DNA was dramatically improved where 175 maturation (aging) genes were downgraded, and 150 growth and cellular proliferation genes were enhanced.
This means that it is possible for the body to be healed, and aging to be reversed with the amazing healing frequency of 10Hz…..
Valentini et al. (1993) demonstrated the ability to enhance the outgrowth of neural fibers on materials that possess a weak electric charge. This would indicate that intense electric fields are not necessarily an essential component of this process, and that a weak and persistent stimulus might yield a measurable effect.
Additional evidence of the effects of magnetic fields exists in the work of Sandyk et al. (1992a). This communication details dramatic improvement of a patient with progressive degenerative multiple sclerosis. Briefly, the patient showed considerable improvement when subjected to treatment at a frequency of 2-7 Hz…..
As is clearly demonstrated in the human body, the bioelectric, biochemical process of electrical nerve stimulation is a documented reality……
One may use this electrical potentiation for a number of purposes, including developing tissues for transplantation, repairing traumatized tissues, and moderating some neurodegenerative diseases and perhaps controlling the degeneration of tissue as might be effected in a bioelectric stasis field…

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