The Declaration of Independence – What it Meant Then and How We Must Stand for it Today

The happiness of America is intimately connected with the happiness of all mankind; she is destined to become the safe and venerable asylum of virtue, of honesty, of tolerance, and quality and of peaceful liberty.

Marquis de Lafayette

Reclaiming Our Sovereignty Concerning Our Health and Well Being

As we approach the celebration of Independence Day, we thought it appropriate to reflect at least briefly on what it means to us. 

As a Nation, and as individuals. Few of us recognize that the Declaration was but the beginning of the journey toward birthing our nation. It was the official assertion of our principles and intentions with respect to breaking free from the tyranny of the British monarchy and the forming of a new republic. It clearly outlined the grievances against the King and established a new paradigm for the foundation of this country. This is what we celebrate. 

But this was just the beginning. It wasn’t immediately popular. Conflicts extended for years in some areas between the Loyalists who wished to continue their dependence on Britain (Motivated, perhaps by a false sense of security or by  their own financial or political entanglements.) and the Revolutionists who were intent on establishing sovereignty.  Most remembered (but not well taught in our schools) are the bloody battles which continued until 1783.

“A little over a month after the Continental Congress had formally declared independence from Britain the revolution was on the verge of a sudden and disastrous end. General George Washington found his troops outmanned and outmaneuvered at the Battle of Brooklyn and it looked like there was no escape. But thanks to a series of desperate rear guard attacks by a single heroic regiment famously known as the Immortal 400, Washington was able to evacuate his men and the nascent Continental Army lived to fight another day.” 

Patrick K. O’Donnell

The famous painting of Washington crossing the Delaware depicts an early success in December of 1776. Six months after the Declaration of Independence was announced to the American people, the war seemed nearly lost.

painting of George Washington crossing the Delaware river

The British were in control of New York and New Jersey, and ready to attack Philadelphia. With the success of the crossing Washington was able to launch his surprise attack on Trenton. This event turned the tide of the war — at least temporarily — in favor of Washington and the Continental Army.

Not always noted in the literature was the fact that Washington’s troops were men of diverse backgrounds. Whites, Blacks, Hispanics and American Indians struggled together and fought together side by side under the most adverse circumstances. This event, and those which preceded it by years, and others which came after, represents extraordinary heroism, bold strategy and horrible sacrifice. But this was early in the long fought war, which did not cease until about seven years later. These years were fraught with betrayals, starvation, and human sacrifice; notwithstanding the incredible courage, heroism and wisdom of ordinary people who committed themselves to the vision of freedom in this new land.

We cite these events to illuminate the similar conflicts we face today. We are focused here on the matter of reclaiming our sovereignty, specifically in the context of our freedom to make personal health choices which we deem appropriate.

The advent of the Covid episode, which we all endured in a deeply personal way, revealed that there are those in positions of power who would force certain actions and punish those who did not comply. They denied access to information, thus nullifying the principle of informed consent. They fanned the flames of fear and intimidation in order to force compliance to their dictates. They punished those who even questioned what they insisted was science, disregarding that Science had always been a process of inquiry and experimentation. 

They denied, even forbade, our freedom to make alternative health choices and they restricted our ability to communicate with each other, our right to gather, and even our access to loved ones in need. They stripped compassionate doctors of their ability to employ their common sense, which was well informed by discussions with their colleagues in the trenches who were getting results with approaches other than what the authorities mandated. They were fired, de-licensed, censored and banned from social media where they attempted to share their views. They made a mockery of “peer reviewed studies” by refusing to publish those which contested the approved view and featured only those who supported their prejudices. These biased studies were amplified by the mainstream press to ensure that the populace fell in line.

Many of us strive to maintain our freedom to know, our freedom to choose and our freedom to speak what’s true for us regarding concerns which are deeply personal to us. Our health care, for ourselves and our loved ones. Every week we speak with people who are engaged in inquiry. Striving to know what’s really true about what we’ve been told about our food, our air, our water, our bodies. And how to best care for ourselves and for those for whom we care. It’s daunting, to be sure. There are many battles being fought in this war. There have been countless victims and there are many heroes.

Even in the alternative health industry, there are those who might mislead us, confuse us, dazzle us with nomenclature or false claims. We are challenged to learn discernment. We urge you all to persevere. To strive to learn what you did not know, that you might choose differently from what you previously believed to be true.

JWLABS has long been your ally. We have endeavored to bring you products and information which might liberate you from the limitations of the allopathic model, especially when confronting chronic health issues. We have fought in the trenches for many years, waking people to the fact of the electrical nature of our being and the body’s natural ability to heal, given the right tools.

We are now in an age wherein the “Big Guys” have embraced electrotherapy. PEF, PEMF, Scalar, Red Light Therapy, Cold Laser, and more have emerged in various forms of devices. Even Google’s parent company, Alphabet, is heavily invested in the healthcare industry, including medical devices. 

John Wright predicted long ago that “mainstream medicine” would one day embrace the virtues of what could generally be called “electrotherapy”. He may not have anticipated that the pioneers in computer science and data collection would jump into the healthcare industry with such enthusiasm. Even “Vibroacoustic Therapy” – the infusion of music frequencies into the body has emerged as a thing. For decades, now we have offered this in the form of Tactio. It’s available on all our devices.

Note that most of the equipment that’s making a splash and/or the services provided come with very high price tags. Or they’re limited to those whose qualifications are strictly enforced. For example, they are limited to use for one disorder or type of dysfunction. They are not promoted for Universal assistance to mitochondrial function, detoxification, reduction of the pathogen load, improvement of blood oxygenation/circulation and push back on inflammation. And they are largely unavailable for the end user to employ in the privacy of their home.

We have been in the trenches for a very long while. And it clearly is an information war. And it most certainly is about freedom. Optimal health is imperative for quality of life. For enhanced productivity, creativity and flourishing relationships. We hope you will join our ranks of satisfied customers. Declare your freedom to choose. And learn to take back your power with respect to your well being. And if you are already a JWLABS user, please share your insights, your stories of success – that others may find encouragement and camaraderie in their quest for optimal quality of life.

Nothing but harmony, honesty, industry and frugality are necessary to make us a great and happy people.” 

— George Washington

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