Information Warfare - Google Censors Alternative Health Sites

Written by Cherry Maly-Wright, March 2019

Information warfare - Google censorship

Information warfare has taken on a whole new dimension for JWLABS since the launch of Google’s recent medic algorithm. Your access to alternative health information is being managed and controlled. Why should you care?

If you’re paying attention, you’ve noticed that the largest purveyors of information are being selective in what they allow us to access. Facebook and YouTube are filtering material with which they disagree ideologically. Twitter and Google are blocking those with whom they differ. Even Wikipedia and Snopes, both generally accepted as reasonable sources of information, have been slanting their presentation of “facts” for some time; perhaps from inception.

More recently, it has been made public that Amazon, Pinterest, and Facebook are actively blocking your access to information which questions the veracity of mandatory vaccinations. We have seen this coming for months.

You may think this is not pertinent to you, but perhaps you have not considered the ramifications of limited access. Without full access to information which permits you to consider all sides of a question, how can you make reasonable and sound judgments? Without knowing the source of the information you are gathering, how is it possible to discern fact from fiction?

JWLABS has been in an Information War for decades. Primarily, the challenge has been to counter the claims and fraudulent information put forth by competitors. Misrepresentation of the basic science has had people confused and intimidated. Hyperbole and fake science have contributed to people backing off from Rife technology for the sole reason that they could not understand it. Rightfully skeptical, they choose not to choose. (Read more here.)

For the last few months, our challenge has been exacerbated by the efforts of “the powers that be” in the Information Industry. In August of 2018 Google launched a new algorithm which has had a devastating effect on many businesses. In particular, purveyors of health products and information have been affected. This change has even been dubbed  the “medic algorithm.”

This chart illustrates the large percentage of health sites being affected.

Seasoned webmasters are still scrambling to understand the complex coding Google employs which have dramatically affected many business owners.

Google medic update pie chart

This means that Google ads dominate over the organic listings. But doesn’t this contradict their statements that those with higher ratings for Expertise, Authority and Trust (EAT) are the ones who are treated better?

We felt compelled to let you know this is happening. We are intent on not being victimized by this and we are doing everything we know to overcome this challenge. We are upgrading our web sites, we are creating new material; and we have paused our advertising campaign with Google, all but ensuring that we completely disappear from relevant searches.

We are seeking comments and link backs from friendly sites. And we are asking for help from you. What can you do? Perhaps more than you might think. Here are some suggestions:

  • Send us videos and/or photographs of you and your family using your JWLABS machines.
  • If you have a website, please add a link to This is where folks learn the most about JWLABS machines. 
  • If you don’t have a site, but you’re present on Social Media, please post one or more of our pages, perhaps a favorite blog or two. Anything that links back to our content will be helpful. View our blog posts here:
  • If you are not present on social media, but you would like to help us increase our presence, please check in with Rife forums or Alternative Health Forums and mention your experience with JWLABS, adding a link to one of our pages. Commenting on other people’s posts, even YouTube videos, with a link to JWLABS will be helpful.
  • If you have expertise in the area of health and healing, please write a small piece about the ramifications of JWLABS Rife technology relevant to what you are doing. We will publish articles “from the experts.”
  • So much for what you can do for us in the “cloud.” The ground work is equally important, so please REFER A FRIEND!!

If none of the above works for you, go to our blog postings at Select one or more of our articles and post a comment there. Anything that contributes to the clarification of the subject or that shares your positive experience with JWLABS products and service will help.

We are gathering an army of foot soldiers. We have long been in the trenches, and the game has just changed dramatically. We must fight this battle on the internet, and on the ground as well. We greatly appreciate your loyalty and your trust; and for those who are able and willing to step into the fray with us, we are most grateful.

You may also wish to change the way you search on the internet. Try using Bing for more honest search results or Duckduckgo or Brave, which do not track your searches. It’s time for us to become aware of the actions behind the scenes which influence us in countless ways. And it’s time that we learned of the alternatives.

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2 thoughts on “Information Warfare – Google Censors Alternative Health Sites”

  1. One thing that can and should be done is STOP USING GOOGLE. Search engines like DuckDuckGo (recommended and used by folks like Bruce Schneier, a world renowned computer security expert), and Startpage should be used instead. Avoid all others, and that includes Bing. DuckDuckGo and Startpage are located in the EU, which has much stricter privacy laws than we do here.

    As I said from their inception, Facebook and Twitter are fads that sucked people in and made them addicts. I should point out that Google, Facebook, and Twitter monetize their users by selling their personal data to the highest bidder. Such non-governmental organizations are not bound by the 1st Amendment, and can do whatever they want, including censorship and political advocacy.

    Wikipedia should be avoided as a source for anything controversial. They are one-sided advocates for the status quo on those subjects.

    The real danger will come when personal or corporate websites will be targeted. The US Government is using proxies like the Mass Media now, but soon the Big Money will exert its influence, and then you’ll see direct invention.
    . .. . .. — ….

    1. Cherry Maly Wright

      Yes, we routinely use Duck Duck Go for our searches. We appreciate your insights.

      Please stay in touch, Albert. It’s always a pleasure talking with you!

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