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Helping You Understand The Importance of Frequency

Frequencies have a much more profound effect on us than we have previously understood.

There is a lineage of researchers and developers who have put forth ideas and products which were meant to resolve issues that should be a concern to all of us. These range from effects on overall health and wellness to crisis intervention and optimizing our performance. 

Unfortunately, we cannot discuss this important subject in detail due to FDA restrictions.

Our Rife machine devices are not FDA certified for medical use so we must comply with the regulations they’ve set pertaining to the representation of both our products and Rife technology itself. We were advised not to represent any effect on the structure/function of the human body that our devices may set in motion. Referring to health conditions by name was also frowned upon, thus our recent modification of our material from reflecting any possible effects our instruments might have on various health concerns, positive, negative or otherwise. (This, despite the fact that we have a plethora of testimonials which report our customers’ successes.)

We were advised that, while we cannot refer to issues of “health”, we can cite concerns of “General Wellness” or “Well Being”. This explains the imprecise language we have now employed on our website and instructional materials.

If this sounds like a mind game, it pretty much is.

But we live in times which have proven perilous for truth tellers of many persuasions.

JWLABS has always been accustomed to being more straightforward and we have a long history of speaking candidly based on our understanding of Rife technology and experiences with a countless number of customers over the last three decades. 

However, because of these recent developments and requests, our blog will now take on a slightly different role. Our function will now be to present you with outside resources which we hope will elucidate the scientific discourse regarding frequencies, frequency devices, and the historical perspective related to this study.

We have long discussed our concerns about the potential harmful effects of prolonged exposure to radio frequencies. Though we may cite some material which refers to devices or theories pertaining to broadcast equipment, we do so with the intention of establishing context; not as an endorsement of the broadcast-type Rife machine. In other words, what we cannot say, we will allow others to state. This is intended to make clear that there is a broad discussion about the effects of frequency on the body (which is something we cannot officially declare).

Given our commitment toward educating people on this subject, we will now provide articles we believe may be of interest to you, our readers, users and clients, with the intention of establishing content and context focused on educating everyone about the effects of frequency on the human body. For good or for ill.

We do not subscribe to, nor do we endorse the materials represented. We will provide it strictly for educational purposes in an effort to demonstrate that there is much more to the matter of frequency technology than what is commonly known. This is also true for Rife technology itself. We presume that those who are interested in the subject have a curiosity about facts and issues which have been addressed exclusively outside the mainstream of news and information.

Please note that the materials we will cite may imply health effects, positive or negative. These materials are readily available for the single-minded researcher who endeavors to educate himself or herself on matters involving frequency effects on the human body. We will merely provide the articles and links for your convenience. Our selection of citations may evolve over time. 

While the authors of said materials may reference health improvements, we remain within the confines of what is legal and lawful with respect to FDA requirements. To reiterate, we make no claims about the effects of our instruments save for General Wellness and Entertainment.

We sincerely hope these materials prove helpful for you in determining your course of action, whether it be to employ Rife technology or to protect yourself from what some say are deleterious effects of certain frequency ranges. 

We appreciate your interest and we welcome your inquiries.

Here is a video which tells the story of Royal Rife. We do not attest to the historical accuracy, nor do we adhere to their claims about cure but we feel that it provides an excellent introduction to the work of this brilliant man.

Enjoy this rather lovely presentation!

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  1. Hello Is your machine the same as other companies, im very interested in the frequency generator, and would like to buy one for my Parkinson’s disease , but unsure of which company is the real one or are they all the same ,I would like an proper an unbiased answer?

  2. whats the benefits , the machines has? are the frequencies already downloaded in the machines or just like the other which u need to be connected in your computer (preferably on an android ) or otherwise programmed already in the machine ?

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