Health Care Consumers Face a Dilemma

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“Health care” has been conflated with health insurance and the whole subject has become a conundrum for consumers. Here, we briefly address the history of evolving beliefs in proper health care approaches.

  • Are you frustrated by the limitations of conventional medicine?
  • Are you skeptical of the mechanical and pharmaceutical approach to human health?
  • Are you discouraged that an array of specialists have been ineffective in addressing your health care concerns?
  • Are you taking numerous medications with side effects that leave you agitated, fatigued or depressed?
  • Have you spent thousands of dollars on health care with no improvement in your health?

There has to be a better way.

Research, understanding, and discernment are essential to finding out what suits your specific situation or temperament; but the dozens of modalities, supplements, gadgets and “gurus” available for us to explore usually lead to confusion and information overload.

For most, this constant flow of contradictory information quickly becomes overwhelming. It’s especially challenging when we realize that over the course of human history there have been brilliant pioneers whose work helped save millions of lives but was overtly ridiculed or ignored.

Pioneers in Health Care You Should Know About

Dr. Ignaz Semmelweis

ignaz semmelweis doctor was hands

Dr. Ignaz Semmelweis was a renowned Austrian physician/scientist during the 19th century. As a professor of obstetrics at one of the most famous hospitals in the world in the 1840s, he became the first to establish that childbirth scepticemia in hospitalized obstetrics patients was a contagious infection spread primarily by medical staff and students. His solution was simple: washing of the hands.

This was decades before Lister and Pasteur hypothesized that bacteria caused disease, so doctors couldn’t fathom that humans played a part in the transmission of disease. Because of this, he was roundly criticized, disparaged, and ostracized for an everyday practice we now take for granted.

Another example is when Dr. James Lind discovered that scurvy, the sailor’s disease, is caused by a lack of citrus fruits; it took 40 years before that knowledge was applied on a daily basis.

Dr. Linus Pauling

Dr. Linus Pauling - health care pioneer

A more recent illustration is Dr. Linus Pauling. Called the “father of molecular biology” by Francis Crick of DNA helix fame, Pauling advocated high doses of vitamin C for optimum health. He encouraged the use of Vitamin C for the common cold, intervening with cancer, and even for brain-injured children. His research with intravenous vitamin C for cancer was and remains highly controversial to this day with the exception of increasing numbers of Integrative Medicine practitioners who embrace this approach.

…The truly fraudulent claims must be discarded. But novel methods of therapy should not be rejected because they are novel, or because they run counter to some generally accepted belief (‘which may just be biased’), or because we do not understand the mechanism of the proposed treatment, or because it has come from an unconventional source.

Dr. Linus Pauling

Challenging Our Beliefs

It’s important that we realize that what we accept as reasonable and sensible is shaped by the prevailing beliefs of our time. Medical professionals are constantly faced with resistance for thinking outside of the box and their innovations are relentlessly suppressed.

At the same time, our society is inundated with advertising and promotion for products we do not fully understand.

Innovation and discovery requires the courage to question our belief system, however strongly adhered. If we don’t challenge the prevailing wisdom,  we may never find new and improved remedies for specific illnesses or understand that older remedies which have been previously derided may just be the correct method for a healthier living.

True progress in medicine has always, without exception, been violently resisted by medical authorities who cling to the beliefs of their time.

— Dr. Julian Whitaker

At JWLABS, we strive to help you educate yourself about the basics of electro-medicine and the legacy of Royal Rife, one of many pioneers in this field. He, too, has been much maligned by the powers that be. Learn how Rife technology can become a basic part of your wellness regimen. Visit our recent blogs and subscribe to see further posts.well

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