Stealth Fungus - Hiding in Plain Sight

Written by John Wright

It seems that there is a very deceptive and very innocuous breed of fungus out there that is not only deadly, but has almost no symptoms until it has progressed to critical stages. If you take the time to research the nature of fungi in general, you will find that it seems more sinister, the more you learn.

This highly adaptable, multi-form, half-plant, half-animal organism has invaded every part of the world’s environments. In nature, it is one of many essential components in the break down and decomposition of organic matter. But in disease vectors, the fungus is probably our most formidable opponent.

It can behave like a parasite, like a virus or like a bacterium. It can cause identical symptoms as these and it can also appear as a fungal lesion or a fungal abscess, in or on virtually any part or tissue of the body. It can exist in enormous numbers as compared to virus or bacteria. A massive volume can grow unseen for many years before anything diagnosable appears. When it does, it is often because another infection or injury has occurred. Often the disease is then only diagnosed as the secondary infection, and the true problem goes unnoticed and untreated.

It can hide in plain sight on the skin for decades causing scarcely the slightest of irritation. It can gain access to the blood stream simply through the skin where blood vessels are close to the surface. It can enter the brain through the ears, the breast via the nipple, and any other place that is moist and commonly vulnerable to minor surface irritants.The most common source of fungal infection is via the skin. By means of the feet and hands, and in food and drink.

Fungus infection is associated with cancer, diabetes, allergy, and a host of others.

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