Technically Advanced

I have had a good relationship with JWLabs since 2001. I had researched Rife Technology for years and discovered Rife used Hertz frequencies created with an analog device.  Using this information, I went online to search for someone who used the same technology as Rife.  After a few conversations I purchased a real large hertz frequency generating machine [Model B] with a catalog of frequencies from JWLabs. The machine worked great and I still have and use it. I recently received my model A-4 with all the sessions stored on board. The new A-4 makes it so easy to use….

Check out the Tactio® feature, taking music you listen to, (hertz frequencies) and playing the music frequencies directly into your body….I personally do not know of any other Rife devices that are as technically advanced and easy to use and purchasing said device from a more honest and caring company than JWLabs. JWLabs is the only Company that I know of that offers a lifetime of support with a life time warranty on your device.

Thats all I have to say,

Thank you for such a wonderful device.

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