Model A3

Use It For A Lot Of Things

I’ve had [A3] my machine since 2018, They’re great machines! I use it for a lot things cold, pain. Toothache, neuropathy, u name it’s worked for that.

Strong and More Vibrant

I love our [A3] machine and I’m so glad I got it when I did. I feel strong and more vibrant when I use it. If I neglect it I notice significant difference.

Feeling Much Better

I’ve had just two ten minute sessions on track 2 of GA and there’s already been a huge impact! I’m feeling much better. My energy and my balance have improved and my voice even feels stronger.

More Powerful than Expected

I really like this little machine, it’s more powerful than I expected. I seem to have more energy and it seems like the circulation is improving in my left foot. My cough is improving and I’m sleeping better.

I Sleep Better

When I use the General Alignment regularly I sleep better. This is major for me. My energy is also better. I’m very confident in this frequency work.

I Feel Great!

I have a very stressful job and I now feel great!. My tongue became more clear and I have more energy. I am so glad we got this machine. Thank you for making this machine!

More Mental Energy

I’ve been doing well with my A3.3. I have more mental energy and I’m sleeping better. It also helped relieve discomfort in my back.

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