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Frequency Matters (Part 2)

Frequency Matters (Part 2) There has been much discussion over the years about what frequencies are most beneficial, which ones Royal Rife actually used and what frequencies are desirable for specific applications. We have been restrained from discussing the benefits of Rife technology, but we will briefly address some distinctions which we hope will enhance …

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Electro-Medicine – A Coming of Age

Electro-Medicine – A Coming of Age The history of electro-medicine is “rife” with misunderstanding and hyperbole; nonetheless, it is grounded in science which is realistic and reliable. How does one discern the difference?How does one discern between exaggerations/misrepresentations and the real facts?How do we trust one over another?  How do we trust one representation of …

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Health Care Consumers Face a Dilemma

“Health care” has been conflated with health insurance and the whole subject has become a conundrum for consumers. Here, we briefly address the history of evolving beliefs in proper health care approaches. Are you frustrated by the limitations of conventional medicine? Are you skeptical of the mechanical and pharmaceutical approach to human health? Are you …

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