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Rife Therapy and CoronaVirus (COVID-19)

| blog | 7 Comments
With the concern about the new Coronavirus COVID-19, we are getting more inquiries about how to effectively use Rife therapy. Here, we briefly outline our approach. First, some basics. We emphasize that knowing the exact frequency of a given virus…
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Coronavirus – An Alternative View

| blog | One Comment
Facts, fiction and excessive speculation are often conflated in the discussion of the new Coronavirus. While there’s a rush to develop and distribute new antivirals and vaccines, we embrace a prudent approach of applying general common sense and holistic remedies…
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Electro-Medicine – A Coming of Age

| Articles, Rife Advancement, Stay Tuned Blog | No Comments
The history of electro-medicine is “rife” with misunderstanding and hyperbole; nonetheless, it is grounded in science which is realistic and reliable. How does one discern the difference? How do we trust one over another? How do we choose to utilize…
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Health Care Consumers Face a Dilemma

| Stay Tuned Blog, Uncategorized | No Comments
"Health care" has been conflated with health insurance and the whole subject has become a conundrum for consumers. Here, we briefly address the history of evolving beliefs in proper health care approaches. Are you frustrated by the limitations of conventional…