Specific Testimonials

Rife machine testimonials are important for customers to make intelligent decisions when looking for a family device. JWLABS has been in business since the 1980s and that gives us a long history of satisfied customers and product reviews.

The following testimonials how our machine has helped with specific viruses and diseases.


I thank you! I purchased the Model A Rife machine on the premise of optimizing my family’s health. Shortly thereafter I had some pre-cancerous polyps removed. After testing throughout the day, I determined the highest point with my ph was a 5.5 but, after only 3 days using the machine I jumped to a 6.5 and in conjunction with a proper diet was able to maintain and increase my ph to a healthy level!

A short time later I began experiencing gallbladder attacks and had my gallbladder removed. I was told it would be a good year before I was able to eat regular food again. But in conjunction with the Rife machine I was able to get back to my regular diet in just a few months. In addition, the few days after the surgery while using the machine I could literally feel it making a difference. Healing has been faster than expected. I was able to achieve this utilizing the general frequency tracks without ever having to utilize additional frequencies! I am JW Labs biggest advocate as I have seen such great success!

Steven W.
November, 2015

This testimonial is long overdue!

For almost 20 years, I have battled allergies.  Along with that came severe congestion, head pressure, & horrible sinus infections.  I tried everything… sinus surgery to correct a deviated septum, allergy shots, the Neti pot, long steam showers, supplements, etc.  The list goes on and on… 4 to 6 times a year on average, I was taking antibiotics, receiving steroid shots, and often taking prednisone during severe sinusitus episodes in order to just function and simply make it through the work week. Many weekends I was laid up in bed, immobilized by sinus head pain and eye pressure.  The excessive antibiotic use, and strong nature of the antibiotics that had to keep being prescribed as a result of the resistance my body was beginning to build up to them, also gave me severe stomach problems. Many times I would have to be on a liquid diet for days as a result of the excessive antibiotic and prednisone use.

I first starting using my Model A4 in November 2017, beginning with the general alignment frequency treatments and eventually graduating to the Sinusitis module in the coming months.  Since then, and as a result of consistently sticking with the A4’s Sinusitis module via a 5 days on and 2 days off routine, I have not had to take antibiotics or prednisone in well over a year!!!  This is the first time in almost 2 decades, and since I was in my 20’s, that I have gone this long without having to see a docor for antibiotic and prednisone prescriptions, and/or a steroid shot!

I have also used the general alignment frequencies w/ my 2 sons who are now 12 & 10.  Despite flu season, and all kinds of illnesses always going around at school, they have avoided coming down w/ any severe illnesses this season.  The instant they have had any congestion, a sore throat, or signs of coming down with anything, we have been able to start them on GA treatments for a couple of days and knock it out.

The “Live Wires” has been among my favorite gifts to friends and family members as well.  Many, over the past couple of years, have begun to find themselves developing allergies and sinus issues too, and frequently battling seasonal illnesses, etc. as well.  The general alignment frequencies have been greatly beneficial when it comes to helping them maintain their general health! Helping those I care about to potentially avoid falling into the same antibiotic overuse situation that I was up against for so many years has been something I am very grateful for as well.

Many thanks to you and the rest of the team!  Words can’t express how much it has changed my life!!!

Brian K., 43
High Point, NC
March 4, 2019

Hi Cherry,

Well we have nothing but good news to report.

Started the Model A usage on February 16th. After two weeks we went to 30 minutes a day. We will probably go to one hour next week.

Nancy’s pain has been substantially reduced. Her Aracnoiditis pain has steadily lessened over the past three weeks. This is her leg and lower back pain. She has had lots of pain in her right leg where they took a vein for replacement. This has been reduced as well. An interesting side effect has been a reduction of her moles. They are going away.

As for myself, more good news. I have a torn meniscus in my left knee. It’s been giving me fits since last June. Was taking Percocet twice a day. One at night to help me sleep and having to use Aspircream as well. Could not walk the dog without pain and had to wear a support knee brace. Well, no more brace, no more pain pills, and I am walking the dog on a regular basis now. Just incredible. I have degenerative disk disease in my lower back. I still have a great deal of pain standing (such as doing the dishes) or carrying anything (like groceries). When I stop doing these things the pain goes away. But I’m hoping further use of the Model A will reduce that pain as well. We’ll see.

Anyway, we are very happy and I am thrilled with Nancy’s progress. Thanks for checking in with us and we’ll keep you appraised of our progress.

Mike and Nancy
Eagle River, AK

In 2004 I was told by a doctor that the 30% grip strength in my right hand was all I would have for life.There was some good news-it would not spread to my left hand(which it subsequently did). I could not shake hands or play tennis. When I hit a golf ball a bit off center, the club would fly out of my hand it hurt so much. I could shift gears in my car, but with two hands.

I started to drop dishes and glasses if bumped even slightly. I was also taking three pills each day for the pain.

On to the Internet…. The Rife technology saved my 10 handicap in golf and I can now shake hands again. I would not have believed JWLABS Model A 3.1 if I hadn’t seen the effects myself.

I still have a hard time believing what happened. This machine is a Miracle in freeing the body of pain. I saw the doctor about two years ago, the one who said I wouldn’t ever get better, and as we approached each other, he asked how my hand was doing. I responded by shaking his hand until his knees began to give out. I had solved the problem without any of his help.

Rhode Island

I have had a number of successful uses of the Model A rife device on members of my family. My wife has encroaching arthritis in the joints of her fingers. Her joints are slowly becoming painful and over time have been getting larger. Her hand agility has decreased and she is prone to dropping things. I connect the Model A negative pad to her palm with a conventional sticky pad, and the positive terminal goes to a rubber pad with conductive gel which she wraps around the offending joint. I have been running the Metal Detox disc, track 1 or 2 for a half an hour. So the pathway of the current is very short, only through the hand. She controls the amount of energy to go as high as she wants to tolerate. The results have been an immediate decrease in pain, and more slowly, the swelling of the joints has reduced. Her flexibility and whole hand functioning has improved as evidenced by less dropping of objects. We think this sure beats mere pain management with aspirin or questionable NSAIDS.

A year ago, my sister, late 70s, had a lot of knee pain and swelling in both knees. She could not kneel down or get things off the floor. Walking involved some pain, and long walks were out of the question. I used the same program for her as for my wife and put a sticky pad on either side of her knee. First one knee, then the other for 1/2 hour each. We did three sessions a week for about three weeks and all symptoms have disappeared and not recurred.

About a year and a half ago, my nephew, mid 50s, had severe infections around the finger nails and whatever treatments the doctor was trying were not working very well. I did several sessions with the same setup as for my wife’s arthritis, and the inflamed infections cleared up very quickly. He could not believe how quickly the infections just seemed to dry up.

The same nephew came to me a couple months ago. He had taken a nasty fall to his shoulder and had been diagnosed as having a cracked shoulder bone. Operating was not feasible. He had researched on the web and had read that if you apply a current that oscillates in the 1 kHz range across the break, it would be beneficial to the mending process of broken bones. So I loaned him the machine for a week. He started with General Alignment Tk 2 (10 min) once a day for three days hand to hand, just to get him used to the rife energy. From then on for the next 5 days, he did track 4 (20 min) with the pads on either side of the ball joint. At his most recent check up, the doctor said that he was a full 4 weeks ahead of the original healing prognosis. After this experience together with the healed finger infections, my nephew calls the rife machine a miracle device.

Joseph B.
New York

It’s been almost 11 years since I bought my Model A 3.1. During that time, my wife and I have used it regularly to repulse colds, the flu, and general wintertime sniffles. The General Alignment disc is our most used program. However, at the time of purchase, I also bought the following additional discs:  Metal Detox, Virus, Hi Blood Pressure, Prostate and Fungal.

Here are some of the healings that I think are attributable to the rife process:

Arthritic Joints:
My wife was prone to having arthritis in her finger joints. They were painful and over time had been getting larger.  Her hand strength and agility had decreased so she tended to drop things.  After only a few sessions using the model A, she had noticed a marked decrease in pain. She also noticed a reduction in the swelling. Her hand strength and flexibility improved and she rarely drops things now.

To produce these results, we connected the Model A negative pad to her palm using a conventional sticky pad.  We used the rubber pad with a little conductive gel for the positive terminal. She wrapped the pad around each offending joint for a few minutes on each finger.  We have been running the Metal Detox disc, track 1 or 2 for a half an hour total on any given day.  The pathway of the current is very short, only through the hand.  She controls the amount of energy that is comfortable for her.

We are thrilled with the effectiveness of this practice, and we think it sure beats mere pain management with aspirin or questionable NSAIDS

Swollen Knees:
My sister who was in her late 70s at the time, was having a lot of knee pain and swelling in both knees.  She could not kneel down or get things off the floor.  Simple walking around was painful, and long walks were out of the question.   After three weeks of 3 times a week for a half hour, all her symptoms disappeared and have not recurred since. She is presently 86 and still going strong.

Fingernail Fungal Infection:
My nephew, mid 50s at the time, had developed severe multiple infections around the fingernails on both hands.  They looked dreadful; not good for a white collar executive. Although the doctor diagnosed it as a fungal infection and tried various treatments, nothing was really having much of an effect.  Over the course of about 10 days, we did several sessions with the rubber pads wrapped around each finger, and the inflamation started to subside right away. He could not believe how quickly the fungus itself just seemed to dry up and go away.

Broken Collar Bone:
The same nephew came to me again, some time later.  He had taken a nasty fall to his shoulder and had been diagnosed as having a cracked shoulder bone.  Operating was not warranted inasmuch as it was a green stick fracture.  However the healing prognosis was presented as being slow and protracted. This was especially distressing because part of his job as a fund raiser was to spend time on the golf course with clients.

He had researched on the web and had read that if you apply a current that oscillates in the 1 kHz range across the break, it would be beneficial to the mending process of broken bones.  This apparently is a procedure well known to horse vets who have to heal, if possible, extremely valuable animals that have sustained leg fractures.

So I loaned him the machine for a couple of weeks.  At his next check up, the doctor said that he was a full 4 weeks ahead of schedule.  After this experience, my nephew calls the rife device a miracle machine.

Procedure used:  started with General Alignment Tk 2 (10 min) once a day for three days hand to hand, just to get him used to the rife energy.  From then on for the next 5 days, he did GA Track 4 (20 min) with the pads on either side of the ball joint (near to but not on the break).  

Sub Dermal Cyst and Plantar Wart:
I had a sub dermal cyst about 1cm in diameter on my thigh.  I was able to “nuke” it away over time and it never returned.

I have been able to “nuke” away a plantar wart on the ball of my foot with the Model A.  In the past removing warts on the foot has involved either cryo surgery(freezing) or cauterization (burning) of the wart.  Both are painful and involve prolonged healing.

Joseph B.
Rochester, NY

Thought you’d like to know that I have completely gotten rid of my Asthma condition using my A4 machine. I used the Asthma setting on track 3 every day either morning or night for 17 mins 5 days a week and noticed no more coughing, wheezing, no more nasal spray and no more Nebulizer. I used the A4 for 3 weeks; June 2017 will be my 5th month free of Asthma. I had Asthma for 30 years.

Lucius C.
May 2017

Hi John and Cherry,

Just a brief note on my uses and experiences with the Model A. as you know I am a practicing Acupuncturist and have had the opportunity to test my model A on various circumstances.

I had amazing results on a case of a man with lifelong asthma who came to me regularly for rife and Acupuncture he no longer suffers from severe asthma and was able to get of advair ( which is in itself amazing) with just 3 months of treatments.

I have had a tremendous response on about 6 cases of severe Allergies each person claims they no longer have any type of allergy at all. I also use my machine regularly on myself as I have various autoimmune conditions with great success at regulating my immune system. I also use my machine to knock out colds and flu quickly, usually takes 3 general alignment sessions.

I am now working with a Hep C patient and look forward to learning how to use my machine for that virus.

H. L.Ac.

I have been using my Model A3 for at least 10 years and it has done wonders for me. I talked my husband into using it too and made a believer out of him. An amazing machine!!

I have several autoimmune disorders and I know I’d be worse if it wasn’t for my rife machine. Thank you JWLABS!



I had injured my lower back in the gym I was quite concerned because I was unable walk without assistance. I went to a Chiropractor for a diagnosis, and he said that it was a severe muscle strain. I was relieved that I had not injured a disc in my spine, but I was in intense pain. Even after several days, I was still getting pain that would send me down to the floor after only a few steps. I knew I would be unable to go to work for weeks, and being an hourly paid contractor I knew that this would cost me quite a bit of money. I ordered a JWLABS model B and had it shipped overnight.

I decided to start real slow and used 5000 and 10000 for two minutes each. Even after such a short session I was able to move freely without pain for about 5 or 6 hours afterwards. Needless to say I was very impressed!

I continued to use the machine, slowly adding the rest of the alignment frequencies to my regimen, and using the machine about every three to four days. I did no other therapies on my back. After the first four days I was able to return to work. After three weeks I was able to go back into the gym. It was almost as if the injury never happened.

I have had gym injuries such as this before that took a good 6 months to a year to get back to the point where I could workout again with no pain. For good measure I continued to use the machine for two more months about once every three days or so. That was 18 months ago and I have not had any problem in that area since.

Name Withheld

Hi Cherry,

My Naturopathic Doctor did a Microbiology Live Blood Analysis on me Nov. 4th and she didn’t find any Bacteria, Fungus or Parasites in my blood, but she did find some plaque & crystals so I’m taken Wonderzyme to break up the crystals so they can be eliminated from my body. She couldn’t believe how good I looked.

The reason my husband bought the [JWLABS’ Model A] Rife Machine was because I couldn’t get rid of the bacteria in my body.

PRAISE THE LORD!!! it’s gone!!

D. E.
S. C.

My approach to life is that it’s an adventure, with interesting problems to solve. This is reflected in my approach to health, which involves both learning from others and some trial and error. I try different things and learn what works and what doesn’t work. Of course I’ve had lots of failures and I try to learn from them. And I enjoy talking to and learning from the people at JWLABS. I’m responsible for my own health and therefore make my own health decisions.

I don’t fear cancer, but view cancer as an interesting problem to solve. I don’t suggest that others use my approach to health, but I have been successful more than once working with the people at JWLABS. They are not medical practitioners, but their Model A and their thoughtful coaching has proven to be invaluable to me and my wife.

I’ve had the Model A Rife Machine for several years and used it about two times a month with the electrodes on my feet for an hour each time. About eight months ago I got a sore that oozed two or three drops of blood each day on the side of my jaw with a large lump under it. I also had a similar sore on my back, but without the lump and without any bleeding. After about two months I got concerned and increased the use of the Rife Machine to twice a week. After about two months the lump under the sore on my face disappeared, but the sore remained. I continued to use the machine for several more months with no further improvement.

My dermatologist did a biopsy on the two sores and said that they were both basal cell carcinoma. The doctor set up a surgery date in six weeks. I didn’t want surgery, and below is the alternative action I took.

During the next five weeks I used the Rife Machine about four times a week for one hour sessions, placing the electrodes directly on the sores instead of on my feet. During the first two days the sore on my face bled two or three drops while using the Rife Machine and another two or three drops during the day. On the third day and through the rest of the week, there was no bleeding while using the Rife Machine or during the rest of the day. By the end of the first week, the sores were dry with a scab and the diameter of the sore had been reduced from half of an inch to 1/4 inch. By the end of the fifth week there was a small pink spot about 1/8 of an inch in diameter where the sores used to be.

The next week I saw my dermatologist and he was not impressed. He wanted to perform surgery to remove the cancer. Instead, I insisted that he do the biopsies again and he said that he was 100% certain that the results would be the same. He said that skin cancer does not get better and the only thing that can be done is surgery. I may be the only person this dermatologist ever had who insisted on another biopsy rather than going along with his recommendation of surgery.

While I was in my doctor’s office, I felt like I was on a medical production line. The doctor identifies possible skin cancer and the next step is to do a biopsy. Then the next step if it’s cancer is to do surgery. No talking, no thinking, just follow the doctor’s orders. These doctors adopt a God-like approach and their patients become their willing followers.

It’s helpful to understand how doctors make their money and how this affects their approach to medical issues and their patient’s health. Most doctors lose money on office visits, but make money by finding problems during the office visit that they can resolve thru surgery or some other medical procedure. Without surgery or these other medical procedures, many doctors couldn’t afford to be in business. A lot of this has to do with how doctors are reimbursed by insurance companies.

A few days later I got the results of the biopsies. There was no cancer on my back, but I still had cancer on the face although it had decreased in size.

I had a discussion with my doctor’s technician on my biopsies and he shared the views of the doctor. He said that cancer doesn’t go away on its own; it must be removed by surgery. He said that the cancer went away on my back because the biopsy is surgery and it was the biopsy that removed the cancer. As for the cancer on my face, the biopsy removed some of the cancer which is why the second biopsy found less cancer.

This is the first time that I had heard that cancer could be cured by a biopsy! A biopsy is minor surgery that does remove tissue. So I guess you can see the logic doctors are using. It’s more like a half-truth that doctors hide behind. Doctors need a reason to explain their failures and this reason seemed to satisfy them. I promptly changed doctors and my new dermatologist didn’t find any cancer at all.

My new dermatologist didn’t accept any insurance, so the full payment came from me. The difference in service was incredible! I was able to have a good one-on-one conversation with the new doctor. She went over the options with me, without pushing me in any direction. She understood that the medical decisions were mine to make, not hers.

I suggest that if anyone can afford it, they should get away from using insurance. The way that insurance companies are reimbursing doctors determines the procedures they urge you to undergo. In my opinion, these doctors are deciding what’s best for them financially rather than what’s best for their patients.

Be sure to talk to John and Cherry at JWLABS to discuss how to address your medical issues with the Model A. If I had consulted with them during this experience, it would have shortened my treatment time.

I feel that the Rife Machine empowers me. I don’t fear cancer because I know it’s often curable without surgery, radiation or chemotherapy. For people with cancer, make sure that your PH is balanced.

I believe that attitude significantly influences the outcome of health issues. Don’t be afraid of health issues, but look at them as an opportunity to improve your quality of life.

I wish everyone the best of luck pursuing your health adventures.

John H.

In 2014 I developed a bladder infection, which made elimination very painful.  The doctor prescribed three different antibiotics over a period of six weeks. None worked.  I then purchased a Rife model A3 from JW Labs and after four weeks of treatment the infection was totally eliminated.  No pain, no burning. Urine was no longer cloudy but clear yellow as it should be. And no re-occurrence. I was cured!  It worked terrific! Thanks for a great device.

Ben L.
March 5, 2019

I broke two metatarsals which are the long bone in the foot. They were complete brakes and the bone separated and moved over an 1/8 of an inch. I used the model A 3 times and went back to the Dr., 8 days later he could not see where the bone was broken it had completely rebuilt the structure of the bone in just 8 days.

Thank you very much for such a fantastic piece of equipment.


Thanks very much for Helping me through the hard times with Borrelia infections.Now i am 98% recovered from symptoms. The model A Rife is a magic for me.I am still rifing once a week to hold me at line.

Ibrahim C.

Twelve months ago, I was driving in California when I had a Gran Mal Seizure, a horrible car accident, and was rushed to the hospital.Being only 35 years old, I was stunned when they told me I had a 45mm brain tumor. After extensive tests, I was told that if I didn’t begin immediate chemotherapy and radiation I would be dead in less than one year!

I was also told that cancer in the form of brain tumors was not curable, and even with their treatment I was given only three years to live. My chance of survival was less than one in a thousand!

At this point I walked away and decided to do a massive amount of research on hope I could possibly beat this naturally. The main problem with brain tumors is the fact that they grow so quickly that they take up space in the head and eventually take out your speech, vision, and ultimately kill you.

Over the next couple months, my wife and I and all of our family members were doing hours of research daily trying to find anything that could possibly help me. That is when we learned about JWLABS on jwlabs.com.

From here, we learned about JWLABS and within three days we purchased our Model A Rife frequency machine. At the time, despite the fact that I was on a perfectly raw and organic diet, I was still having horrible effects from the tumor. Forgetting people’s names that I had known for years and even speaking backwards when having a seizure.

Then I began zapping myself with my Model A and was amazed that I could actually feel it hitting my tumor. I was stunned at first, because on the right side of my head I felt nothing, yet when I pit the electrode on the left side at the tumor site, it felt like bees were stinging the tumor. I loved that!

The doctors and everyone else told me that nothing could attack the tumor because it was in my brain and nothing would pass the blood/brain barrier. Now something was getting to it and I could feel it!

I honestly used the machine just about every day because it was the only thing I had in the world that could help me. What was incredible was that after the first day of using it, I have never had another seizure where I forgot people’s names and even more amazing, I never spoke backwards again.

Seven months after my horrible accident, I had another MRI and according to my neurosurgeon, the tumor should have doubled in size. To his amazement, it hadn’t grown at all, and he immediately wanted to know what I was doing. I told him, and although he could not by law endorse the machine, he whispered to me, “Keep on doing what you are doing.”

On the 26th of this month, it will be one year since my accident, and I feel fantastic! I have not only used the machine on myself, but I have also used it on my wife multiple times and have been able to knock out a tooth infection she gets which have always required antibiotics before.

All I can say is that each of my close family members now owns a JWLABS Model A and I will be forever grateful for them. It has been a modern day miracle in my life, and I continue to use mine almost daily.

L. D.
November, 2008

First of all I want to let you know that we are very content with this great touch-screen machine.

It is very client friendly and the many dis-ease and condition-treatment options are great.

My girlfriend, who has stage 4 breast cancer spread to her liver, lymph node, spine, hip bones and breast bone, after almost dying in February 2018, now has gained 12 KG body weight and is stable weight wise, she does no longer have back pains from her cancer in her spine, had 5 tumours in September 2017 with the largest measuring 1.5 CM, which changed into 2 tumours with the largest being 1.0 CM in September 2018!

Her breast tumour, which at one stage in time stuck out like 0.6 inches, now is flat and much smaller. She started to work again in November 2018, and the other day walked over 6.5 miles on one and the same day.

She does many RIFE treatments including cancer general, breast cancer, liver, pain, kidneys, flu, spine and others on a daily basis between 1 and 2 1/2 hours per day.

Myself, when I have lots of stress, I get a Herpes on my lip, which normally used to take me over 2 weeks, breaking out and being more or less bloody.

Now when I feel an outbreaks is in the making, I use the RIFE machine 3 times within 24 hours and it just dries up and does not come out. The herpes virus is just killed and stopped in its track.

We have been very happy with the A4 RIFE machine we bought from you last year January.

Loek VM
Costa Rica
February 2019

Since its inception several years ago, I have been a member of a local metastatic support group which is affiliated with Benedictine Hosp in Kingston NY. Of the past and current members, I am the only one thriving.

When I learned in 2006 that breast cancer had spread further into my lungs, I participated in a clinical trial. One dose of two chemotherapy drugs caused delayed anaphylactic shock and nearly killed me.

I fared no better on 6 weeks of an aromatase inhibitor, and decided to use only supportive therapies regardless of the length of time I had to live. I wanted to feel as well as possible until I died. I put together a comprehensive wellness program over the years which slowed the cancer dramatically, but it was not until June 2009 that I started using electro- medicine in a safe and effective way.

The purpose of my writing this article is not to discuss each aspect of my protocol, but to highlight the element which enhanced what I was already doing – to the point where I now experience a level of health and wellness I have not felt for at least 15 years. I believe that my work with JWLABS’ Model A Rife machine is the key to my current state of good health.

Since using my machine I have not been sick with colds, flu, respiratory infections or any of the ills which kept me in bed for months prior to June ‘09. Given my extraordinary improvement, I have now reduced my nutritional and supplement program and I implement a maintenance schedule of electro therapy of 1 to 1 ½ hours per week.

This device may be prove to be an effective stand-alone therapy; I cannot speak to that here. There is no question, however, that it has increased the value of my entire program by leaps and bounds.

My purpose in presenting this information to you is not to convince you; but to share what has been a profound experience. I don’t suggest that anyone do exactly as I have done, but I encourage you to find a way to greater self empowerment regardless of the degree of your medical challenge.

I define success as quality of life, well-being and energy levels I have not had in a very long time.

For the first time in over 6 years I believe I have a bright future. Am I cured? Perhaps.

Am I healed? Most definitely.

Nancy H.
New York
June, 2010

If I had only known in 1985 what I know now, my life could have been much better. I first had a diagnosis of breast cancer in 1985. I only had a small lumpectomy in the “wing of my breast” but I had a 60% lymph node involvement. Therefore, I did double doses of chemotherapy followed by radiation treatments.

The radiation treatments almost killed me. I had radiation pneumonia so severely that after a month I looked like a skeleton covered by skin. My two children were in their mid-teens with no good prospects for a suitable new home in the event of my death. I recovered but lived for l8 years with the fear of recurrence.

In 2003 there was a recurrence. I was told I needed a radical mastectomy with no chance for breast reconstruction. Therefore, I decided to do nothing since I was 61 at that time. My daughter talked me into starting a macrobiotic diet, which I did very seriously. That caused the lump to shrink and it seemed to go away. During the summer of 2007 I went on some trip and went off the macrobiotic diet, which is mainly rice and adzuki beans. The lump returned.

By chance I had ordered a book by Dr. Gerber, Vibrational Medicine, which contained information on Dr. Rife’s machines. I began to search for a Rife Machine without any luck for a while. I am a psychologist and see a lot of people and this was the way I found out about Rife Machines. He gave me information on a web sight and I found Wright Laboratories.

Since then I have used the (JWLABS Model A) Rife Machine I have almost daily with very good results. The lump in my breast is no longer there and arthritis in my right hand improved dramatically. Then I ordered the CDs for arthritis and use that with my Rife Machine as often as I can. At this point I believe my life depends on my Rife Machine because there is nothing left for me from traditional medicine.

I still refuse to have a mastectomy because I know how my mother and grandmother suffered when they each had a mastectomy.

Follow Up:

It seems to help with my cancer condition as well as arthritis. I believe it will help with edema. My oncologist was surprised when I told him I use this Wright Machine. I gave him literature. Like other younger doctors he had never heard of Rife Technology.

Charlotte H., Ph.D.

I’ve had a [Model A] RIFE machine for years and have found it to be most effective when used. During a severe case of bronchitis, I used the Rife and didn’t have to resort to antibiotics. John Wright and Cherry Maly are two of the most personable people I know, and the most dedicated to their work with Rife technology. No matter what day or night of the week I’ve called them for assistance, they’ve been there. They REALLY know their product and I have complete trust in their guidance. I highly recommend their Rife machines as well as their priceless experience with using them.

Kathryn G.


Hi I spoke to Lori a few days ago after her MRI and doctor visit and she said of the twelve tumors three shrank, but four increased in size and the one on her thyroid had disappeared which was a concern for all of us. I told her I believed other tumors increase may be due to each tumor sends out enzymes that suppress other tumors and as they shrink and die others are no longer suppressed which let others grow.

I am glad I purchased this device and very pleased I found your company. Your device is working great I just regret she took so long to agree to use it.

Thank again.

Randy P.

I used our Mode A4 machine a lot (using General Cancer tracks) after my cancer treatment (that included both chemotherapy and radiation) to dissolve a remaining tumor (about 1.5 cm) in a lymphatic node. The tumor dissolved completely after about 6 months. This means that I avoided a possible operation!

For a long time, I had varicose veins on my legs. After chemotherapy I started to have much more pain in my legs during day and night. I decided to try option Arteries to treat this problem. To my surprise, it took me just couple of weeks for this pain and any type of discomfort to disappear completely. This is just incredible! After many years of suffering, I feel that my legs are young again.

Currently I am treating my granddaughter for warts using GA tracks 2 and 3. I will inform you later how it goes.

I appreciate the JWLABS team and thank you for this amazing instrument.

Cordially yours,
Nina M.
Montreal, Quebec
March 7, 2019

The following story is about my wife. About two years ago when my wife was 58 she went to see her gynecologist. The results were not good. Gynecologists have four categories for tissue. Category 1 is normal and as the number goes up they get worse with category 4 being cancerous. The test results for my wife was a category 3 which is pre-cancerous. The doctor wanted my wife to have a hysterectomy. I asked the doctor if we could have a few minutes alone to make a decision about the hysterectomy. While alone I told my wife that I thought the Model A Rife Machine that I used might help resolve her medical problem without surgery. The doctor did a good job of scaring my wife and she pointed to the doctor’s medical diploma from Harvard on the wall and said “this doctor is a well qualified medical professional and you’re not”. I suggested she use the Rife Machine for two months and if her test results don’t get better she can then have the hysterectomy. My wife reluctantly agreed and I end up feeling like I was threatening my wife life by not going ahead with the doctor recommended for the hysterectomy. When the doctor returned I told her we wanted to wait two months to see if the condition gets better before making a decision about doing a hysterectomy. I didn’t tell her that my wife was going to use the Rife Machine. The doctor apparently was not use to patients not following her medical advice and directed the following comment to me. The doctor said that if I was right and my wife condition could get better without surgery it meant that her medical education had been wrong and for 20 years she has been practicing medicine wrong. My wife told the doctor that she wanted to have a D and C procedure not a hysterectomy and be retested in two months to see if she still needed the hysterectomy. The doctor said that time was critical and that the test results in two month would be the same or may get worse. The doctor said that this was a life threatening condition and she urged my wife several times not to wait and to get the hysterectomy because in two months it may be too late. You can imagine how bad I felt for asking my wife not to have the hysterectomy that the doctor said could save her life. I have had the Model A Rife Machine for several years and during that time my wife had refused to use.

She now used the Rife Machine twice a week for one hour each time with the electrodes on her feet. She was retested by the doctor two months later and the result came back as category 1 which is normal tissue. The doctor didn’t ask what my wife did to improve her test results. The doctor seemed embarrassed and just tried to get us out of her office as quickly as possible. Over the next two years my wife used the Rife Machine about once a month and was tested several times and the results have all been normal. The following is my story, but it’s not finished. I have had the Model A Rife Machine for several years and used it about two times a month with the electrodes on my feet for an hour each time. About eight months ago I got a sore that oozed two or three drops of blood each day. The sore was on my jaw with a large lump under it. After about two months I got concerned and increased the use of the Rife Machine to twice a week. After about two months the lump disappeared, but the sore remained. I continued to use the machine for several more months with no more improvements. I got tested and the results came back as Basel skin cancer.

I then changed my procedures for the [Model A] Rife Machine and put one of the electrodes directly on the sore and increased the use to once a day. During the first and second day the sore bled two or three drops while using the Rife Machine and another two or three drops during the day. On the third day and through the rest of the week there was no bleeding while using the Rife Machine or during the rest of the day. By the end of the first week the sore was dry with a scab and the diameter of the sore had been reduced from half of an inch to one fourth of an inch in size.

Second week – The scab is gone and it’s difficult to tell where the sore spot is. The area where I have been putting the electrode is a little red and the skin is dry and flaky. Third week – This week I didn’t put the electrode on the spot where I had a problem. I did use the machine with the electrodes on my feet not the sore on my face. Fourth week – I am unable to find the problem spot/sore on my face. The skin all looks normal.

John H.


This is an abbreviated account of the illness of my wife of 35 years. Carole is mother of three, a vibrant redhead with a marvelous personality and a sharp tongue. The first pain symptoms go back a number of years and were always considered a gall bladder attack (even after her gall bladder had already been removed).

The attacks would come and go, but on February 13th, 2000 the pain returned. It intensified and persisted. Visits to our family doctor ruled out ulcers, candida, and a whole host of other reasons.

However, the pain got worse by the day. Tests including ECG, ultra sound, x-rays, and batteries of blood tests did not show the cause of the pain.

Finally, Carole was referred to a specialist in Internal Medicine at the local hospital clinic. Following a CAT Scan, some shadows were found in and below the liver.

A few days in the hospital to get a head CAT Scan and biopsy aided by an Ultra Sound during late April of this year revealed the presence of a large tumor located between her pancreas and her liver. The doctors theorized that it had originated in the bowel. Carole was referred to the cancer clinic and, after considerable delay, saw an oncologist on May 18th.

Then, in a groggy state of mind during the night, Carole mistakenly took two extra-long-acting morphine pills shortly after her regular dose. For the next 36 hours she was getting more yellow with jaundice and was not eating or drinking — she was just stoned!

Sunday afternoon, May 21st, we transported Carole via ambulance to Emergency, and after some delay, she was admitted to the oncology ward. The prognosis was not good. However, they went to work on her to try to get the liver working by flushing her systems.

Needless to say, we were fast losing faith with our medical system and had done a considerable amount of work investigating cancer cures and remedies. It was very obvious that the good doctors did not have a cure. We decided that we should acquire a Rife frequency instrument after reading a book on the life of Royal Raymond Rife – The Cancer Cure That Worked – and found the Wright Lab website in a few minutes of looking on the internet.

On May 24th, whilst I was taking delivery of the instrument, I received a call that Carole was sinking fast and that the family better get together to pay our last respects. They were now reporting 90% liver failure.

Needless to say, many prayers were said (and I believed answered) as I took delivery of the instrument and learned its intricacies.

Carole came out of her”Coma/Crash” because of the attention of a new doctor who would not give up. This gave us the opportunity to use the Rife technology. Starting May 25th, we commenced with regular sessions – each lasting between 40 minutes to over 90 minutes. I operated the machine covertly in the hospital [against the recommendation of the manufacturer]; and as Carole grew stronger, she was allowed home for brief excursions, so we continued treatments there.

The first noticeable change was her energy. She perked up after each treatment. One night she stayed up till 2:00 am playing cards with me! She was inflated with edema, and also the tumor had made her belly bulge out. I was sure we were getting results. After several sessions, I also noticed that her swelling was going down.

Furthermore, her liver enzymes – which were off the chart – were normalizing. My daughter- in-law, who is a nurse, had access to the test reports; and she was amazed. She took me aside and said, “I don’t really understand this, but what is happening is remarkable. Keep using that machine!”

Finally, on June 29th my wife was well enough to return home – though she still has a chemo pump attached via a PICC line with “5fu”. She also receives two other chemo drugs weekly.

To date, she is recovering rapidly, walking with the aid of a walker. She has lost over 40 pounds (primarily water). All pain has stopped, her head is clear, she has no hair; but her liver has now returned to functioning at 100%. She is tired, but continues to brighten up after her Rife session.

We have completed 27 sessions and we believe that these treatments are responsible for her recovery. You see, the doctors and the nurses know that they did not expect Carole to survive beyond a few days; and they have told us many times that her condition is terminal and they can’t believe how she has rallied.

Our family doctor has echoed these statements and then said, “Whatever it is that you are doing, keep doing it. It is working. And we will. And when the danger is completely gone, we may share our Rife-cure with him!

Note: After Carole’s return home, Cherry – our Factory Representative – called to see how we were doing. We had been so busy that I had been out of touch with her for a few days. She was flabbergasted to learn – upon chatting with Carole – that we had been out partying that weekend! We know our story isn’t over yet, but we have a lot to celebrate!

Roy S.
Ontario, Canada

Here is how we handled a skin carcinoma: In late February 2011, my wife Diane started complaining about a specific burning and itching spot on her back; on the right lower shoulder blade. I endeavored to have a good at the spot and over the following week closely monitored the spot.

It looked very edgy and it would have a random growth about itself; it did not look like the usual wart growth. That, immediately, got my attention. I touched it ever so lightly and asked her if my touching it was painful. No, she claimed it was just very itchy; she could scratch herself.

I replied “Whatever you do; do not scratch”We finally decided to look up our family physician. He had a quick look and stated “oops! This does look like a skin carcinoma at a very early stage”. Of course him being the good trained physician he right away was planning for a big undertaking of maybe radiation and even more.

Diane quickly sat up and said “Doctor; whatever you might want to do, or whatever you might want to pump into my body, I will have a say about this first… Let me go home and try to understand what you are proposing… I plan to be back in about 6 weeks and it is then, if need be, that we will take decisive action, and not before.”

The Doctor looked at her and said “OK Diane, see you in 6 weeks…Diane you have about 12 weeks before this gets to propagate, so understand this well.”Yes, she replied. And she returned home.

At this point and since I have a Model B (which I use as a frequency generator) I set out to look up 6 or 7 great Rife lists from different sources on the WEB. I also consulted my JWLAB bible of frequencies that I had bought from John Wright some 4 years ago.

To my amazement all great fife lists as well as the one from JWLAB all pointed to very specific sets of frequency ranges, NOT a specific frequency itself, but various sets of ranges. Based on this information I created a set of 4 (30 Minutes) tracks including two great sweeps. I burned them onto 2 CDs now ready to be used with our model A.

Creating these 2 CDs took me about 30 hours of intense work, but I made it. I now had something tangible to fight this skin based carcinoma. I believe we now had a fighting chance. We were confident that we would beat this.

Finally, the protocol consisted in applying the frequency tracks all around the itchy spot with four sticky electrodes. Surrounding the spot by keeping the positive electrodes on the right side and the negative electrodes on the left side. Within 20cm we surrounded the spot. The first treatment was for about 1 hour separated in 15 minutes of each track of my CDs. This was for every other day.

After a week of this treatment, we decide to increase the treatment to 2 hours; the full set of the 4 tracks created frequencies. But this time we decided to space out the treatments to about every 3rd day, and we now surrounded the spot within 10 cm. We also started looking at her entire body so as to ascertain of other spots that we might have missed. But luckily there were none to be seen. Into the 3rd week of treatment we saw small results.

The spot got very dark and looked like it was drying out. We were stubborn and kept on treating the spot. No matter what. At the end of the fourth week I took my very large magnifying glass and began investigating the spot. It looked very dry and flaky. I touched it and OOPS the dark spot simply fell off. Under the dark spot I found a very rosy clean spot.

Eureka it looked like we succeeded in clearing the skin. All this said and done; we kept on treating the spot for another 3 weeks at every 3rd day. The spot is completely gone and the skin has healed. A year and later the skin is as normal as ever; no more spot. No more carcinoma.

Diane went back to the Doctor some 6 weeks later. The doctor looked and looked again saying “Hmm no more spot… Diane what did you do?”Well she said “I used a RIFE type instrument called TACTIO Model “A”from JWLABS, and as you can see the results; I no longer have a carcinoma spot”.

The Doctor was very curious, and wanted to learn more about these RIFE type instruments. So I pointed him towards JWLABS WEB site and told him to get educated, and that he might be surprised. Nevertheless, a blood test was done to verify that there were no other active cells which could activate other potential skin spots.

The results were completely negative. We looked at each other; high-fived and walked about in peace knowing that we made a difference without any heavy chemicals and what have you as pharmaceutical treatments.

This might very well be anecdotal to some; but for us it was real and we know that the TACTIO Model “A”applied frequencies had something to do with the killing of bad cells and the healing process. At least we swear by it. It worked for us. And we count our blessings.

Christoph E.

My brother had squamous cell carcinoma earlier this year. The cancer was on his tonsils and in his lymph nodes on his right neck. He had his tonsils removed and then was recommended to do the standard chemo and radiation which he declined. His treatment included nutritional IV’s, supplements,

essential oils, drinking fresh, cold pressed juice daily, eating a plant based diet, and using the rife machine. I did many sessions with him, following John’s guidelines. His pH after doing the general alignment was almost always in the 7.0 range and soon became stable after doing each rife session.

Eventually, the electrode patches were applied directly to his neck during the later sessions. He had no adverse reactions to the rife sessions. My brother did elect to do low chemo doses, traveling to Mexico to purchase the product. A doctor there administered the first dose, then a doctor in Cincinnati administered 3 more doses with absolutely no side effects. He also chose to have surgery and remove lymph nodes in his neck that might contain cancer cells. Two spots of cancer were found in his lymph nodes and were removed. When his cancer was diagnosed in early January he had a sizeable lump on the right side of his neck.

By April the lump was almost gone. His surgery was in early June. I firmly believe the rife sessions played an integral role in his recovery from squamous cell carcinoma. The body is electrical so it makes sense that using frequencies allows the body to heal.

Rick M.

Well, Carl and I went for his 10 day post op appt.When Dr. Stack walked in with all the residents, he said, “Well do you believe in miracles?”We said “of course!”He said “Well you got one. You’re done. The cancer is cured. No radiation, no chemo.

He said “What we swore was a stage 3 cancer turned out to be only a Stage 1, with no effect on the nerves or lymph system.!!!!!!!!”We are done! NO RADIATION!!. Oh, my gosh. (Now we can avoid the argument about that therapy because he doesn’t even need it even according to the docs.) Thank you everyone for your heart felt love, prayers and deep concern for us. There is more. Last night we took a drive to get away from the house. Ended up to far from home for dinner.

Carl was hungry and when I asked what he wanted to try to eat,…he said Chinese buffet. !! hmmm….he has been eating mostly broth and yogurt and a few soft things like that. It is hard work learning to move the food around with half a tongue. The tongue is still swelled as well. He ate a whole plate of food and enjoyed it.

He has to do it slowly, but it was amazing. The medical staff was impressed. The doctor was amazed to hear Carl’s ease of speaking (still mumbled, but understandable) and doc said that the things Carl complained about were signs of an excellerated healing.

The speech therapist said that, in two months, if he works real hard Carl will have only a small amount of impediment. She judged this from his really good range of motion with the tongue. He has been speaking alot and has been exercising the tongue, I guess.

He has good energy too. Doing chores around the house and mom’s house too, just because he is bored. He is used to working all the time and doesn’t want to just sit around. We have to make him rest.

He got the staples out of his neck and the stitches in his tongue will dissolve.

Dorothy H.


I want to thank you again for your fine product and wonderful service. While spending 5 weeks in Hawaii with my Model A, I was able to nearly eliminate the candida imbalance from which I was suffering. I built up to a one hour per day practice, then was able to reduce to 15 mins per day or every other day. Health and Vitality had returned to my life.

And then we flew home.

After just one week in the chlorinated water here, my symptoms have returned and I am now using my Model A 2x’s / day again. 🙁 I did not realize that the chlorine I was absorbing through my skin in the shower and washing dishes was so powerful. I was not aware of the amount of chlorine in our water, until we went to Hawaii and bathed, washed and drank rainwater. I was also not aware of it’s (chlorine’s) influence on my health.

So now in the process of installing filters about the house, I thought of you. With you being an advocate for health I wanted to share my story. Please feel free to share my story or my contact information with other JW Labs clients and rife therapy users/experimenters.

May your holidays be blessed with Joy and Light,

This is just an email to let you know how much I appreciate the support you have given me while I began my use of the model A rife machine.As you know I have candida and have tried for years to rid myself of this ailment with little or no success. Along with candida came a suppressed immune system, which meant that I fell victim to frequent and nearly constant illness. Your device along with your support has changed my life. You are kind and knowledgeable and quite modest about an extremely effective and safe device.

My Candida is much less than it was and I expect it to be entirely gone within a relatively short period of time. Also within the first week of having the machine I was able to rid myself of a sinus infection that had been going on for months. I have days where I feel utterly fantastic.

John is an intelligent and caring individual–it is always a pleasure to call and speak with either of you. I have only touched on the benefits of the Model A here. I am sincerely grateful to you.

Also your minerals ,vitamins, oils, everything I have tried on your web site are of the highest quality.

Thank you!
Janice B.

About 10 years ago a friend came out from So Calif. to visit and brought his JWLABS Rife Machine with him as he treated himself for hepatitis c with it biweekly. His blood work showed steady improvement on a quarterly basis.

He gave me a 15 min. general detox session with the machine and the next morning my blister stage poison ivy was completely gone!

We then repeated the same beginning detox session on a friend of mine suffering from terminal kidney disease, and he reported the following day that he could not tell if it helped his kidney yet but his current case of gout disappeared.

I am currently treating ganglion cysts and carpal tunnel issues on both wrists. I am using Model A3. After daily sessions for 2 weeks the one cyst is nearly gone and the other larger one is 1/3 its size prior to treatment.

The carpal tunnel pain has noticeably decreased by at least half.

Thanks for your help.
David W.

I purchased the Rife machine from you about four years ago. I had carpal tunnel syndrome. I used the machine on my palms and my CTS was gone in a relatively short time. I still use the machine periodically to maintain good health. I would recommend that everyone purchase one. You really can’t afford not to own one.

Thank you,
Roger A.

I recently used my Model A on my daughter’s cat. It was losing hair around its mouth. The vet said it was a sign of an auto-immune disorder. I used track 2 for 3 minutes, and the hair after a week started to grow back. I also did a friend’s cat who had infection from a fight. After two 3-minute sessions, the wounds healed without antibiotics. I regularly use the machine on my horses for cuts.


I have used a magnifying glass for reading fine print. After treating my cataracts with the Rife Machine, I no longer need magnifying glasses, and I can now read fine print. The treatment took about 8 days.

Dolores M.
July 7, 2016

Dear John and Cherry…

I have been a consistent user of your equipment including JWLABS Tactio for many years… the first machine i bought [Model B] was a full fledged professional one and it saved my life after i was sprayed with chemicals and my nervous system dysfunctional…

The small Tactio [Model A] i bought to travel with and have as more convenient and it has again kept me in good health and kept my immune system functioning past par in the busy and creative life that i live. also your help whenever needed has always been there for advice and communication… thank you…

November, 2008

I appreciate the JWLABS team and the Model A very much.

I have experienced both a gentle increase in my body temperature (I was cold for years) an improvement in my fluid metabolism since beginning treatment, and also the decrease in my resting rate muscle tension each time I use the machine.

I like that I can attach the electrodes to different acupuncture points in order to target specific organ systems, and that the device obviously works: I purchased it to deal with a very unpleasant topical condition which resolved quickly and has never returned.

Support from the lab has been consistent, friendly and positive.

Thanks for all that you do.


This is Aki Mekata, already keen user of Model A 3.2 and am using with General Arrangement for over 10 or more month and based on your suggestion and my clogging heart vein are almost gone, though pain occurs very rarely and I am much satisfied and thankful.

Aki M.
December 2018

I have a cute story. A friend had a 3 year old who had a mouth full of cold sores and was unable to sleep well. I hooked him up to Herpes program as his dad held him, walking him around attached to the leads.

When I inquired how he was going, his mother said they were gone the next day. The toddlers response was, “And that doctor man came to my house and fixed me.”

David H.

We have had our [Model A] rife-machine for ten years or more.. Our oldest daughter uses it for her cold sores. One of our granddaughters had lung infections when she was small. We put her on the rife and she cleared up. I use the rife for my allergies and colds. My husband has used it for nerve stimulation with good results. We love our machine.

Marcia F.

I have been using the (JWLABS Model A and/or B) Rife machine for 5 yrs. When I first started, I used it for the common cold, which gave me great results by decreasing my down time. Now, in addition to common cold use, I have found it a major factor for alleviating for my allergies, cold sores, and asthma. By rifing 3 to 4 times a week with the correct application CD, I have been able to gain control over them. It has also relieved my dependence on prescription and over the counter drugs.

I have also used the rife machine on my father. My dad tends to gain water in his legs below his knees due to high blood pressure. He takes water pills to relieve the swelling. When they have no effect we use the rife machine in daily succession and the swelling goes down. He was amazed as was I, that the swelling started to go down after only 4 treatments. Now he welcomes the treatments when he feels the swelling start.

I want to thank John and Cherry for their tireless effort towards a technology that is undeniably beneficial to increasing ones health. You have given me a great gift!

L. G.

I have been using the (JWLABS) Rife machines for at least 8 years now. Mostly as a preventative measure against colds and flu, and I have been thrilled with the results. I also feel the treatments have been instrumental in shortening the time frame when I have become ill. A cold that would probably have lasted 1-2 weeks is now only 2-3 days.

J. G.

Always enjoy consulting with you. The portability of the Model A4 is superior, today while doing a session was able to pickup and answer the door and have a 5 minute conversation without missing a beat.

My wife’s health issues are very complex, yet she has already had some short term benefit from using the electrode patches on her feet.

I am very please to be involved with JWLABS on multiple levels.

Dennis B.
March 2017


Dear Cherry,

My wife Jean has using a hearing aid for about three years. After using the model A with disc for hearing, she can hear my normal voice without the hearing aid in.

We then brought two pets into our family home. I found that I had allergies to their fur. I had a runny noise, sneezing and watery eyes. All symptoms stopped after finishing only 1/2 half of the allergy disc with the model A.

Thank you very much.

F. D.
November, 2008

Dear Rife Laboratories:

I have had an infection on the left side of my face due to dental work gone bad for twenty years. I have had two surgeries, been to four dentists and oral surgeons, and got no help with the ongoing infection. I started using the Rife Machine a year ago and now the pain is almost entirely gone. My receding gums have grown back all pink and healthy, and what gingivitis still exists is becoming less and less of a problem as the bleeding is almost entirely stopped.

The infection also had an effect on my heart which had been beating irregularly. I have had no irregular heart rhythms lately. This is a great relief to me. My blood pressure has become more normal, it was very low, and now is 100 over 60. The ulcers on my left eye have gone away recently – this week. My allergies have been less of a problem and are improving at a slow but steady rate. I recently had a bad virus that went away in about 4 days. This is my first day up and I feel fine.

I recently got a blood test to confirm Lymes Disease (June, 2008) and due to persistent treatment with the Wright Machine now have no symptoms.

I wish I had known about this treatment 20 years ago. I would recommend it to anyone.

Sincerely and Very Gratefully yours,
M. K.
New York
November, 2008

I love using the Model A. The Model A is so easy to use, just push the play button and off we go.The model has been instrumental in relieving a serious depression. I find I am finally able to exercise again and am starting to make future plans. Also, I notice that this winter, while my whole department was suffering with a cold or flu or both, I had no symptoms at all.

Thanks for your coaching. I am delighted to report that the shingles are gone!!

Thank you, Wright Laboratories.

Susan G.
Hinsdale, IL

Follow-up note:

Thanks for your coaching. I am delighted to report that the shingles are gone!!

I have been using the machine twice a week on a regular basis. It has improved my blood sugars for Diabetes and has helped me to stay off the pills and shots for some time now. Me and my family will use your machines for the rest of our lives. We have three.

Thanks for everything,
Lanny S.

Short Synopses to my discovery and usage of JWLABS Model AHaving the misfortune to come to this world and live for some 59 years with type “I”Diabetes, is an amazing accomplishment. I have for many years of my life suffered the usage of Insulin and its incredible side effects that are many to count by. Those that have this affliction know what I’m talking about. I called it my trip into the medication abyss. All we ever did in all those years was to treat the symptoms. No one ever wanted to address the real cause of the illness. Banting’s invention of Insulin was of course a life saver, but it was also very temporary and a financial feast field for the pharmaceutical industry.

2 years ago, on Easter Sunday in 2006, I suddenly collapsed with a severe hearth attack that left me gone for some 8 minutes. I was lucky, they revived me. Of course, it was the result of my diabetes, results that reflected numerous years of symptomatic controlled syndrome of the Insulin shots world. I cried out ENOUGH.

I went on a prowl, looking for alternative ways to treat my illness, something that would not inflict weight gain, and could also address my advanced neuropathy in my feet and hands. Going through this jungle of promises and gauging world was an experience in itself. An exercise in money grabbing futility. I slept with a thing called “due diligence”it became second nature to me. And suddenly there it was the RIFE machine starring at me and me starring back.

I kept on reading. I virtually re-educated myself. I kept on learning and wondering about this thing called “MOR”The more I read the less I knew. But my diabetes was climbing again and I did not know as to whether I should try one of those RIFE frequency Instruments. The sceptic in me. I settled and visited the Site of Wright Laboratories, Temecula California. Late 2007, I finally bought the RIFE machine; namely “model A”from Wright laboratories to be precise.

Their coaching and helping hand lead me down to a strange experience. I soon after a few weeks of coaching found that I needed much less Insulin then I normally had to administer myself. I kept on testing for results (5 -6 times a day) and as I kept on with the Rife Instrument treatments as prescribed I found myself needing less and less Insulin. I got scared… But I persevered.

It has almost been a year since I started this strange unknown RIFE treatment. The results are just amazing. I stopped taking Insulin all together around January 2008. My readings are normal or close to normal. Though I get the time to time spike forcing me into regular RIFE treatments to keep the numbers down. These sugar numbers are down (5.6 – 6.2) and I keep’em down and I do this mostly with the RIFE technology. Quite impressive.

My family physician and both my Hearth and Internal Medical specialists are perplexed. Perplexed like you would not believe. They are at a loss, speechless to say the least. At first they called me crazy, now they are just curious and are finally asking questions. I simply tell them that I attribute my medical success to the [JWLABS’] Model “A”frequency RIFE machine.

It saved my life, nothing less.

In the mean time, back at the ranch, I lost some 125 pounds and kept them off for several months now. I still have Diabetes and will probably always have it. It might even kill me, but now I have a fighting chance without taking any of this chemical sludge I use to take. I’m clean, no more prescription drugs.

C. E.
Ontario, Canada

JWLABS customer uses Model A Rife machine successfully to address Diabetes type 1.

This is an inspiring story of a gentleman who no longer relies on insulin to manage his disease. Christoph is a person to be taken seriously; he does his homework. In the aftermath of a heart attack which was nearly his demise, he researched alternative approaches for health and wellness. With consistent coaching from John Wright, he used his Model A safely and effectively to address his condition.

Within some weeks on the Rife machine, he reduced his dose of insulin. Within a few months, he completely removed insulin from his protocol. Chris has been free of the insulin since January, 2008 and he continues to use his Model A to maintain his blood sugar levels and for general maintenance.

As a footnote, Chris had emergency gall bladder surgery a couple years after his success with diabetes. The doctors were very impressed with how quickly he healed after the surgery. This, he attributes to his regular use of his Model A.

Watch Video

Thanks again for helping guide my friend, Andrea, with the [Model A]rife machine. After suffering a severe dog bite to her left thumb, intravenous and oral antibiotics were ineffective at curing the resulting infection. She noticed results from the rife machine after the first day, and is now infection-free after just a short time.

Phil P.

Dear Cherry,

We are doing just great. We are having great success using both the Model A & B. I don’t know what we did without them!

When I get a chance I want to scan a couple of pictures to send to you with my dog getting her treatments with the Model A. The lump that we were treating stopped growing after only a few sessions. It never went away, but it hasn’t changed in several months now. So, as long as it doesn’t grow, we are pleased. It just feels like a fiberous mass there now, where before it was growing quickly.

Thanks for writing.
Betty P.

Let me cut to the chase and give you two testimonials. First, my 8 1/2 year old Toy Poodle, Sunshine, has been plagued with a recurrent dislocation of her right leg from its socket. Additionally, she constantly re-injures this leg after literally wrestling with her younger sister, MIko Too, a female Standard Poodle.

The size differential is unbelievable. Miko Too is 5 times larger than Sunshine. After using the [Model A] Rife equipment for two weeks, with twice daily treatments of 3 minutes per treatment, Sunshine rebounds quickly from her injured leg. Unfortunately, I haven’t found a way to prevent re-injury from her rough-housing with Miko Too. But I have the treatment protocol to heal her for the next tug-of-war.

Second, I have had recent difficulties with carpal tunnel injury because of my constant typing. As you know, I am a private evaluator for the family courts in California and Colorado, and often write 100 page reports every 10-14 days. In addition, all of my interviews are typed on the computer and involve at least 80 hours of additional typing per month.

I have found that when the pain begins two procedures virtually eliminate it. The first procedure is seeing my chiropractor who puts my beleaguered spin back into alignment. It becomes disaligned because of long hours of sitting at the computer and typing. The second procedure is using the equipment for 5 minutes twice daily. On average, I use it twice a week. The pain virtually disappears.I hope those testimonials are helpful. I wish you and John much success…..

Dr. Bruce. H.
December, 2008


When I used the Rife machine, Model A, I experienced a gradual but substantial increase in energy and well-being. I could tell that my body was becoming much less burdened and there were significant changes in my PH levels the first few weeks.

I stopped using the machine for awhile since I loaned it to a friend and got it back since I was getting a sore throat, which was becoming increasingly worse. I used the virus program and within a few hours my throat symptoms were almost all gone. I used the machine the next day and became totally asymptomatic. I was amazed that this technology could work that fast. I talked with John and he confirmed that the machine does work that fast and is typical of a lot problems that are treated.

That’s it for now. I would be interested in any additional information on new products, etc. Call me anytime you need information or want to talk about new developments.

Kind regards,
B. L.

We received our Model A late last week, and I’ve gone through the start-up DVD, and had one 10 minute general session. I’m very impressed with how easy the set up has been.

After only one session… I can’t believe how much energy I have!!

S. D.
March, 2015

I feel great on [JWLABS’ Model A] machine- more energy- sometimes I feel I’m almost bursting with energy-Which my wife thinks is not bad for a 66 year old-

She thinks my individual cells are being charged up electrically by machine- her words lol!! Actually we are both feeling well- her herpes 1 all came out big time inside her mouth first time she used machine- worse than her whole life before- she just had cold sores as a kid- But it totally cleared up fine.

My 24 yo daughter had a mosquito disease similar to Ross River fever a few years ago and at times it runs her down a bit- Plus she had Kissing disease they call it here- as a teenager and missed school and had no energy for ages- plus she gets low on iron which we address with natural iron.

We all juice here with organic juice every day- and I have been following most of the Gerson diet for cancer if you know it. I had been having expensive full body hyperthermia and local hyperthermia for 8 months at a local clinic with massive doses of Vit C and Curcumin-

But I have decided the rife machine fulfills all that now and want to do whole program for ever really.

Thank god I found your site-

Gary G.
March, 2016

I do continue to feel more energetic and I’m sleeping better.



[While in the UK] during driving to the camping site (Staffa), I took carsick medicine. After 30 minutes later, my left eye had tear soon dripped tears all over my face wet. We arrived the west coast of UK (Oban), I went to rest room. When I was looking my face, I was tremendously shocked, my left face sagged and numbed.

My eyebrow position was 1 inch different and my nose curved like moon:s side face in the nursery book. Next morning, I couldn’t put my partial denture, because, my mouth’s interior became different shape. After we toured Staffa, rushed to home and started rife machine for two weeks day and night. 14th day morning, my daughter’s husband smile to me and said, Oh! Your face is normal now.

I said nothing to rush bath room. Oh my goodness. My numbness disappear. My eyes splashed tear with joy. After my face sagged, I went to my daughter’s acupuncturist, she had similar patient to treat, however the patient took time about 8 months to be normal. She was greatly astonished because, I became normal within 2 weeks. I like to inform this to you and John as soon as possible.

Namiko H.

I have been sick since I had a vaccination about five years ago. I’ve been dealing with debilitating fatigue and brain fog to the extent that it’s been difficult to work. After using my Model A3 for several days  I observed  great results. Just a few weeks after beginning my sessions my muscle and joint issues were subsiding. A month later I notice that I feel a bit more steady and my brain fog is a bit better.  I have a lot more work to do, as I am aware that parasites and heavy metals have played a part in my health issues. I am very pleased with my progress so far, and I’m glad I got this machine!

Rob de H.
July 2018

I truly believed that I made the right decision when purchasing the JWLABS Model A 3.2 in February this year. JWLABS have been providing excellent service when it comes guidance on how to use the device effectively. I have seen some encouraging results and below are the cases that I would like to share with all existing JWLABS users and potential users.

Case 1 (March 12, 2012)

A friend of mine has caught fever for about a week already and I asked him to come over to my house to try out the rife treatment. He told me that he went for medical check-up in a local hospital and was told that it wasn’t the case of dengue. He was given anti-biotics for medication. When I told about the rife machine, he was a bit skeptical initially. He told me that it would be a miracle if the treatment can get rid of the fever. There are lots of little red spot all over his body and he felt itchy all over this body. He also felt tired, sleepy and a bit of runny nose. I got a hunch it was dengue because I saw these symptoms before. I put him under the treatment with the GA CD (Track 2, Track 3 and Track 4) and guess what’s the result after the session? No more runny nose. The following morning, I got a text message from him, saying that he felt a lot better already. The fever has subsided significantly and he felt a lot more energetic.

Case 2 (March 26, 2012)

I told a friend of mine about rife technology sometime back and one fine day I received a call from him. He told me that his wife was hospitalized because of pulmonary edema and it is serious. The doctor at the hospital told her lungs was swelling and infected. I suggested to him to check his wife out from the hospital as it was expensive to stay in private hospital. However, she stayed there for 2 nights and it costs them MYR5000+. I was told that the hospital only gave his wife anti-biotics and sodium chloride to ride out the illness. They only came to me only on the third day. I was told that his wife is supposed to go for a medical checkup in a government hospital tomorrow morning. She was coughing and she feels tired. Must be due to the anti-biotics. I put her under the GA treatment. I ran her through all the tracks :D. The following morning, I received a call from my friend from the hospital. Guess what? He told me that his wife felt energetic that morning before going to the hospital and the doctor told them that there is no more swelling and infection. She was diagnosed as healthy as she can be. The doctor was puzzled because usually patients with this kind of illness do not recover this rapidly. My friend deliberately ask the doctor how this is happening and the doctor answered “Maybe the anti-biotics is too effective”……Yeah…right!!!

That’s all I have to share for now…….more to come.

With JWLABS, I will be able to help a lot more people.  Thank you JWLABS

Best regards,
Jimmy L.
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

I had never heard of the Rife Machine until a friend of ours bought one to treat his prostrate cancer. I was talking to his wife about it and was telling her about my various medical problems. According to my doctors I am a medical nightmare.She explained the machine to me and urged me to come and try it. She really believed it would work for me. Well I kept putting it off. Then one of my neighbors happened on to it and bought one from JW Labs and were really sold on it. So I deceided to finially try it since it was next door.

Before I tried it though I wanted to be able to tell if it would really help me. For the last 3 years, I have been on 15 different medications, which some of them I took 3 and 4 times a day, just to get through a day, and I was doing accupuncture 2 to 3 times a month. Since the age of 16 I have been diagnosed with several diseases, of which 3 can be really debillitating at times. I decided that I would have to stop the accupuncture and go off of a lot of my medications before I tried the machine. I wanted to do this so that I could judge whether the machine was truely helping without being on all that medication. I didn’t like being on all the meds and I know it wasn’t doing my body any good. I felt all the pills, while making me feel better, they were just masking the problems and not getting rid of the problem or the cause. I did discuss it with my doctor, and we decided that since summer was on its way, it would be safe to go off of the meds that I took for my circulation. With the warmer weather I usually quit them anyway. So I did. And then I started going to my neighbors for treatments.

It is now January and I have bought my own machine. I am still not doing accupuncture and I am down to only 3 pills at bedtime. I have ordered another treatment tape to help with the Fibromyalgia, the reason for the 3 pills.

I hope to get off those in time too. I have really noticed a difference in the way I feel. My Fibromyalgia and Raynaud’s (circulation) were the 2 diseases that bothered me the most, especially in the winter. This winter, so far, has been a breeze compared to other winters due to my being able to use my machine regularly. I did have one bad spell with one of my toes a couple of weeks ago, it got frostbit pretty bad. Within 2 treatments in the salt baths, with the machine, it was entirely healed. Usually it would take several weeks for them to heal with a lot of medication.

I want to thank John and Cherry for all the help they have been too. They are there whenever I have called and they have had some good advice and tips to help me. Maybe I will never be healed, but the model A machine has been a lifesaver to me. Who knows what would have happened to my system with all the medication I was on. What other problems would of developed due to them? I’m just glad that I have been able to go off of them. For no other reason the machine is worth it to me. I feel that I am in control of my life again. Not the doctors and medication controlling me. I will tell anyone who wants to listen about the machine and my experience. I am anxious to see what my doctors say when I go back for my 6month visit and blood work.

Diseases I have been diagnosed with:

  • Severe Raynaud’s
  • Lupus (SLE)
  • Scleroderma/Acid reflux from hardening around esogaphus and stomach
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Sinusistitis (have all cleared up within the first few months of treatment.)

Name Withheld

Hi Cherry and John~

Thanks so much for the info on the videos. I watched all of them and I enrolled and subscribed. I will definitely post a comment and rating.

Sorry I haven’t been in touch in awhile. I guess I have been just feeling too good. I have been doing my treatments with the machine, alternating between the Fibromyalgia disc and the general alignment disc. I have been doing really well. I went to my dr. the other day and he said that whatever I am doing to continue with it because he notices a big difference in my muscle reaction and a difference in my skin with the scleroderma. My skin is actually relaxing, which is good. I talk to a lot of people about the machine, but so many of them are so skepticle but I do know it works for me.

Hope this finds both of you well. John did a great job on the videos. I will be looking forward to more of them. By the way, did you ever get the sciatic disc treatment in? I am interested in that. Ken has bad sciatic problems and I think a program would help him a lot. I have made a believer out of him with the machine too. He had that bad virus that has been going around and after about 7 days he was wishing he would just die and get it over with, and I talked him into doing some treatments with the general align. and after 3 days he was just about normal again. Now he does regular treatments right along with me. In fact, I was talking to a friend today and she has been really under the weather and I told her she better get on her machine.!!! I am a firm believer! I know it is not a CURE, but it sure does relieve a lot of symptoms and problems for me.

Anyway, thanks on the videos, and let me know about the price of the patches, ok. Bless you both.



I was vacationing in Hawaii with my family. Because the house we were staying in was right on the beach, we would often open up the front and rear doors in order to take advantage of the ocean breeze. I had loaned the Model B to my mother to use on her leg and she was returning it to me.

One afternoon, my sister was at the front of the house, removing her shoes. She was balancing herself with one hand on the door jam, when the wind caused the heavy oak door to slam shut on her hand. Although we were concerned that she had broken some fingers, I suggested that we try the 5000 and 10000 frequencies to reduce the pain and potential swelling. I figured we could still take her for X-rays if she was later unable to move her fingers without pain.

We did three minutes on each frequency, using one pad on her palm and the other on the back of her hand. The pain subsided nearly immediately. 30 minutes later, as we prepared to leave for dinner, my sister looked over at me, clenched her first, smiled, and exclaimed “Rife Rules!”.

What a pleasure to have been in a position to allow my sister to help herself! I had observed a small blue line where the door had hit her fingers, and figured that would probably turn into a bruise. It did not. There was no evidence of injury the next day.


I have been using the Model A since 2008. When I get a sore throat, the Rife machine seems to take it away. I get colds in the winter and with 4 treatments of my “Model A”I hardly can tell I have a coldany more. I can put it against any antibiotic or shot for the flu.

I do not feel I need to get that. It did not help with the headaches, but I would not want to do without it in the winter. It means a lot to stay well and not to get shots for flu, pneumonia, or shingles. One doctor told me I was very stubborn not to get these shots. I am looking for another doctor as of now.

Marian D.

Folks need to appreciate the Model A not only as an effective tool for major health challenges but also as a great maintenance tool. For my wife and I, using the Model A has meant almost no flu like symptoms and more energy over the 4 and 1/2 years we have been using the instrument. As well it has been effective at addressing tinnitus, fungus on the feet, actinic keratosis and sinusitus.

For us, the Model A has been a remarkable tool.

Norman T.
Ontario, Canada

I would not sell my Model A for $10,000!! Thirty years ago, I had a serious injury to my foot. All these years, I have had no feeling all the way up that leg. After using my Model A for a couple months, I am happy to report that all sensation has returned. It has made a remarkable difference in how I walk. I love this machine!

Diann C.
North Carolina

I have had good luck with the Rife machine. Currently, i believe it is curing my toe nail fungus which I have had most of my life. It isn’t all gone on one foot, but is much improved. I expect a complete cure.

William McG.

My experiences with my Model A Rife machine are just short of miraculous.. Many years ago I worked on a crew building a 3 story apartment. We were told to wear rubber sole shoes one day so I wore a pair of Nike tennis shoes. We were put on the roof of this apartment complex with no safety harness. I am fearful of heights so I stood facing down all day. When I removed my shoes and socks that night all 10 toe nails fell off. I guess they were forced into the toe of the shoe and cut off circulation thus killing the nail.

All grew back, but one big toe grew was sort of deformed. This was in 1983. I just assumed the nail bed had been permanently damaged. Years later, after we used your machine about 45 days [electrode patches on palms], I saw a healthy toe nail emerge. Now, my big toe nail is normal…..nail fungus I guess but the machine fixed it.

I had experienced an enlarged prostate for almost 25 years before undergoing the “roto rooter”procedure. The procedure relieved the immediate issue but the prostate remained enlarged. I used the machine for 2 months with the pads on inside of each knee. After that length of time I can report the prostate is shrinking and is almost back to normal size.

Imagine the pain, money and unpleasant side effects I could have avoided if I had used it before surgery.

Mike M.
July 14, 2016

Thank you so much for the coaching you and John give me. I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to be so supported. I am a very new user of Model A and I am already seeing amazing results. I have had toenail fungus for six years and have tried both topical medicine and antibiotics.

The topical medicine did not work at all and the antibiotic worked for a short period, but the fungus always came back. I have only used the model A for two weeks (General Alignment tracks 2 and 3), and I looked down at my feet, and the fungus was gone!

I am so impressed by Model A, I can’t wait to see what else it will do for me.

Rosemary D.

Hope you all are doing well! John, I wanted to take a moment and give you some feedback on my success with the Model A machine-and the reason that I am doing this is that I know that I probably pestered you to death in the past with these chronic sinus problems. I had really gotten to the point where I had really lost all hope in feeling good.

There were points when I said, “If this is how I’m going to feel I would just as soon go on Home (i.e., Heaven). But you told me to keep using that fungus tract, even if it was day and night, and I did. I applied one patch to my forehead and the other to my hand.

Well, we are in the height of pollen season here in North Carolina, and I’m here to tell you that, for the first time in my life, I’M feeling great —-EVEN THOUGH I’M WORKING OUTSIDE ALL DAY LONG! Everyone around me is suffering, and sick and on antibiotics this time of year………..BUT I HAVE NOT HAD ANY ANTIBIOTICS FOR ABOUT FOUR MONTHS NOW….and that is a record for me, as ya’ll know.

I AM LIVING MY LIFE NOW LIKE A NORMAL PERSON, for the first time in my life.If there is any one that questions what this machine can do, you just have them call me and I will tell them!

I thank you both for your great work, dedication, and spirit of excellence, and of course, above all I praise the Lord who has enabled you with the wisdom and knowledge and strength to do so! I have been using machine faithfully for sinus…especially all this pollen right now……& doing really well! If I do NOT use machine, same ole, same ole …..

But after our last time conversation I decided I would NOT use any more antibiotics ….and with fungus tracks have been able to accomplish this!

Carol Y.


Well, we have nothing but good news to report….Nancy’s pain has been substantially reduced. Her pain has steadily lessened over the past three weeks. This is her leg and lower back pain.

As for myself, more good news. I have a torn meniscus in my left knee. It’s been giving me fits since last June. Was taking Percocet twice a day. One at night to help me sleep and having to use Aspircream as well. Could not walk the dog without pain and had to wear a support knee brace. Well, no more brace, no more pain pills, and I am walking the dog on a regular basis now. Just incredible!

Mike and Nancy H.
Eagle River, AK

What I’ve found: It is the real deal. I started off using the general alignment tracks. It definitely took a while to get my body used to the frequency. When I started, I had an avg saliva PH of 6 and I considered myself to be very well hydrated. Two months later and at any given time I’m at a PH of 8. This indicates to me that there has been a significant change somewhere in my body. As I’ve made my body more alkaline I legitimately look and feel better. There is ABSOLUTELY a correlation between the two.

I would say that I’m guilty of overdoing it. During the first several weeks of GA I used a slightly higher amplitude. I took a few days off to get back to normal. The trick to this machine is to never rush anything. It really does its job well and helps your body get a healthier state.”

I am experimenting slightly with different applications. Before getting the machine, I did have an issue with my thyroid, ADD, and several other physical ailments. I always had a hunch that they were in some way related. The more research I do the more I’m drawn to this conclusion. I just wanted to keep you up to date on what I’m currently working on, hopefully in a few more weeks I can write again when I have more information.

Thanks again for all of your help!

Drew S.
Oceanside, CA

When one invests in a Rife machine, one wants to ensure it is made by and backed by people who know what they are doing and have the highest of ethical standards…..If I had unlimited resources, I would buy every family a JWLabs machine.

September 6, 2015

I have had to struggle with many ailments this past year. I have dealt with viral, bacterial and parasitic struggles that I could not resolve. I have discovered that working with the JWLabs CD’s and process has caused the most results with eradicating my issues. I cannot thank JWLAbs enough for your professional, high-tech methods of resolving hard-to-resolve health issues!

Elinor A.
March, 2016

I have been using my [JWLABS Model A] machine now for about 8 months on faith and empirical evidence. It seems to work for me. Thank you.

Erin P.
July 22, 2016

From a customer since 2008:

“I still love my machine and would not want to ever be without it!”

Karen V.
August 29, 2016

From a practitioner in India:

“Ma’am [our Model A] is showing amazing results in every disease. It’s really miracle for us.”


August 15, 2016

“I am glad to convey to you that Mr. Ramesh S. has overcome all his trouble by using the [Model A] Rife machine. His complaints regarding recurring acidity and chest pain are completely cured. Within 3 weeks of using Rife therapy, drastic change is seen in is GIT problems. One more positive outcome is that s. triglycerides level is now [reduced significantly].”

Mr. Samir
August 22, 2016

I guess if I were sicker I would be more motivated, but as it is, I only remember to use the machine when I feel a certain way. A couple of sessions usually gets me back to normal for a couple of weeks.

I’m very happy with it and look forward to getting more involve with it in the future….

Louise N.

I have been using the JWLABS Rife machines for at least 8 years now. Mostly as a preventative measure against colds and flu, and I have been thrilled with the results. I also feel the treatments have been instrumental in shortening the time frame when I have become ill. A cold that would probably have lasted 1-2 weeks is now only 2-3 days.

J. G.

To say that the Model A and JW Labs are the cornerstone of our family’s health program would be an understatement. We have successfully used the Model A to treat the following: Fungal infections (nail fungus, athletes’ foot) Candida Infections and mastitis from breastfeeding; my wife has had three infections, all of which were treated rapidly, without the need for antibiotics or hospital/doctor visits Strep throat — again, no need for antibiotics Numerous colds and flu-like illnesses.

When initially investigating Rife technology, I found a great deal of misleading information and, sadly, a number of outright charlatans. By contrast, John Wright is a font of deep knowledge, common sense, and integrity. He makes himself constantly available for guidance and advice.

It is not difficult to use the Model A (John has made it very easy), but there are occasions when one needs guidance on how best to use the machine. John and Cherry are always available to assist. In fact, the Model A is far more powerful, safe, and sophisticated than anything that was available in Royal Rife’s day.

John and Cherry offer a lifetime guarantee. Just recently, our machine, after many years of flawless service, needed a minor repair. I sent it to John, and within a few days he sent me a new one! Frankly, I only tend to get sick when I don’t use the machine prophylactically.

It is important to use the Model A (Tactio) regularly when one is well to prevent illness, and not to treat only after one has become ill. I believe that if every family in America owned a Model A (Tactio), the health of our nation would take a quantum leap forward.

I don’t expect that to happen anytime soon, but I do wholeheartedly recommend the Model A (Tactio) and JW Labs. It is the best investment you can make in your health, and you owe it to yourself to buy it from the most knowledgeable and most honest person selling these machines: John Wright.

By the way, I have no financial connection to JW Labs, and this testimonial is unsolicited. I’m simply thrilled about how this machine has helped myself and my family, and feel it’s important to spread the word.

Neil M.

I’m 73 yrs.old and always have been very interested in the miraculous human body. I started borrowing the [Model A] Tactio machine from a friend last July as my health had broken down. Though over all I’m quite healthy but due to circumstances I’ve had some health challenges over the years and have tried most every thing to feel better. I told my husband if the machine didn’t seem to do much I wouldn’t try any thing else! Here is my story so far:

(1) Sleeplessness has always been a problem. I’m now sleeping better than I have in years even when I was using various sleep prescriptions,etc.

(2) Stomach problems that caused too much weight loss last summer is now better -not just from using a teas. of Organic pine nut oil but using the machine on a regular basis and owning my own machine since Sept. has sure helped logistically. I’ve gained my weight back and folks say I’ve never looked better health wise!!!

(3) I’ve struggled with candida for years and tried most every possible avenue of healing. Since using the machine that is much better-before if I ate any thing sweet (even fruit) before I went to bed I had trouble sleeping. Also I use the virus CD when I start to feel symptoms coming on and either I don’t get sick or if I do I don’t seem to get very sick like others dealing with tough viruses. also pain in my left heel I’ve had periodically for years is gone and if it starts to return I just concentrate using the machine in that area.

(4) Though there are possibly many more helpful things happening to my body I don’t think I would have been able to continue using the machine without Cherry and John’s very helpful, caring, experienced and knowledgeable support. I know various folks who either own or go to therapy using a 10’s type machine,etc. and no one has this same support that I have found which has been amazing!

(5)though I’ve regularly used the CD’s for general health, parasites, detox, candida and virus I’ve just ordered the CD’s on arthritis and fibromyolgia which I’ve been diagnosed with in the past.. So I am hopeful for even better health!

VIVA THE TACTIO Machine!!!!!

Suzee K.

From a practitioner in Denmark:

Owning a Rife machine is like having your own private multidimensional hospital at home. I’m in awe of this technology!!

Pia H.
August 10, 2016

I lent my [Model A] to my neighbor that had the cat with the feline aids. They used it for about two weeks and of course we don’t know the outcome. I suggested that they take the cat back for another blood test.

I was off of the unit for about 3 weeks. I started off on the virus program, track 3 for about 10 minutes on last Sunday. On Monday I did it again, but let time slip away from me and before you know it I had been on nearly 28 minutes.

The next day if felt bad with flu like symptoms. My back ached, joints ached, had head aches and my kidneys hurt. The next day my stomach was upset and I had diarrhea all day long. Today, other than still being a little stiff, I seem to be over the worst part of it.

Talk about detox. Now I know. I guess that in 3 weeks I had loaded up again. I thought that I would just stay in touch.

Ken M.

I’ve owned my [Model A] rife machine for about 2 months and it’s time for a testimonial. Overall I’m a very healthy person, and I want to stay that way. So when I received some inheritance money from my Dad’s estate, I felt buying a rife machine would be a great investment in me. I’ve been using the General Alignment tracks… varying which ones I use.

Sometimes I use the rife machine once a week… sometimes 3 times a week. It’s really a matter of when I think about it, and when I have the time. Well… I’m very happy to report that my mental clarity is terrific.. I’m entering into the dreaded late 40’s where we start to feel like our thinking isn’t as sharp as it used to be…. that has absolutely disappeared.

I have loads of energy… and can work for many hours at a time doing some pretty tough physical yard work at our country property… chopping wood and clearing brush. My biggest joy is the fact that my allergies are so much improved. We have an old musty house at our country property… we don’t live there full time… so it’s dusty and moldy.

Well I tend to get wheezy and my eyes get itchy… and there’s not much I can do about it. Since using the rife…. these symptoms are vastly improved and I hope they disappear completely. That’s all for now…

I’m so glad I bought this machine.

Sherri D.

WOW, is really the best word I can use to describe my JWLabs Rife machine. I have been using the digital rife machine since September 2011, but was not really sure if it was working for me. To run the sequences suggested it would generally take me a minimum of 3 to 4 hours of “rifeing”every day, 7 days a week, yet without any noted changes to my general health.

I researched the Rife concept extensively over several months and the more I researched the more I knew that the Rife concept would really work, it just required the proper machine and instruction.

I purchased an expensive digital unit, actually 2, and was unable to call anyone for advice, instruction, or just to answer a simple question. I was quite frustrated with the entire Rife process since I could not get any questions answered and was actually looking for someone to answer a simple question for me one evening when I stumbled across the JWLabs, rifemachine.com website.

Right away I knew these folks were different, they actually offered unlimited customer service and support and claimed to answer any questions I had. As I read more on their website I noticed they paid a lot of attention to the PH balance of the body.

I had been researching the bodies PH and knew that in order to be in really good health the PH must be balanced. This impressed me even further since no other Rife machine company even mentioned the proper PH balance. I knew at this point that the folks from JWLabs were different, so I contacted Cherry by email and in just a few hours she called me and explained the concept with very “reasonable”and easy to understand explanations.

Then she mentioned I would need to spend an average of only 10 minutes a day, 5 days a week on this machine. [This is the routine for beginners.] There is where the WOW factor came into play. An average of 3 to 4 hours a day, 7 days a week as opposed to 10 minutes a day only 5 days a week, this was a “no brainer”to me! Sign me up!!!

Here is the kicker, after 2 sessions of only 10 minutes each, I felt better and had more energy than I have had in years. My focus improved, my daily production improved, everything improved, and I freed up several hours of my time a day! I cannot say enough about the machine I purchased from JWLabs, the EXCELLENT customer service, the way I feel, my energy level, and the time I now have to be more productive in life since I am not “tied”down for hours to the digital machine with little or no results. I will close this message the same way I started,, WOW!!!

Earl Y.

I am writing you to let you know that I am very happy with the machine. Aside from the fact that it helped me with a couple of colds during this cold season, it improved my wife’s asthma and greatly reduced the pain in a cervico-brachial neuralgia of two patients after only two sessions of treatment.

Best wishes from Romania,
Leonard V.

Family MD, Homeopathic Practitioner Follow-up: Unfortunately due to some family problems I was unable to dedicate myself to using the machine too much. But now things are straightening out in my life and I am planning to use it as I originally intended.

I do not know if I have mentioned to you, last year I got rid of a very bad case of conjunctivitis using the machine when all the other therapies including antibiotics have failed. Most probably was of viral origin. I would like to keep in touch with you.

Keep up the good work!

Dr. Leonard V.
October, 2011

In my last e-mail I mentioned that Judi has had some profound improvement in her six year sinusitis challenges recently as she has been applying the Model A fungus title almost every night for the past 2 months. The technique she uses is to apply one electrode to her neck, on the side that gives her the problem and another electrode at various other parts of her body.

I will have Judi describe the debilitating symptoms she has experienced, her other approaches to attempt to deal with the problem and her current state of healing that we believe are a direct result of the Model A sessions.

I also thought I would share with you what appears to be yet another success in applying the Model A to a challenge … this one with visual evidence. Judi has had a toe nail fungus problem for years … again using differing treatments but to no real success.

Fresh from the noticeable improvement in her sinusitis, she has applied the fungus title to her toe nail fungus … and after a few sessions she can actually see an improvement. Whoa!!! … the benefits of the Model A just continue to amaze us as we become more proficient with its application.

I remember reading (or hearing from John) that folks do not go out and buy a rife instrument until there is a crisis and they become desperate. That indeed was the situation with us when we acquired our Model A in May of 2007. Other applications of the Model A we have used to address issues:

Scalding as a result of spilled coffee pot … I photographed the actual reduction in the redness of the scald wound as the electrodes were applied on either side of the burn;

Nasty age spots / minor skin growths … these either reduce in size, soften and fall off (with some picking away) … some do come back without further applications;

Muscle and joint pain … I have used the Model A to address what I believe is the beginning of arthritis in my thumb joints … the pain goes away for weeks … but does return;

General well being … I mentioned I have not had a cold since using the Model A (over 40 months), am able to concentrate on my work throughout the whole day into the evening hours.

Norman T.

Hi Cherry,

It is good to hear from you and know that you are always there when needed. We are doing well with the machine. I swear by it, and my husband is lukewarm with it. I feel it has done well by us – like not one cold last winter, Ted does not snore when he uses it regularly, the infection with my supposedly permanent bridge is at bay when I use it regularly, and other small annoyances seem to be gone or greatly improved.

I think I actually have more energy right after using it. Right or wrong, we have been using the machine approximately every other day with 5 min. on track 4, 7 min. on track 3 and 10 min. on track 2. I occasionally put one pad on my jawbone (by the bridge) and the other in my right hand and do track 2 for 7 min.

So far, we’ve lived through all this! I’ll contact you one of these days about refining a few things. I have told so many people about this therapy and they seem totally interested and said they would contact you, but who knows if they actually have. And then others think I’ve basically lost all touch with reality – but that’s their problem.

Follow up:

My husband has 3 little nodules just under the skin by his left armpit.The Dr. told him it is a staph infection and gave him 2 antibiotic prescriptions. He has to go back in a week. Can we, or should we, use the machine on him if he’s taking antibiotics? If we can use the machine which CD should we do?

Thank you.

Follow up:

YES, I got my questions answered. I called John 2x and he went over everything with me as what to do and when. The antibiotics made my husband so sick that he thought he was going to die from them.

We started with the machine immediately when the meds were gone and just kept on a regular schedule of basically tract 2 of the general alignment CD of 2 days on and one and/or two days off for a little more than 2 weeks. At the end we were using all but tract 1 of the general alignment.

The nodules seem to be gone now and I am going to say the machine gets the most credit as they were still there quite a while after the meds were finished. Now we are working on his sinus infection – again. If we keep at it consistently this time maybe we can stop that problem too.

Karen VanC.


May 2018

My girlfriend Kirsten is doing much better, and we have been very happy with the A4 RIFE machine we bought from you last year January.

January 2019

This machine is shaping up as the most powerful therapeutic device I have yet encountered.

Sincere thanks.
Geoff S.
December 2018

I have used my Model A3 primarily for gout in my foot that showed up a year and a half ago.

I have had no issues since. I love the rife machine.

John K.
April 2018

I have suffered from gout (overabundance of uric acid in the blood). I became aware of this condition in 1995 while taking a pre-employment physical exam at Mercy Hospital in Gary, Indiana. At that time, the results of my blood test showed positive for Gout. My ankles had caused me annoying pain for several years before this; however, I did not know the cause.

The hospital nurse who administered the blood test and who conveyed the results to me remarked that the pain in my ankles might keep me awake at night, even if something as thin and delicate as a sheet brushed across my ankles while in bed. Unfortunately, what he described was true to my experience!

Well, I can now say that the pain is gone, and I mean absolutely, utterly GONE! This is about three (3) weeks since my first general alignment session with water pans. I have had two sessions since then and have not had one for about one week.

I anticipate that I will need to be consistent with my treatments, as the pain in my right ankle creeps back very slowly when I am off the machine for more than a week. This is also true for the pain in my left shoulder, which benefitted greatly from just from a short demonstration with the pads.

I realize that the problem(s) will not be resolved in two or three treatments, but rather it may take perhaps years to overcome, and that’s OK.. I’ll take an approximate one hour “Rife session” and about ½ hour foot massage over the pain any day.

In conclusion, I now know from experience that JWLABS’ Rife machine works. With the electro-therapy combined with a focused, liberal application of essential oils I have overcome pain that has afflicted me for many years. I am very grateful.

B. White
Chicago, IL

I had a knot of something on my spine a few months ago the size of a large grape…..I had it for a few months and it started to grow larger. I started to use the [Model A] rife machine shortly thereafter and zap….within two treatments it was totally gone. Amazing!

Scott S.


I did a great deal of research before deciding on the John Wright Lab, Model A 3.1 Rife Machine. Both my husband and I have extensive health issues and visits to the doctor’s office usually meant more tests, more prescriptions and more head scratching.

Being a long time believer in alternative medicine, I began my journey of research. May 23, 2005, as I was getting ready to leave for church, without warning, I suddenly lost the use of my thumb, index and middle finger of my left hand. My first thought was, I could have just experienced a mini-stroke.

Fortunately, we had purchased the Rife machine and it was due to arrive at our home the very next day. I began using the machine immediately and it took approximately two weeks until I felt the complete use of my fingers was restored to me. Was I ever grateful, because my hand was temporarily useless.

After approximately two months use, I am noticing moles and growths shrinking and/or disappearing. My right ankle, which I had injured two years ago and would swell everyday to the point I would need to put my ankle into a raised position, has returned to its normal size, matching my left ankle.

I have been on blood pressure medicine for approximately 20 years and I no longer take B.P. medication since my B.P. has normalized to a healthy pressure of a young person. It ranges from 110/65 to l25/75 and my pulse runs approximately 48 to 65.

I am in the process of de-toxing myself and it does make me feel tired sometimes, but I am expecting that to reverse when my body is thoroughly cleansed. This is all such good news for me. Now a little regarding my husband.

He has got to be a direct descendant of “Thomas”from biblical days. His nature is to look at most things in a negative light. At first, he would not let me hook him up to the machine. Finally, I laid down an ultimatum. “Either let me hook you up to the machine or never utter another word of complaint to me again”.

He resisted, but gave in and the results are astounding. He suffers from a rheumatic type of arthritis, namely ankylosing spondylitis which affects the spine causing severe headaches and much pain. He seems to be improving by the day.

We both have a long way to go to achieve the level of good health we desire, but I am confident we are on our way. What a pleasure it is to hear my husband get up in the morning, be pleasant and hear him sing along with the music we are playing on the radio.

……. I am very grateful for our machine.

Beverly R.

Rife frequency therapy has changed my life!In the 1970’s I was an adventurous guy in my 20’s. I took plenty of risks, not knowing that my behavior would later cost me my health. I was diagnosed with Hepatitis A when a liver biopsy revealed cells at a stage just short of cirrhosis.

I gave up drugs and tried to eat well, but I was not really informed about what constituted a wholesome, health-producing diet. I wasn’t really sick in the ten years that followed, but I had what I called my “down spells.”Even at best, I never really felt “right”. My stamina went progressively down hill.

At the age of 18 I had been given Tetracyclene for acne. I took it for many years. I did not understand until fairly recently the effect of this powerful antibiotic on my digestive system and on my liver. This became abundantly clear when I started to explore alternative therapies.

I tried everything and stuck with anything which made a difference — however briefly. One medication I took — Nystatin — was prescribed to address yeast overgrowth. It apparently worked — causing a serious die-off and helping to clear up my intestinal tract, but I was on it for years and couldn’t get off it. Through my studies I knew that this, too, was doing damage to my liver.

Meanwhile, I was diagnosed with Hepatitis B & C. I continued to explore therapies — electrical charges under my tongue, vitamin injections into my lymph nodes. I went to a homeopath, an acupuncturist, an herbalist. Many things helped — some for weeks at a time — but each time, I reached a plateau and could go no further.

For the most part I was able to work, but everything remained extremely effortful. I felt like I was dragging myself around.

In October of 1999 I heard about the Rife machine. I researched it on the web and called several manufacturers. I chose Wright Laboratories because of their support network. I had a treatment and felt so much better that I purchased my Model B the next week.

I have continued to treat myself with my machine and I feel better than I have in years. I was finally able to give up the Nystatin, so I feel good about that too.

If Rifeing has done anything, it has definitely straightened out my intestinal tract. That’s almost as good as what it has done for my liver. In January of this year, my tests showed that the Hepatitis antibodies were ½ what they were previously.

What is interesting is that my liver enzymes were elevated to a level which previously had occurred only when I was very ill. I asked the doctor what this meant, and he said that it could only be due to higher liver function and improved immune system functioning.

I use my machine approximately every three days. I generally miss it if I go past four or five days. I accomplish a lot with the de-tox treatment and the General Alignment, using both pads and pans. I have also devised what I call my “bread and butter treatment”. I vary my routine as I see fit, and whenever I feel like I am at a plateau, I consult with one of the factory representatives and get new ideas for techniques.

It might be helpful for people to know that I am also taking several herbs to support my liver.

I remain very enthusiastic about this non-invasive approach to my healing, and I am grateful for for the qualitative difference it has made in my life!

Steve S.

I’ve been using the model A with the cancer CD’s, which I’d had on hand, for Leukemia (detected after I got the equipment). Lab results are good, but it just occurred to me to check if there are any other frequencies specific to this disease. It is a Cancer, yet people seem to refer to it often as if it were something else. I got the machine for Hep C. While I’m not completely clear yet, I am able to function where I could not before, which is the same as saving my life!

Follow Up:

The A model from JWlabs completely turned my life around. I’ve had it for about a year, finding it on a search after being diagnosed with drug resistant Hep C, advanced. It immediately provided relief, and with continued use I became virtually symptom free. I’m waiting current blood results. A nodule was found on my thyroid, and in the week before my ultrasound I used the machine steadily. Nodule disappeared. Gum disease halted. Lowly yet annoying toenail fungus gone in the time it took new nail to grow out. There’s probably more, but this is what comes to mind. This machine has allowed my life to continue where it was stopped. Can’t praise it enough.

Follow Up:

Just thought you’d be interested – got my blood work back and the Hep C viral load count is down from over a million to 516,000. The Doctor thinks that’s amazing!

Take care,
Don D.

JWLABS – Rife Frequency Therapy

Testimonial from a Herpes Patient

I suffered with a very severe case of herpes for 14 years. My condition required that I maintain high doses of medication; and because of this, my liver had to be checked regularly. This was very frustrating to me. I was concerned about what effects the medication was having on my body, and I was pretty hopeless that things would ever improve.

The only option offered to me was an even higher dosage of a medication which was to be taken less frequently. Some experts theorized that it would work to knock the virus out of my system – but there had been no data which would substantiate that possibility. (This medication was Famvir. Often used for shingles, it is very powerful and extremely expensive.)

I was on Famvir a short time when I started Rifeing with JWLABS’ Model B. I had two sets of three sessions with the foot baths. I used the General Alignment protocol for the first three treatments. This was followed by using a pad application along my spine utilizing the frequencies for herpes.

There was a six week gap between the second and third series of treatments. This was a very stressful period in my life, and I actually went off my medication for a week.. In the past, either of these factors typically exacerbated my condition. Yet, to my delight, I did not have an outbreak.

My third series of treatments repeated the application along my spine. I was told that this was often where the dormant virus lurked, so it was important that we work the area with vigilance.

It has now been 16 months since I have had an outbreak; and it is significant, I think, that during this time I have endured very high stress and important life changes. Any of which might have elicited a herpes outbreak. It is very surprising and of great relief to me that I have come through so well, and I attribute it to the work with frequency therapy.

Even my doctor said that if I went 15 months without an outbreak, he would believe there was some credibility to this treatment modality. (He happens to be the chairman of his department at a prominent Chicago area hospital.)

I can honestly say that my life is not the same!

Cindy S.

Hi Cherry and John. I just wanted to let you know about my experiences with the JWLabs Model A and HSV2. I followed John’s instructions and it did exactly what he said it would. As soon it caused an outbreak, I quit using it until it went away. Then, I did it again. I had to place an electrode patch locally to get the last of it, Then again. After that, I used it, and I didn’t get an OB. I haven’t had one since.

This was 3 years ago….. follow the instructions they give you and it will do what they say it does. Thank you very much.

Russel S.
August 1, 2016

I have been using my Model A for about a year and a half now. I have to admit that I wouldn’t be without this machine. After using it for a month, I was able to eliminate 2 of 3 blood pressure medications. I am now working on further health issues which I know will take time since they didn’t happen overnight.

This past weekend I took a tumble at the beach and the first thing I did when I got home was do my session. I was afraid I was going to have to go to the ER because I landed on the side of my knee. After three days of using my Model A, I am happy to report that the pain is gone and that there has been no bruising. I love having this in my tool box!

Cheryl L.
August 4, 2016

As you know, I am trying to reduce my blood pressure so I can get off all medications. In 3 weeks of using my Model A with Hypertension Track 4, my blood pressure has dropped from 152/84 to 123/65. These results are astounding! My blood pressure has never been this low, even with medication, at my current weight. Thanks for your help.

Mike F.
August 5, 2016

To whom it may concern:

I’ve been using the Model A machine for over 2 years and what I have noticed is that my blood pressure went from 150+/90’s down to 130’s over upper 70’s. it took about 6 months for this to occur but it did

and has been holding there ever since. In the 2+ years I have had only 1 flu bout and 2 colds. I don’t know what other benefits I am getting from the machine but I am very happy for what I have received so far.

Jerry S.

I recently purchased a Live Wires. My intention was to couple it with massage therapy and avoid Hip replacement if possible.

It has been said the Life is in the blood, so getting blood into chronic areas would heal.

Read on your website that people with high blood pressure should start with #5 of the general alignment, which I have done twice for 10 minutes each…..

Was surprised at how quickly I sensed a difference in my body after just two uses. This appears to be much more powerful then I had thought….

Richard F.
New York
February 2017

Dear Wright Labs,

Jean and I purchased a JWLABS Model 3.1 A unit from your company in December 2007.

This simple to use health maintenance care system, has been very helpful in lowering Jean’s blood pressure into an acceptable range of 130/80. Conventional medication was unable to perform this task for Jean, as those conventional methods were tried for several years and the blood pressure still remained at dangerously elevated levels160/100 on average.

There is no doubt in our minds this type of health care device can deliver many positive results on any individual utilizing the unit as directed by JWLABS Professionals. JWLABS does offer excellent telephone support, as the main guidance system to ensure proper use of their products.

The type of customer care we have received from the personnel at JWLABS, has been outstanding. Everyone we have interacted with, has demonstrated a very professional attitude, accompanied by warmth, courtesy and above all sincere honesty. In the closing statement of this testimonial, the product which is the model 3.1 A unit, and the people behind this product are great, keep up the fantastic work!

Thank you once again for providing a great product and super customer service.

Ontario, Canada
November, 2008

Dear Wright Laboratories,

For years I’ve taken cholesterol-lowering drugs and never had a reading less than 246. After using the [JWLABS Model A] Rife instrument for little more than a month, my bad cholesterol fell 38 points! While this is great news, it doesn’t compare with the regaining complete feeling in my right foot after 34 years of numbness.

My foot was cut in 1973 and severed all nerves. Doctor said I’d probably never walk again. I had a wonderful neurosurgeon who specialized in nerve damage. It took 66 stitches, a cast up to my hip for 5 months, and learning to walk all over again.

The surgery was not successful, and I could not go bare footed all these years, for fear of cutting my foot and bleeding to death because I couldn’t feel it.

Two short months using the Model A (five minutes per day) has restored my foot exactly like the left one! No doctor, drugs or surgery was able to accomplish this! It is truly a miracle and a true story.

There is no doubt that I am one of your happiest customers!

North Carolina
November, 2007

I got checked for parasites since having the runs. My last viral load was way down, from 90,000 to 23,282, which is a big drop and normally would not happen this way unless I went back on medication, so the machine is doing something. I then stopped using the machine on a regular basis. During this time, I think I also picked up a parasite, so I have been tested and will get the results back this week.

I am now Rifing again on a regular basis. I have something going on. I am interested in getting a quick turn around time as I feel regular Rifing is critical to me right now especially since I am not on HIV medications and have symptoms going on.

Name Withheld

My Dear Cherry wish you a very happy New Year, I am doing better and better with your (Model B) Rife machine. I have obtained remarkable results in following medical conditions:

1] HIV

2] Secondery metastasis of Breast cancer

3] Psoriasis

4] Varicose ulcers.

5] Depression.

6] Hyperactive children.

I am willing to share my protocols with any one. The list can go on and on because it has given me excellent results in so many other conditions also.

Thanks once again for your mail.

Dr. S.
Mumbai, India


We have been using the Model A4 Rife machine every week. Especially like it for inflammation.   Thanks so much!

Marilyn D.
June 2018

I work at a hospital maintaining equipment. I came close to losing my fingers while working on HVAC equipment and escaped with only gouges across 4 fingers on one side of the hand and blisters on the other side. I was very lucky to have my fingers at all.

I went to the ER for cleaning and debridement and when I arrived at home I treated the fingers with the Tactio, pads on either side of the fingers. This was not particularly pleasant with the raw wounds on the one side. I followed this up with DMSO.

I repeated this for several days. I had no swelling or infection the next morning much to my surprise and pleasure. I used no anti-bacterials or salves. They healed rapidly. I was very impressed.

Terry W.


…..just to let you know a friend of mine, Erick, has been experiencing some discomfort to his knee, I treated him three times with the Model A and he has been able to walk without the use of his knee support and is feeling much better.

I advised him to take it easy, seems that sometimes people feel so good they rush right back to the old routine as if no pain had existed at all. Keep up the good work…

Thomas B.

My name is Carl Lazarotto, and I am a naturopath and homeopath from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, now for the last two years setting up a naturopathic clinic in Brazil, near Sao Paulo.

I have been using the Model A3 from JWLABS for the last 8 years, primarily with cancer patients, but have actually used it with most people I treat with chronic degenerative diseases–Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, scleroderma, MS, ALS, etc. Anybody with an organism loaded with pathogens (small and large) and toxins has been a good candidate for several sessions on the Rife machine.

I have used the JWLABS Model A3 as part of a larger protocol using other components such as homeopathy, herbal therapies, transdermal therapy (simultaneous to the Model A sessions), orthomolecular therapies, nutritional programs, etc. The Rife frequency program, however, has been very, very central as a main therapeutic tool to rid the sick person from the primary causing factors of chronic degenerative and neurodegenerative diseases. And I have seen a great amount of improvement in the health of these people, sometimes borderlining the ‘miraculous’.

Some of the people treated in years past, which were given very little hope by the traditional approaches and would have been (probably) long gone from this planet, are still living normally and thriving, mainly because of the effectiveness of these tools, particularly the Model A Rife device from JWLABS.

Carl L.
Quantum Terapias Naturais
April 2017


I just wanted to let you know that my first 5 days on the model A were great. With the exception of a little brain fog (I did expect that) my overall mood was very calm and that is a good thing. I was able to get up in the morning without any joint pain! My energy level is higher and I sleep well at night. Wonderful.

Thank you so much for all of your support in guiding me as I continue on this journey to a better quality of life.

Catherine F.

Just thought i would drop you a line, my brain energy and clarity are holding and what is more amazing is that at least 4 people have said to me, hay Greg you sound so much clearer…

Greg P. (Lyme) Model A user since mid-May July 22, 2016


We are feeling the best that we have ever felt since we moved. Not sick!!!!  We use the rife a lot, viruses, etc. really working on our liver right now. …. I am really detoxing. If I have a negative response, I back off for a day or so. Responses are getting less and less. Also, my husband seems happier – he is a doom and gloomer. Life is good…..

Bev C.

Dear Cherry,

As you know I bought the Model A last October after battling with the white spots on my face (under my eyes and both sides of my mouth), back of my neck and near collar bone for a year. Since I have been using your Model A, the size of the white spots on the sides of my mouth are shrinking to about 1/2 of its original size. It’s a slow process, but I feel I’m making progress. I’m hopeful that my pigments will return eventually (even though my MD said there is nothing I can do to bring back the lost pigments other than cover the white spots with makeup). But, boy, I sure wish my white spots are gone already…

Y. H.
November, 2008

I work out routinely and since using my Model A3 on the GA session, my lower back no longer hurts when I stretch. I injured my arm over a year ago and had very limited movement for many months. I’ve been using my machine routinely and I now have 90% improvement in strength and range of motion. I am so thankful!

F. T.


I thought I would drop you a line to let you know how the Model B has worked for me. After using the alignment freq.s for three days in a row my lungs cleared up and my general mental clarity improved and the low grade depression that I believe I have had since Junior High has been cleared up.

I have not felt this good in years I have the energy back that I wanted to enjoy doing the work that I love to do. I am getting to bed early and now get up between 2 and 3 in the morning and have what I call two days of life for every day. I supplement my diet with colloidal silver another long suppressed curative and one of our best antibiotics. Between these two miracles I cannot think of not enjoying good heath for the rest of my life. After all this is what the Lord promises in His letter to us.

Thank you for your machine it is very well made and is what I was looking for as my first machine a basic manually operated machine that does not rely on any computer programs to operate and will be working when other higher tech. machines crash.


I had to stop rifing for a month while I took some meds. Then I had to wait a week to get blood work. As soon as I got home I rifed 10 minutes for Lyme and I’ve been in bed for two days! So last night I did four minutes…..lol. I guess I have to build back up.

I could feel the Lyme returning while I was off the machine. Until you go through having to stop rifing like this you don’t realize that you had built up a tolerance, and that you were truly getting better. But it was good to know that my machine works as well as it does. I must have sent millions of bugs to their graves..hee hee.

I’m still tired, but I have more energy than I did a month ago. It will come back, it’s just going to take a little time. One good thing, I’m sleeping better. That is key in healing. So my little Model A is working! And you have been there for me the whole time!!!!


…..I had such pain in my ankles that I was not able to put my foot in the “toe down, heel up”position that high heels require. I was in flats for about 6 months and really unhappy about it. I would occasionally find a day I could wear a small heel, but that was rare.

After using the Model A for about 3-4 weeks, I noticed I was able to wear some of my lower heels. Now….I wear whatever I want and wear them all day long. I have on a pair right now that are about 3.5 inches but have them up to 5.

Joyce D.,

I’ve been using the Model A for several weeks for lyme disease/co-infections. When I was tested very recently for the existence of the infection in my body I was very very happy to find that it had been exterminated. The person who was doing the test on me was kind of astounded that the infection was gone.

Words cannot describe my elation at this…I’ve been fighting this monster off for quite some time and not until I started on the Model A that I got results!! If you have a lyme/co-infection, please get a model A. It’s extremely user friendly and the staff coaches you right through it. I took all kinds of supplements….I can tell you that the model A really worked.

Peter K.

My wife and I are very pleased with the Model A we purchased from you in 2006. As you may recall, Peggy was diagnosed with Lyme disease several months before we learned about your Rife machines, and was getting worse by the day. She experienced so many different painful symptoms that it was hard to keep track of all that was going on in her body.

Fortunately, I stumbled upon your web site while researching Lyme treatments and was able to talk with Jon about your product. The Model A is high quality and simple to use, which is a real plus. The CD’s that correspond to different specific illnesses take out much of the guess work. And, using the Tactio technology, we’ve enjoyed experiencing music at a new level, too.

Unbelievable sound! We are sure that without the Model A treatments she would be in desperate shape by now, as conventional medicine seems to be more concerned with the politics of Lyme than with its cure. While she still struggles with the disease, she is experiencing more good days than before, and we have hope that one day she’ll be able to claim total healing.

We’ve also appreciated the great support we’ve received from you folks. In fact, you’ve encouraged us to check in more often than we have. I can’t recall any other business or medical relationships we’ve had where the people on the other end of the phone are always so generous with their time and patience in answering our questions.

Thanks and God bless,
Phil & Peggy H.

I really think my Rife machine is helping me out with my Lyme Disease and Co-Infections. I am feeling better faster then I was before starting this process. Cherry has been very helpful with my healing and the best use of the CDS, etc. She called me today checking up and made me feel very cared about! Thanks JWLabs!

Barbara G.
July 8, 2016

As I trimmed shrubs on a beautiful Tuesday afternoon on April 11th 1993, little did I know that what was about to happen would change my life forever. I was newly divorced and getting my house ready to put on the market. The shrubs by the mail box in front of the house needed trimming to improve the “curb appeal”. Wearing shorts and wielding large pruning shears, I chopped away until I was pleased with the results. Now it was time to start getting ready for the garage sale!

As I gathered items to sell, I noticed a slight rash on my left thigh but didn’t think too much about it.The next morning I applied poison oak cream thinking I may have brushed up against a poison oak bush. The rash remained and by the next day, Thursday, the joints in my wrists were starting to ache. By Saturday I was running a temperature and felt like I had the flu.After nearly a week with “the flu” I called the Dr. and was told to come in the following week if I wasn’t feeling better. In the meantime, I decided to do some research on my own as I was starting to wonder if the rash and the flu symptoms were somehow connected. In “those days” the internet was not yet a commonly used tool for research, so I called a medical research company and for $30 ordered a hot topic file on infectious diseases. I spent the weekend pouring over the information and by Monday morning I suspected that I may have lyme disease.

The Dr. agreed to run a blood test for lyme and as a precautionary measure put me on three weeks of antibiotics. The blood tests came back inconclusive and as I was now feeling better after finishing a course of antibiotics, I moved forward with selling my house, the rash and symptoms just a blip on the screen of life.

Fast forward two years…………I am now living in my new condo, happily fixing it up and getting used to being single. But my body is not quite right. I am having pain in my left hip area and my energy level is not what it should be. I chalk it up to adjusting to my new life, but as the symptoms worsen, I return to the same Dr. that I saw two years ago. She tests me for various illnesses that can cause fatigue: Epstein barr virus, anemia, fibromyalgia and so on but since none of these seem to be the problem, sends me off saying there is nothing she can do……….

Fast forward seven years………I have been to at least nine different Doctors and still no diagnosis. My fatigue has worsened and I can no longer exercise. This alone is very disconcerting as I have always done aerobics and tried to keep in shape. I also have a lot of pain and stiffness in my neck. My eyes get tired easily and my vision is blurring. I have brain fog which means it’s difficult to think clearly and my ability to remember things is slipping. I am not normally prone to depression but I am feeling disheartened and discouraged. I decide to start a chronic fatigue support group. I make up flyers and distribute them at a health forum meeting. By the end of the evening, two women come up to me and want to be in the group. Within weeks we get together and add a fourth person to our monthly meetings. We share stories and offer support to each other. One of the women receives an email from her brother in New York comparing her symptoms to those of lyme disease and gives her the name of a specialist in San Francisco. She goes and gets diagnosed with lyme disease. She encourages me to see this Dr. also. My Lyme tests come back positive.

Fast forward four years……..After being on antibiotics for Lyme Disease for two years my body couldn’t handle them anymore. I am feeling a little better, but continue to have debilitating symptoms. I have had to stop working as a Speech Therapist as I can no longer sit without pain for extended periods of time and my ability to plan lessons and work with students has greatly diminished. I turn to alternative medicine and begin working with a naturopatic Dr. I do vitamin therapy, physical therapy, chiropractic, art therapy, journaling, meditation, simple yoga, homeopathy, kineseology and allergy elimination technieque, saunas, massage, and prayer. I go of visit John of God in Brazil for a healing. I am slowly improving…….

Fast forward one year………………I find out about the Rife machine, an electro-medical device. It delivers frequencies to the body and shatters the lyme bacteria in the way that musical tones can shatter glass. A far out concept that actually works and enables me to finally turn the corner with this disease. Little by little I improve. Although my body continues to heal from the effects of having dealt with a debilitating disease for fourteen years, I can now say I’m over lyme disease!

What a life experience this has been, being humbled by an insect no bigger than the size of a pinhead. But its given me the opportunity to learn that I have inner strength, courage and determination that I may have never had the chance to experience. Life has taken on a sweet appreciation and lusciousness that wasn’t there before.

It’s called the gift of the wound.

Name Withheld

I do have positive results. To reach to these I have done several days of 60 to 90 minutes on the skull/brain. together with strong (= high voltage) systemic treatments. Mostly I’m using as advised:

Lyme no. 3 track and GA no. 4. Lyme no. 4 however also feels very good Now I am at say 45 minutes a day and keeping the infections almost out of the brain. When I stop for 24 hours, the infection in the cerebellum comes back. So going good and just keeping on doing the good work.

I’m also doing systemic on hands and feet say 30 minutes a day.. There is still a hidden infection in longs and throat area that is kind of the source of the re-ïnfection of the cerebellum every time I stop. So am trying to treat this. Using a rubber pad in the mouth (wrapped in cotton to prevent burning of tongue) and other pads on the back of the head.

I lost my fear of the treatments and am using quite high voltage on the skul, as long as the electrode pads are good (new) burns won’t happen. Of course have to be aware there are no “surprises”. So, again am now in a kind of maintenance phase, doing it often with a little less voltage.

Kind of like an electric washing of the cells that I probably will have to do many months still till my body is cleaned of these bacteria completely. But progress is there. Well, that is it for now. So I am happy with results.

Peter D.

Hello all…I would like to share my experiences with my JWLabs rife machine. Where do I start?? I purchased my machine (Model A)for the purpose of treating Lyme disease, and I must say that it hasn’t disappointed me in any way.

I have Lyme myself, and I also have two children who have it as well. We have noticed a dramatic decrease in our Lyme symptoms and a substantial increase in well being since using our machine.

I must say that the Lyme battle is not easily won by anyone, but I now have a strong weapon- and I plan to keep using it until this disease is gone (and forever to better my health).

We have found our machine to be helpful in other ways too….my mom has cleared up shingles in less than 72 hours with this machine!!!! Anyone who has had shingles can appreciate a swift recovery like that!

I would and do recommend this machine to anyone who is struggling with health issues. I also need to testify to the outstanding customer support that is offered; it is like none other that I have found! Keep up the great work JWLABS because I and so many others appreciate it… more then you probably know…

God bless,

L. B.
November, 2008

Began addressing Lyme, with accompanying infections.

I feel better and stronger as a result of making my Model A3 a part of my routine. Trigemenal neuralgia has been minimized to the point that it no longer is a problem. In fact, all issues related to the nerves have been resolved. JWLABS instructed me on treating my spine, and when I did,  I got incredible relief from aches and pains. I have more energy and stamina than my friends of the same age. Now seeking younger friends to go hiking with me!

Margy L.
July 2017

Just wanted to let you know that I’m feeling six years younger. I had a breakthrough with the candida and thrush tracks. Lyme, Epstein Barr, hepatitis and parasites are also helping a lot. The pain in my neck is subsiding.

More to come,
Rob D.
November 2018

My Model A has made the biggest difference of all I have ever done. It’s the only thing that’s made a difference that I can observe.

I’m a life-time user; I will never be without this machine! It’s worth a hundred times what I paid for it.

September 13, 2016

…..You’re very loving and caring people and deserve to receive any benefits you may gain as a result. And the best part is you do not charge an extra fee for your services as many other advisors would.

As for me the following benefits have been attained by myself. The lumps that were under my left chin are disappearing as well as the tumor under my left arm pit as I’ve had Lymphoma Type b or cll for at least seventeen years..

I have unbelievable endurance for an 84 year old getting up in 5:00 to 600a.m. and not retiring until between !:00 a.m. and three a.m. after doing my wife’s and myself’s model A protocol as well as attending to her other needs as well. In all of that time I ‘m not tired or exhausted, often playing tennis or baseball or table tennis or golf on the Wii game for hours at a time and I can modestly say I seldom get beaten in any of the games by men or women who are sometimes one quarter my age! ……My Wife is improving rapidly after a slow start with treatments with the model A.

Her strength stamina and pain are improving. She looks like a new Woman. …I hope this will help patients to have the confidence in this machine as I do and to stay with it as long as it takes as I know It will pay off. Have a Happy and prosperous Xmas and happy New Year, I’ve already had mine. Thank you for doing what you do……

Paul P.


I had Morgellon’s and I watched a video that was aired on radio at one time. A lady (nurse) said that her two daughters and herself had Morgellon’s and that they chose instead of taking tons of med’s/antibiotics to use the Rife– as she had heard it worked better for Morgellon’s.

The outcome is that their family did! and the outcome was fabulous. So I began searching for a Rife and I bought one (JWLABS Model A) from Wright Laboratories and after about 8 months of consistent use I was cured of Morg’s. I am grateful. No more crawling, itching and sores. The parasite’s/nematode’s began to purge from every orifice I own.


I am wondering if anyone has reported improved motor skills and learning skills with the use of the Model A? Jon and I are both seeing improvement in brain to finger coordination which translates to better instrumental performance. I was able to play a passage that I thought I would have to work on a couple of months to play.

Linda J.
Winston Salem, NC

An experimenter reports results with Multiple Sclerosis:

I am a registered nurse working for the health department in a small town in Michigan. I have suffered for 20 years with symptoms which were initially attributed to a stroke, but years later were confirmed as multiple sclerosis.

It happened when I awakened one night with numbness on my right side. I had difficulty walking and talking. I was hospitalized for a week. I was put through the rigors of physical therapy, taken off birth control pills, prescribed vitamin B12 shots, and steroids.

With this regimen, my symptoms receded, and over the years I gave birth to two children and continued to work. Sometimes, I was prescribed intravenous steroids, and this helped to maintain my level of functioning. Over time I became concerned about the effect of these potent drugs on my system, and I declined this treatment. The result was that I never regained full function.

Several years ago, I saw a story on 20/20 which told of a woman with MS who had been struck by lightning while she bathed. Afterward, she had no further symptoms. I never forgot that story, and it served to keep me open to information which came to me just two months ago.

In the meantime I have been easily fatigued, have had limited use of my right leg, dragged my right foot, and since last year have relied on a cane to get around.

In 1996 I had a compressed fracture of my back at L4-L5. I’ve had backaches off and on — depending on what kind of stress or strain I am subjected to.

Often, I have contended with a burning pain that runs down my right thigh. In December of 2000, I met someone who reminded me of the powerful story of the woman whose life was changed by a lightning strike. A man was referred to the clinic where I work, and he was excitedly telling me about the relief he has gotten with his Model B Rife machine.

Though his condition was cancer, not MS, I was intrigued. I knew intuitively that there was something to this frequency therapy. He was very generous in inviting me to his home to try his frequency device. I was grateful for the opportunity, for within just a few sessions, I knew I was on to something!

It was apparent from the first 2-3 sessions that something was happening. I found myself sleeping better, I had more energy; and after about seven treatments, my co-workers were remarking that I was walking better. My right foot was straighter when I walked, and I was more steady. I promptly placed my order for the Model B so I could continue my treatments at home.

The General Alignment Session alone was sufficient to impact my symptoms!

My condition has continued to improve. I am going for longer periods of time without my cane. I am even walking up a few steps without it (if there is a hand rail for support). Each week I see improvements.

On January 23rd, I went shopping on my lunch hour. I did a lot of walking, standing in line, and got all the way back to the car without the crippling fatigue to which I had become accustomed. I felt wonderful that day! I had enough energy to walk around at work without my cane, and I attended a union meeting after work. This was amazing!

The changes continue to become apparent, not just to me, but to those who have seen me struggle with this for years. The nurses at work remark that my right foot is not dragging as it was before. Not only is it straightening out, I am able to pick it up higher and walk on a more even keel.

My neurologist won’t believe it when he sees me! He had suggested that I have a pump inserted in my abdomen which would wrap around to my spine. This was to administer medication, as my spasticity pills were making me groggy, and another drug was giving me edema. I hardly think this procedure will be necessary now!

About My Treatments

I treat myself approximately every other day, and my energy keeps getting better. I have had my machine for scarcely a month, and I have reduced my spasticity medication from 20mg. to 4 mg. daily.

My treatments have consisted largely of the General Alignment session which is recommended by JWLABS. I make a point of taking the amplitude up as high as I can take it. Sometimes I get a headache, but this makes me feel like I am really getting to something which I want to expel from my body.

John Wright gave me a sequence of numbers to use to improve my balance, and the effects were very noticeable. I am integrating this treatment into my routine, alternating with the General Alignment.

I am also learning new techniques for application, and notice new results with each addition.

Using the Model B Rife machine has given me hope and a new sense of power with respect to managing my disease. Though it is not clear that a “cure” is possible, it is em-powering to see that I can dramatically affect the symptoms and so greatly improve the quality of my life.

Hope should never be withheld from the patient, and in this, I am restored.

Mari L., R.N.
January, 2001


I have used the Live Wires to address the Nerve Pain on the bottom of my left foot, and the frequent pain in my lower back caused by Herniated discs in the Lumbar Region. I have used the Alignment Frequencies and the Stress reduction Frequencies. I find the treatments to be very beneficial when used appropriately. I would have no problem recommending the Live Wires Program

to anyone…..

Dr. Rabb

Here’s a note from a 68 year old gentleman who has suffered from severe neuropathy since injuring his lower back several years ago. We had him apply current to hands and feet. Upon noticing that his feet and ankles became swollen, we modified his protocol, switching polarity. Here’s what he reported a few days after aking this change:

Switching the leads has been miraculous! I could tell the first night how much better it felt. After 2 apps, the swelling has left my feet. The discoloration on my shins has lessened. The pain in my feet has decreased greatly.

Tim J.
July 2018

My experience with the Model A machine provided me with quite impressive results and faster than I would have expected. After my confirmed diagnosis I experienced my first major flare up (or exacerbation) and could not even sit down on the edge of my bed due to nerve pain in my tailbone and experience pain in my hips in order to walk. My gate was off and the numbness feeling was all up and down my arms and legs. My dexterity in my hands was also worsening.

I had started my drug treatment prescribed by my doctor and was told it would take about six months in order for the symptoms o start subsiding. The best results with the drug therapy would be to slow down rate of progression of MS. But it would not stop or heal MS.

Two weeks later I started my therapy with the Model A machine. I knew something had to be taking place in my body because I could feel my nerves move at times involuntary. I continued my daily sessions and altered my applications as advised for six months. By this time my pain for walking had significantly reduced to only when extensive walking was done. And my gate was also improved. I went for a new set of MRI’s as originally recommended by my doctor. The results of the MRI’s showed my lesions were inactive and no new lesions were noted.

It has been seven years since my MS diagnosis and I still have no active lesions nor any new ones. I attribute my success in fighting my MS condition to the Model A machine and really believe it started my recovery process from this debilitating condition. I remain pain free for the last five years and continue my life with little change other than experiencing some fatigue when walking at times and minor numbness in my hands. But I still maintain myself employed and keep a pretty healthy life-style.

May God Bless us all.

Thank you,
Nelson R.
April, 2011



This is just a note about an experience (experiment??) with the Livewire by JWLabs.com. A friend was over to my house and was having some real pain in his Iliac Crest (right side) and he wanted to try the Rife unit. We hooked up the red electrode plugged into the carbon patch and put it on a wetted cloth that covered the pain area, wrapped some plastic wrap over the patch/wet cloth to keep it in place and put the white electrode on a carbon patch in front of the heel pad on his right foot. We ran session [track] 2 for 5 minutes. NO PAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This was done Saturday night, he is back at work today, Monday, and it is not bothering him at all. First time in weeks!!!!!!!!!!

I just called him to find out how he was and he was VERY HAPPY I had the unit and that he could try it.

Just thought you folks might want this “ANOTHER happy customer!!”information.

John D.
April 4, 2016

Hello John and Cherry

After purchasing and applying the Model A Rife Instrument, both Judi and I have had two years of freedom from pain, sinus problems and a general overall feeling of good health.

If you remember, we purchased the Model A after searching the InterNet for a company we felt we could trust – John answered the phone and explained the theory and practice behind Rife Technology without any sales pressure whatsoever. Judi was having some very serious unexplained pains in the heart that were going on for over 4 months … debilitating her as she was unable to walk for more than 200 yards without getting these pains, The cardiologist and the battery of tests could not offer any explanation of cause or solution. Within a few weeks of treatment with the Model A the pains were gone, and over the next three months Judi regained her strength and endurance. In retrospect we feel the problem may have been a ‘rogue virus’ or bacterial problem perhaps released due to a root canal that was not successfully completed.

But it gets even better. Judi has been plagued with chronic sinusitis for several years. After a dose of antibiotic and a maintenance program of the Fungus Title, Judi is free of her sinusitis today.

As for me, although I have not had any serious illnesses, I have used the Model A for general maintenance of good health and feel better today than anytime in the past. I am age 60.

With respect to Tactio, I have often dreamed of how best to apply the Model A’s capability without the wires and electrodes … now I realize this is just a dream at this stage but I want you to know what I have been dreaming about. I foresee a Rife Instrument that can send the frequencies wirelessly to a receiving device on the body. The receiving device would receive the signal and apply the frequencies just as the electrodes do now. Hopefully this will be a reality someday.

Of course I am most interested in the material related to the Tactio product.

Best regards,
N & J. T.
Ontario, Canada

I have been using the machine for a few months, i have gotten rid of a lot of parasites since using it, something I haven’t seen from using the other rife machines [Spooky2].

Betty B.
North Carolina
March 4, 2019

Before I would put a video of myself doing a horse or animal, I need to be informed about vet laws in the state of Texas. I recently used the rife machine on my daughter’s cat. It was losing hair around its mouth. The vet said it was a sign of an autoimmune disorder. I used track 2 for 3 minutes and the hair after a week started to grow back. I also did a friend’s cat who had infection from a fight twice on track 3 also for 3 minutes and the wounds healed without antibiotics. I think a cat can only tolerate about 3 minutes. I regularly use the rife machine on my horses for cuts. The fungal infection in the mare’s nose has required multiple treatments also.

Take care and our best wishes for you and John.

Nina and Aisha

Almost fifteen years ago I came across a book about a microscope inventor and researcher called Royal Rife who seemed to have demonstrated that microorganisms each had a unique mortal frequency, and would die if exposed to them. He had demonstrated some of the potential of this discovery.

Intrigued and amazed, I then began a search to find out if anybody was actually making “Rife Machines”.  I had investigated other fields of alternative and complimentary medicine before and had found these fields populated by some wonderful people, but also by a lot of pseudo-science, and false claims.

Then I got lucky. I found JWLABS. Before finding them (and at that time they were not so easy to find!) I sadly realized that the fields of “Rife Therapy”, “Rife Research”, and “Rife Machines”, were largely populated by charlatans and ignoramuses, preying on the confused and desperate.

Finding JWLABS, John and Cherry, was like finding shining nuggets of gold in a dark mine. I immediately realized that I had run into the mother lode of Rife knowledge.

In John Wright, I had found someone deeply knowledgeable about the field of Rife technology; and if that was all that would be good, but there was more. My contacts with John and Cherry have satisfied me of the following: They are both people of the highest ethics and honesty. John is always extremely honest in describing both the potential and the limitations of Rife technology. He makes himself and his considerable scope of knowledge available to his clients and supports their efforts in researching the uses of the technology.

The Model A units are superb devices, and John backs them up 100%. When one purchases from JWLABS the machines, as good as they are, constitute only part of the deal. The other valuable diamond is the opportunity to learn from the experience of John Wright, a true master of this field.

Myself and my family use the Model A in a prophylactic manner. My wife, children, and I remain healthy and have very few instances of colds and influenza during the flu season. When we do occasionally succumb to sickness, the Model A is there for us. We have used it over the years to successfully treat breast infections (my wife) and mastitis, various fungal infections (often impossible to eradicate by other means). Also for strep, sinus infections, to increase the speed of recovery from injury, eliminate seasonal allergies, and colds and flu, if we ever get them. With the exception of one infection (My eldest son got an E-coli infection from contaminated food when he was five years old.), neither of my two children (10 and 4) have ever suffered from any of the common childhood illnesses including ear infections, and the many illnesses that other children seem to fall victim to in our age. Neither of my sons has any allergies. Neither are vaccinated. It seems that the regular use of the Model A, has given them iron immune systems. It is our best “health insurance”!

When one invests in a Rife machine, one wants to ensure it is made by and backed by people who know what they are doing and have the highest of ethical standards. This is the case with John and Cherry.

Over the years, I have directed many of my friends, family members, and clients to JWLabs, and I will continue to do so, because quite simply they are the best. I believe that if every American household owned, and regularly used a Model A from JWLabs, we would be the healthiest nation on earth. Trips to doctors would be greatly reduced, many common illnesses would be things of the past, the need for medication would be slashed, and many so-called “incurable” diseases would disappear.

As long as one is subject to pernicious fungi, parasites, bacteria and viruses there is a use for the Model A, and the other Rife Machines of JWLabs. In fact, at this point I’m quite sure that John Wright knows a great deal more about, and has far greater experience in the effects of this technology, than Royal Rife ever did. John is willing to share this on his superb and informative websites and blogs, an education in themselves. [See www.rifetutor.com]

If I had unlimited resources, I would buy every family a JWLabs machine.

Neil M.
Hypnosis Practitioner
September, 2015

I have been a JWLABS rife user since 2002. Having owned the model b and model a. Now as a user of the new model A3.3  I am delighted with the self-charging ability. With each new model has come amazing advances. This latest model is the easiest and most user friendly one with the same amazing and positive results. Thank you JWLABS for making this technology possible. For saving my life so many times and for preserving this technology with incredible advances. I am eternally grateful.

Ava A.
January 2019

I’ve been a Homeopathic Doctor for more than 20 years. During that time, I have bought and used many brands and types of Rife machines and found them lacking. They are usually very costly, but this would be justified if they worked as well as they should. This is very frustrating.

I bought a used JWLABS Model B-27 from E-Bay (because it is a more authentic device), at a very good price. After reviewing JWLABS.com, I discovered that Model B is also used to create recorded sessions for Model A, so I had to have one.I have finally found a reliable company. One that produces a user friendly Rife machine that really works, both for my needs and the needs of my clients. I no longer have the problem of finding the right frequencies, as this machine sweeps all the frequencies, any way I want. JWLABS Model A is an ingenious device that is not expensive. Now I buy them 10 at a time.

Richard F.
Oakland, CA

Hello Cherry,

This was kind of short notice, so I am sorry I couldn’t elaborate more on it. Here is my testimonial, which I hope is useful to you (it is more of a short testimonial than a success story), as I mean every word of it:

J.W. Labs’ model A is the best device of its kind in the industry, and their service is second to none. Still years after the purchase both keep going like the first day. Can’t wait to see what they come up with next.

José V.
November, 2008

My PSA was 11.5 on 4/19/2010 and was 9.9 on 6/1/2010. After the first test I have been using your [ Model A]machine for about 3 hours a week. I’m happy with the results, but would like to discuss with you or John how to improve my results.

My wife has been able to reduce her headache medicine since using the machine.

John H.

My husband is 69 yrs old. He was diagnosed with Prostate cancer – spread to bone, lymph nodes and brain in March, 2004.

Doctor told him he had an extremely high score (tumor marker) and to prepare his family and his affairs. The doctor told me that he most likely had only three months to live.

His appearance suddenly changed to twenty years older than his real age. He developed large wrinkles all over his body, some of which was due to rapid weight loss.

I encouraged him to take colloidal minerals and other supplements. This, and dietary changes seemed to help considerably. Three months later, his tumor markers had declined. Still, his appearrance remained very unhealthy.

In February, 2007 he began using JWLABS Model A. His sessions were about 30 minutes every other day. We were amazed to see his appearance improve dramatically after only a few days! Also, his energy level was greatly improved.

He still uses the machine regularly to maintain his energy. He works every day from 9:00am to 7:00pm except Sunday!

I also have a friend in Japan who was diagnosed with breast cancer. She is 48 years old. She is very talented at brush drawing. She refused surgery because it would have made her incapapble of continuing her art. Instead, she tried several alternative therapies which were not effective.

In August, 2007 she obtained her JWLABS Model A. Unfortunately, she did not use it. Her cancer spread to her lung and her brain. I finally convinced her to use her machine. She does extremely long sessions nearly every day. About two weeks after starting, a very dark pus came out of her breast. Days later, it was green, and then yellow. Presently only a thin liquid is still running.

Her tumor markers went from 26 in August to 8.6 in November. We are very encouraged.


After researching the Frequency healing for a year, we finally had the opportunity to buy a Model A from JW Labs in late December of 06.Our only problem was, we weren’t having any problems (sickness) After about a year, one of our good friends dad was diagnosed with prostate cancer. He is 81 years old and was not given a good prognosis by his physician. They borrowed our Model A and used it for a couple of months before they purchased their own. His PSA readings went down and after a while (his physician couldn’t explain it) was given a clean bill of health. While he was on the program, his wife also tried it to see if it would give her relief from arthritis. After a few treatments, she could bend her fingers and they didn’t hurt to the touch. Their son-in-law administered the frequencies and was greeted with excitement every time he showed up. It has now been a couple of years and they are both doing fine.

A friend was visiting from Minnesota and complained about his shoulder hurting after a round of golf. He had a damaged rotator cup. He went through a general alignment program and found that the pain went away.

My mother-in-law fell in June of 07 breaking her femur just below her hip. She was 80 years old and it really set her back. Her femur was plated and screwed back together and she began her rehabilitation. We moved back to Texas and talked her into trying arthritis frequencies in an attempt to give her relief from the pain that she developed about 8 months after the surgery. After a couple of weeks, she noticed that she was sleeping through the night and getting up in the morning without the stiffness associated with her injury. When we want to use the Model A, we now have to go to her house to use it. Over the past couple of years we have purchased four model A’s that we have given to my parents, my daughter and son-in-law, my mother-in-law and a friend in need.

My mother, 80, has pain associated with a herniated disk in her neck. She has gone to every kind of doctor and can get no relief. She is beginning a program this next month. We expect good results.

It works great on my sinuses. It clears me like nasal spray.

I could probably go on, but you have the major stuff here.


Cherry….after receiving your e-mail, I thought I’d call you and let you that I am well and will soon be 81 at the end of the month. It’s been 7 years since I first talked to you regarding my stage 4 prostate cancer. using your A machine was a major factor in my recovery from cancer….my PSA was 103 and today it’s .08…..no chemo or radiation! since than my major health concern is a bulging disk…..think I should use the rife machine? aloha and thank you for your help.

Alfred M.

We ‘re doing just great with our (JWLABS Model B & Model A)machines.

We just love them! My husband has made great strides with his prostate, taking the treatments in the book for it. We’ve both taken several treatments for viruses and fungus. My toe nail that had the fungus is growing in nicely. Don’t know what we would do without those machines!

….Did I ever send you the picture of my dog having her treatments?

B. & D. P.

Thank you for all your help over the years. The Model A and the Model B Rife machines that I purchased from Wright Laboratories have both been very effective in helping me with some pretty serious health conditions that I have experienced over the years.Several years ago, I developed a prostate infection (Prostatitis) and all of my traditional doctors were saying that the condition that I was experiencing was a chronic condition that would probably never go away. None of the antibiotic treatments that I was given would help at all. I then remembered speaking with Cherry Maly a number of years earlier and she had told me about Rife technology and how the technology was very effective in treating bacterial and viral infections.

I then found a local acupuncturist that also used a Rife machine as one mode of treatment. I immediately started to feel better. I then purchased a machine (the Model B) from Wright Labs for use at home. I then later purchased the Model A.

I believe that Rife technology can be very helpful, if used correctly, in helping with many medical conditions. I have some first hand knowledge of this and am very thankful that I was introduced to this technology and have access to it. Dr. Rife was well ahead of his time and has come up with a very effective tool.

Name Withheld
November, 2008

I purchased the(JWLABS Model A) machine to help my husbands Pseudo Gout (a form of arthritis) which he has been plagued with for many years . Two weeks after starting his treatments he no longer needs crutches to walk. In fact he started jogging again in order to get in shape for baseball season since he plays on an “over 50” league. Time will tell if this condition will flare up again, but it is a real comfort to know that we can treat it so effectively in a short amount of time.

Thank you so much for the work that you do which helps so many.


The Psoriasis CDs are showing significant results for my girlfriend. Large areas of her legs are now free of the condition, other areas are showing significant reduction in redness and size, and the stressinduced Psoriasis present on her face for the past year is also reducing dramatically!

I have successfully used the Virus CDs during the past two months to eliminate two separate stye formations on the same eye without the need for the styes to drain.

When the last stye occurred just over a week ago, I was simultaneously battling the onset of a cold virus – the stye was eliminated within approximately 36 hours and the cold virus was immediately arrested (a minor sore throat was the only noticeable symptom) and then eliminated within approximately 72 hours.

Dr. Greg T.


You can’t read a book by its cover, but the caliber of your case assures me that you are committed to quality. It’s fantastic. We love our machine! [Model A3.

John V.


I am thankful that you have the favorites setting. The range of options is remarkable…..

Margaret B.
March 2017

Dear Wright Labs,

I would like to say that the JW Labs Model A has become a part of my life over the last two years that I have owned it. It is a relaxing and therapuetic part of my weekly schedule. I feel that using this therapy adds energy to my body, both mentally and physically. When I am consistent in using this therapy, I find that my overall health is much better than my peers at work and any family members that are not using it also. In addition, I have no physical problems at the age of 47, and I attribute the use of the model A to part of that success.

Some examples of the way that I feel the Model A helps me: I have no arthritis or joint pain even though I run 3 or 4 times a week, I can still read a menu! I do not use eyeglasses or contacts and have not had lasik surgery I rarely get a cold and if I do it goes away very quickly. I never visit a medical doctor and I take no prescription meds.

My overall impression is that this is very beneficial to the human body.

Keep up the good work in bringing innovative products to us.

Thanks again
recvd 11/14/08

After 10 months of investigating Rife type machines, I decided to order a Model A from JW Labs. The machine and accompanying CD arrived in a timely fashion and the customer support was way beyond my expectation.

After using the General Adjustment tracks I was ready to progress to tracks addressing cancer, at which time I discovered their new web site “RifeTherapy.com”I subscribed and have started doing treatments/sessions through the web site as opposed to driving the frequencies with a CD. All I can think to say is “genius”.

An amazing technology, a simple interface and convenience beyond imagination. I travel and the ability to access a whole library of frequencies for hundreds of health issues using a computer, iPad, smart phone and the very small and portable Model A is incredible.

I immediately called my daughter and told her she had to get hooked up. This is revolutionary for health and extremely affordable. I only wish I had found it sooner My sincere assessment is that everyone should avail themselves of this extraordinary vehicle to take control of their own health.

Grant L.

You’ve got a member for life!

Frank T.
New York
February 25, 2019

My husband has had rosacea and seborrheic dermatitis on his face since he was young. In the past year his face has been particularly red and bumpy and he has tried all kinds of creams to clear it up. He has been warned about the use of steroids on his face because they cause the skin to thin, but he ignored that.

Then I got my Model A. He has been using only the General Alignment CD for about three weeks and his skin has totally cleared up! His skin is the normal color and it is as smooth as glass. Thank you for this unexpected gift!

Connie D.

My wife and I have been using the Model A Rife Machine for the past 2 years with astounding success. I have experienced great results in removing fungi from my toe nails. Regular treatments have helped us to obtain and maintain control of our health.

In February of 2007, I suffered a ruptured Achilles tendon for which I chose surgery. My regular use of the Model A greatly aided in the healing process. My orthopedic doctor declared to me that he had never seen anyone my age recover and heal as quickly as I did from such an injury. The machine also greatly reduced and eventually eliminated all swelling. I also experienced little scarring.

I am pleased to say that aside from my ruptured Achilles tendon, I have not had so much as a common cold since I purchase the machine. I must say that the machine has proven an invaluable investment.

R. T.


Patient one –

Came in with severe gout. Did gout sessions [with JWLABS Model A] and within 2 treatments gout started to go do and pain was reduced significantly. After a week Gout was not present. We also used Mag O7 to increase the elimination processes to flush toxins.

Patient two –

Came in with the Flu. Did Influenza [JWLABS Model A]session one time and next day patient called office and did not have flu symptoms of fever and pain.

We also used Mag O7 to increase the elimination processes to flush toxins.

C. S.

I am a designer and inventor. I am very familiar with the works of Royal Raymond Rife and the principle and theories of Rife instrumentation. I consider myself a Rifer.

Over the past ten years I have had the opportunity to physically examine many so-called “Rife machines”along with their buzzers and bells. For the most part, they are nothing more than glorified frequency generators with some modifications.

After extensively dissecting the JWLABS unit, I was pleased to find a simple “no frills”instrument that is 1) Extremely user friendly. 2) Priced reasonably affordable. And most of all they do all that it is intended to do.

A warning to prospective customers – There are a few manufacturers that are selling equipment that are potentially dangerous due to extreme exposure to unchanneled or directed radio waves. Remember that a microwave oven is no more than a transmitter of a radio frequency wave that happens to be in the range of Gigahertz and is contained within the microwave oven, thus cooking your food.

Recently, I was sharpening a few of my kitchen knives the guard on this very well known brand hand-held device failed. I severed the tendons in my hand and received 15 well-placed sutures. I was told that the surgery to repair the tendons would exceed $15,000. Well, that was not possible for me financially.

A week or so went by and I and I decided to connect up the Ole Model A. Not the Model A Ford, the JWLABS Model A. I applied the contact pads to the injured area and gave myself a 10 minute treatment with General Alignment, track 2.

I continued treating myself three times a week for the next couple months, and I can honestly say that my hand has almost no visible signs of the sutures whatsoever and is pretty well back to normal.

Thank you JWLABS for a fine product.


Some of you who read this testimony may think that this is B.S. Just to clarify, I have not been paid, nor am I affiliated with JWLABS in any way. I am merely an individual with many years of experience in electronics and design, as well as knowledge in Rife instrumentation.

Again, thanks JWLABS.

John’s shingles returned and the pathogens were attacking his right leg making it difficult for him to walk. After only 3 full sessions on the [Model A] he now has no more pain. As for myself, I am making steady progress with the flukes disk and this is working. Perhaps I ate sushi! Never again. I am being much more careful on my diet.

Greta and John

I cannot start this testimonial without praising John and Cherry for the amazing customer service they have provided since we bought the model A.Many many thanks for your support. My husband and I have been using the machine primarily for general maintenance but I recently had the opportunity to test it for a specific issue.

A couple of weeks ago, I revived an old shoulder injury during a wall climbing session. The original injury happened a year ago while I was weightlifting and I suffered on and off from a dull pain around the shoulder for about 5 months after that.

I stopped exercising and had regular chiropractic adjustments which helped. This time around, the initial pain was the same but it developed over 2 days and became so intense that I was unable to lift my arm. Diagnosis: shoulder impingement with acute bursitis and inflammation of the biceps tendon.

The physiotherapist who gave me the diagnosis and the first emergency treatment recommended a series of sessions with him, cryotherapy (ice packs every other hour), anti inflammatory medication and a program of exercises to be gradually introduced over a period of 3 weeks.

I am not a big fan of drugs so decided to do without them after the first day. I wanted to be fully aware of the pain and of its progression. The idea of putting any pressure or ice on my shoulder when it was so tender to the touch and when I was so uncomfortable was also very unappealing.

So I decided to try the Rife machine instead, at least until the pain lessened. I used it from day 2 onwards, twice a day for 10min, with the output electrode patch on the sorest part of the shoulder. I felt noticeably better on day 3 and decided to stick to the Rife sessions and to do without the ice packs or the exercises altogether.

On day 5, I had a much wider range of movement and the pain at rest had almost disappeared. Things continued to improve from there and on day 12, after 3 physio sessions, 3 chiropractic adjustments, and my twice-daily 10min doses of Rife, I had roughly 80% of movement back and only felt some very bearable pain when strong pressure was applied to the shoulder.

The physiotherapist was very impressed with the pace of my recovery. I will follow up with a mail on the progress to full recovery and hopefully back to climbing.

Again, thank you for everything.

Myriam A.

I feel so much better! Pain (shoulders) reduced by 70%.  I feel better than I have in 10 years.

(One week later) I used the back pain session, and my pain disappeared before the end of the session. My blood glucose levels are also going down. It’s incredible! This machine has changed everything.

Thomasine B.
July 2018

I just wanted to let you guys know that the rash I had in both arms, neck and chest went away completely about a week after using the Rife machine.

Now we only use it about three times a week.

We love it.

Thank you,
Lourdes M.

I use my Model A3 2-3x week for arthritis… It has been very helpful. I used to be sleepless due to pain in my arm. This is now resolved. I am so pleased that I’m now getting a machine for my daughter.

Claude H.
October 2018

I have been interested in alternative healing methods for nearly 40 years, and had looked into several different Rife machines. Reading some objective reviews on the Internet led me to JW Labs. A phone call to John Wright helped me understand his unit better than any others I’d looked into.

We’ve owned the JWLABS Model A 3.1 for 2 ½ years. In that time, John Wright and Cherry Maly have carefully taken us through each step to insure that we were able to use the Rife machine properly. The results have been wonderful.

Besides boosting our overall immune systems, it has helped in several other areas. Since we have some very good alternative healers that help us with blood testing and other quantifiable tests, we’ve experienced firsthand how our unit has improved our health.

I used to suffer from severe sore throats and flu-like colds, usually two per year that would last sometimes 2 to 3 months, but since using the Rife machine, it has cut down my colds to nearly zero, the worst being slight sniffles that are gone after two days. Since I travel a great deal, often to developing counties, I take it along. One time, I was bitten by a poisonous spider in Indonesia. My right elbow swelled and I felt faint and nauseous. After calling John, he carefully guided me through some protocols, and in two days, the swelling and all symptoms were gone.

Friends of mine have other Rife machines, but some of them lay unused it their closets because they aren’t sure how to use them or have had bad experiences with them. JW Labs has made it simple but effective to use, and along with their exemplary support system, we use it all the time.

I must say, there has never been a time when I needed to get some help, that either John or Cherry have not been there to patiently explain and assist me in any way needed. Before I’ve gone on trips, I’ve called and gotten advice on how to use the machine for preventative measures.

I’ve recommended their units to as many friends as I can, and some have purchased them. It’s a ‘must have’ in our household, and can’t say enough about it, and the customer service.

P.M & N.P.
Hong Kong

Our son had the ligaments in his knee torn while playing hockey. The doctor said it would be $20,000.00 to operate, he would probably not be able to play again and would probably walk with a limp the rest of his life. He also advised him he would be in a cast for 6 months plus therapy after that.

He started treating the knee immediately using the Wright Frequency machine. [Model B] He placed the negative pad on the kneecap and moved the positive pad to a new position on the knee for each frequency. He did this once each day.

Each treatment lasted for just over 1 hour. In 2 weeks time he was walking comfortably, in 3 weeks time he was back skating and in 4 weeks he was back playing hockey with no discomfort or loss of mobility. He did not require any further treatments after the 4 weeks.

He visited the doctor the following week to have him x-ray the knee and give it a full examination. The doctor was amazed at the recovery in such a short time without any other treatments.

Each member of my family now has a Wright Frequency machine. It is probably one of the best and most beneficial investments I have made.

Don L.

My wife and I have been using our Model A4 for a few months. My wife had a stroke 8 years ago, leaving her left side affected. I have had arthritis in my foot, due to an injury. I’m glad to report that my wife has noticed a slight increase in strength, and more definitely in balance. My foot has improved to the point that I no longer hobble. We continue to experiment with protocols in the hope of continuing our progress.

Roy D.
November 2017

I have been using my Model A4 for just a few months. I recently had surgery, and I continued using my machine after the procedure. Historically, I have been slow to heal. I am pleasantly surprised at how quickly the incision closed. My recovery has been much faster than expected. It seems to me that this machine has made a remarkable difference.

James Y.
November 2017


Received this note today from our loyal customer in Ontario, Canada Oh!!!:

“Just so you know. I have finally visited my thrombosis specialist and I’m in the clear. No signs of new embolisms; gone they are. He cannot explain why, but I know why; those low 20 – 30 hz frequencies over a period of 1 months every 2 days did the trick. Pass this on to John… Also I’m still holding my own with my diabetes one treatment every 6th day…WOW!!!”

October 2, 2015

From an acupuncturist in Ecuador:

“Sandy’s tinnitus has gone down from a “3”out of 10 to a “2”. This is a huge difference. When the wind is blowing, he can actually hear the leaves rustle. He will sit outside for hours just enjoying the quiet sounds of the city. Slowly, the sound is getting lower. Now he wakes up at a “2.5”instead of a “3”or higher. This is really impressive. If you have other people who are working on tinnitus and can’t seem to get results, I would love to work with them to see if this Model A protocol will work on someone else.”

Bev C.
December, 2015

Last week I used the machine on a friend’s horse who had been foundered (a kind of fever in the feet caused by overeating in his case) about 6 weeks ago. My friend had done the preliminary things like standing him in mud and had the shoer put pads on his feet. He was still very ouchy. I did track 2 on him almost twice (about 3/4 for the second round because he started getting a little antsy). Afterward, I observed that his walk was much livelier. I called to check up on him in the afternoon. My friend said he shoer asked her if she had “buted”the horse (a pain killer). Shesaid no that I had worked on him. The shoer said that the horse had about an inch of separation of the white line whereas 1/4″ would be more than normal and that with the concussion of the shoeing the horse should have been sore and he wasn’t.

All of this is pretty amazing, first to have such quick results and to have results at all. Tomorrow morning I am going to treat him again, same scenario. On Friday, Sat, and Sun my friend is taking him for an over the weekend trailride. I am theorizing that the machine took out the inflammation from his feet.—– Also an update on Angelika, my mare with the right nasal problem: When I returned from California I did track 5 on her twice, 3 times repeated (she got a little antsy); however now I don’t smell anything funky. I gave her the day off today (no treatment) but will proceed again tomorrow or the next day. She still has some discharge. I will keep you posted! Best regards to you and John.

Nina G.

We have been saying for years that our Model A is powerful enough to treat a horse, yet sensitive enough to treat a mouse. In fact, we have assisted our customers in addressing numerous concerns of their four-legged friends. Cats, dogs, goats, horses, and at least one llama.

Nina has been a loyal user of the Model A since 2006. She has a soft heart for animals and has used her machine for her beloved horses as well as herself. Here she is with her latest client.

“I recently had the opportunity to help this beautiful animal.

Nina effectively applies frequency therapy to horse with persistent back pain.

“‘I Be Remarkable’ is his registered quarter horse name. “Mark”for short. He is of stoic personality, and quiet nature.

“He was in pain for a long time, but kept working.

“I think a kidney imbalance was causing pain in the lower back for Mark. For 10 months he had an irregular gait in the back legs. The left hind leg would short step.

Nina effectively applies frequency therapy to horse with persistent back pain.

“Originally he had a shoulder problem, but it affected the rear. He was very tight in both hind legs.

“Through use of the [Model A] Rife machine only twice (alternating days with massage and stretching), he returned fairly quickly to a normal gait. His diet was also changed to a grain-free feed. I think it reduced inflammation.

“He went back home to the owner after 10 days.”

We will share more of Nina’s reports as she continues to share her successes. As of the moment, we have not yet cornered a mouse to prove the balance of our claim. Stay tuned for updates; we may surprise you.

Model A is being used effectively with many of our four-legged friends. Here are just a few examples from our customers:

Vivian is using her model A to help a rescue kitty. Found in a parking lot of a shabby strip mall, this little one was named “Marlowe”for Philip Marlow, the detective. This intrepid feline was on the hunt for scraps. Vivian says that most red tabby cats are male, so she was surprised to discover otherwise. The name stuck.

It appears that she was rescued just in time, as she has heart worm and feline HIV. She has demonstrated such an affinity for the Model A that she actually kneads the electrode patches placed on her pads. Since this photo, the suspicious black spot on her nose has disappeared. We have high hopes for full recovery, and we laud another of our “angels”out there who so freely give of hearts and time to these otherwise bereft creatures.

Marlow no longers tests positive for feline HIV.

PS….Vivian called recently to let us know that Marlowe no longer has HIV. She is convinced that the machine made the difference.


Since 2004, Mona has been using her Model A with confidence. Here, she shares her just a part of her story. (Notice that the session draws the attention of the entire pet family.)

I started using the [Model A] Rife machine some years ago and John has been so helpful in coaching me to address different things: Colds, Flu, Sinus problems, Cellulitis infections in my legs, liver, HPC, gall bladder, intestinal flare-ups, and more. I recently had my blood work done and everything looks great – even my cholesterol is great.

My results have been so good that I wanted to use the machine on my dogs. In fact, I have been using it on them for a long time. I place the electrode wires on my hands and hold them over the affected area, getting the contacts as close to the skin as possible, given the fur.

My routine has been to consult with John about how to do a human treatment, and then we tweak it for the animals. We have had good results.

Mona’s dogs line up for their session on the Model A Rife machine!

A little Yorkie was having seizures about once a week. I started using various protocols, with particular attention to the duration of the session and the placement of my fingers on the dog.

I watched carefully to see if our four-legged friend was in discomfort. We had to build up her tolerance to the sessions. We could not go full force. Important to pay attention to the size of the animal and the overall health of the animal. I made sure she had plenty of water before and after her sessions. Often followed up with chicken broth (no bullion). With the sessions, her seizures have been much less frequent – about seven weeks apart.

On my collie I have used the liver treatment, as his liver is in trouble. I use the detox treatment for maintenance. It’s helpful to do sessions when your little friend is tired, perhaps after a walk or a good play session. I have found that this ensures that they lie patiently, soaking up the attention. They really love it when I move my (wired) hands around slowly.

Mona’s collie enjoys session on Model A Rife machine.

My cat, Samantha, is 11 years old, and she picks her own treatment. She often comes and lies down on my chest for the duration of my own personal treatment. Also, my Maltese Beshion will lie on my lap or across my feet while I use the machine. They usually have to go the bathroom when the session is over.

Needless to say, the Model A has made a difference to everyone in our family!

Samantha loves her Rife machine sessions on Model A.

Before I had gotten the rife machine, I’d been under the care of a naturopath/kinesiologist for panic attacks with a diagnosis of adrenal weakness. I thought it would be a good idea to get a JW Labs rife machine to rebuild the adrenals.

Upon first usage of the rife machine I got a ‘passing out’ feeling…so I just backed off a bit. Eventually I was able to build up to go longer with no episodes…but then…I suppose I went to strong/far and the episodes increased and the panic attacks became MUCH worse than ever before.

I also got a strange numbness/tingling in my left arm which would come and go…also ear ringing. I had to stop the gym/treadmill because that would exacerbate the ‘passing out’ feeling.

VERY long story short, my kinesiologist found that the panic was caused by pesticides which, given our toxic society could have come from exposure to malathion on the Jersey shore to flea bombs to my well water. He gave me a supplement called ‘Detoxosode’ and Parotid pmg and the horrible 5 day attacks just stopped…like that.

Let me say emphatically that the rife machine actually began the healing process by rooting out the toxin…and frequently microbes hide behind the toxins… Moderation is the keynote here…the JW Labs [Model A] device is VERY powerful tool and a very very little for a long time is what wins the day.

I torked it way up which initiated the toxin excretion from my brain but the better way would have been a long and steady moderation. In recovery, I’m back in the gym running but I can at times smell the toxin…I’ve had weird running sores on my feet and I still have occasionally tingling numbness of my arm…but the panic is gone…Hope this helps some of you out there!!

Peter K.


I thought I would write to you after my first week of using the new Model A4. As a user of the JWLABS Model A3 for about 10 years, I am enjoying all that the new Model A4 offers, particularly:

  • rechargeable lithium ion battery power
  • convenience of having the complete library of all 300 plus JWLABS routines in memory (not having to load a separate CD for a different routine)
  • the touch screen has performed flawlessly for me
  • Model A4 technology is wrapped up in a user friendly, attractive and robust unit.

These new features enable me to us the A4 in places I would not otherwise have been able to conveniently use the A3.

I am looking forward to continued lifetime warrantied service and support of effective JWLABS Rife technology.

Norman T.
London, Ontario, Canada
April 2017

My experience so far with the JWLABS Model A3 machine has been slow, yet at the same time I have had massive reactions. Some good and some not so good. What I have learnt is that I had to find my own level or pace . In the beginning, I did 10 Min on the GA track2 for 5 nights then 2 day off. The first few sessions were amazing! I had energy like I hadn’t had for many a year, so I thought great I’ll just keep up this routine, then after 3 weeks or so I had a massive reaction whereby my body went crazy with pain and fatigue. I thought what the heck is going on. Then I found that the sessions have a cumulative affect and basically my body could not handle it.

I mean GA Track 2 is the detox range, yet any DC current square wave applied also stimulates energy (ATP) and the Immune system and at some level can attack pathogens. So I thought what do I do, so I then stopped for a week or so, then started again at 5 Min 3 nights, on 2 nights off, then revised again to 2 nights on and 2 days off at 5 min on GA track2. When I was suffering from a head cold type infection I would stop using the Jwlabs altogether as it would have overwhelmed my body.

So after 10 Months or so on the machine, I am now able to get up to GA Track2 10 Min, 2 nights on and 2 days off without negative reactions, just feel more energy and more spark at times. I have had a long term illness know as Fibromyalgia and only 2 years ago found out it was actually chronic Lyme Disease. So my thinking now is that I have been ill for 23 years. I cannot fix this quickly like we all think and want. We have pain, for example, get a pain killer and we think we are fixed. In reality we are not – as we have just only applied a patch to one symptom.

So now I am applying GA track 2 for 5 Minutes and GA track 3 for 3 Min and increment both tracks up until I have no negative reaction. Still doing 2 days on 2 day off.

The frustrating thing I have learnt is that we are all so different and one method may work great for some yet not another. I think of the machine now as a healing machine and that slow and steady will win out in the end. I stop altogether when I think my body can’t handle it then restart again.

At the same time I watch my diet and eat plenty of vegetables and also take certain supplements as well. I also still need Osteopathy treatment but now rather than one treatment every week I can go every 3 weeks or so. I am far from being cured , but I have incremental improvement & still with variation but I know to hang in and persist. I also keep a daily brief journal of my symptoms. My core energy overall is improved and my sleep is way better, and my brain function has steadily improved. The important thing is that there is no straight line, for me at least. There is still variation, yet the trend is upward & of course a long way to go .

I mean I have a complex condition and healing takes time, the Rife machine is one tool in my arsenal so to speak. I wish it were a lot easier, yet I know it will take more time. I really ake more ground this year, as I have moved through the base level over time so that now my body can build on.

Initially I thought well I have the Lyme tracks so I will just start there, however in reality could my body immune system and detox pathways handle that , most probably not. So easing into this therapy is longer but the outcomes I hope are longer lasting at a deep healing level or at the systemic root cause level, that most doctors ignore.

I was an Electronics Engineer so I studied all the various Rife technologies and theory and in my own determination and evaluation I felt that the Jwlabs machine and technique were the safest . I mean we have all heard of Electromagnetic radiation at high frequencies like mobile phone cellular technology can affect the human biology, both thermally and just by the frequency alone in reducing mitochondria function, the very energy furnace of the human cell. So applying a Direct Square wave at Audio frequency is safe and that knowing that a square wave is the best way to penetrate the human body and acting like a carrier wave with programmed frequencies, that can ripple up and resonate against a pathogen. I concluded this was the machine to use. I mean the science is so complex and I do not profess to know it all, but I read John Wright’s website papers and it just fit with my understanding of wave theory and electronics & basic human biology.

I only say the above as it is only my point of view. If one reads J. Wright’s website it is so honest in it’s appraisal. For example the outcomes can be measured and the statistical analysis is a normal distribution curve. What that means is that some people get brilliant results and quite quickly, yet others not so fast or so good. I mean how many manufacturers of Rife type technology would even tell you that? Straight away I knew I was dealing with honesty and a critical analysis of the scientific method.

So I shall persist as I said above and see where this journey takes me so to speak. Trust the Process is key, I think I implied that but add as it is important.  I am completely confident that this is the best Rife technology on the Market and I am hopeful that this technology will get me well (I mean I am also watching Food intake, take Herbs get Osteopathic Treatment and Applied Kineasiology therapy as well).

Greg P.
November 2017

Customer since 2007

I’m still on meds for bp. but it’s lower than ever. I haven’t been to my allergy doctor in 3 years! Machine worked great for a UTI, and I rarely get even a symptom of a cold. If I do, I’m able to knock it out right away and it never develops into a full blown episode. Still happy, after all these years!”

Mike F.


My Model A is like a good friend. I use it as a tool for general well being and depend on it when in trouble. The best result for an acute condition was for a serious virus that I contracted while flying. Because of Diabetes, my immune system is already compromised, so when I fall ill it usually takes a week or better to get back on my feet.

I used my Model A for 10 minutes every 3 hours utilizing the “Virus”CD. Within the same day I began to feel better, overnight even better, and was able to resume a normal schedule after the second day of use. As for the Diabetes, 5 days a week I run at least a 20 minute cycle of General Alignment and Diabetes to keep my “numbers”in a normal range.

On a regular schedule of use I feel that it helps me maintain a high level of health. I have confidence in rejecting vaccinations that are vigorously pushed by the HMO Doctors, stating that I have better ways of dealing with these types of illnesses. I recommend this therapy to anyone that will listen and feel confident that Wright Labs can help those I send their way.

Thanks so much for your product and support.

Best Regards,
Katheryn P.

I wanted you to know that after only 4 treatments using the Virus path and tracks 2 & 3 my UTI is cleared! I’ve been suffering with this infection for 7 weeks before I thought to call you.

Liz E.
September 2018

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