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The Royal Rife Story

By August 16, 2015 5 Comments
Dr. Rife

There’s a lot more to the history of Royal Rife than the facts alone. One of those things is the perspective that one has of those facts depending, of course, on your own history. So if you began observing the progress of the history personally, from start to finish, you know what came before and you know what part of it is biased or untrue.

If you become aware of the history a hundred years later your view of that very same history, even if all the facts have survived, will be extremely different.  In the case of Royal Rife, the history was being rewritten literally as it happened. People have been rewriting the story since the 1920’s, and new versions have been showing up ever since.

When I was first introduced to Rife Technology, it was as a contractor. My only interest was limited to the hardware. The history simply didn’t matter much to me. During the first year, I heard all sorts of reports about the people and the development and the hardware, mostly by word of mouth, and for several years various characters sought me out to impose upon me their version of the historic events . They often had machines and various documents to prove their claims.  I found this to be just a little strange at first, because after all, why did they feel it was so important for me to know their version? Barry Lynes' book

Why did they even assume that I cared that much? Since none of the stories I got amounted to anything significant, and none corroborated another, I listened to all of it with suspicion. Barry Lynes’  book, THE CANCER CURE THAT WORKED, was yet another version. By the time I got a copy of it, I wasn’t about to subscribe to any of the accounts I had heard, because it was all contradictory.

So, all I had for a while was just a pile of conflicting stories that I didn’t care about anyway, because it was irrelevant to what I was doing. All I was concerned about, or had any reason to care about, was building the machines according to the schematics I’d been given originally by the friends and partners of Royal Rife. At this point I was vaguely aware that there was something of a competition among the proponents of the various versions of the story, which didn’t really make a whole lot of sense to me.  I wanted nothing to do with it.

The first time I was approached by real criminals, it was something of a cheap shot. The guy just called me on the phone and claimed that if I made and sold Rife machines I was going to have to pay him a royalty, because he owned the entire Rife technology. He claimed he had bought all of the materials from Royal Rife himself, and he was prepared to enforce his claims. He insisted on coming to visit the next day at my office, expecting me to open my books so he could assess what my first payment should be.    gangster

I was not about to start paying protection. So I took certain measures to assure that he was deterred. Suffice to say that he was completely unprepared for what he was faced with when he arrived at my office, and he did not return. He did call me the next day, apparently because he had been devastated by what he found at my office, and he needed to confirm with me what had happened. That was the last I heard from him directly, but apparently the guy was fairly notorious because that story and the scuttlebutt it created continued to circulate for some time after.

The second time I was approached by gangster types, it was quite a different story. I had no clue about the guy until he showed up at my door. Then it was obvious that he was classic mafia, just like what you see in the movies. There was no denying that his look, his speech and demeanor was that of a dangerous criminal. I was expecting him at any moment to produce a Glock and start waving it around.

But instead, he had an unexpected agenda. He insisted that he was in possession of something of great value to me and my business, and it was imperative that he show it to me. What he actually presented was a highly advanced, extremely small battery-powered Rife machine which he demonstrated, and which was absolutely amazing.

At this point I realized that this guy was totally out of my league, and that he had expected me to be wealthy, and able to pay mega-bucks for his goods.  At some point, he realized that this machine was not something I could afford, so he didn’t offer it for sale, just demonstration. The technology of it was significantly beyond anything I could do at the time. This device had roughly the proportions of a personal tape recorder as was popular in those days. It was obviously intended to be carried in your shirt pocket. Evidently this unit was something designed specifically for a doctor to use on many patients each day. It appeared to be well used.

At the time, (the early 90’s), I was invested in the first Model A3 units, and I explained the advantages of recorded sessions made on a fully manual device, and why this was so important to the success of my users. The engineering criterion of my technology was to make high quality therapy devices that were affordable, always seeking to make it more cost effective, without sacrificing any of the performance. This seemed to be a notion he hadn’t considered.  It seemed to me that he expected that only doctors or the elite would buy Rife Machines, and they would be very, very expensive.

But the fact that his device existed at all was a real eye-opener for me. Because for anyone to have developed such an advanced and polished instrument, obviously of great practical value to a medic treating soldiers ( or perhaps a scenario of  many biological warfare victims), meant that Rife technology was being developed in secret with a big budget. Like the military.

A few years earlier, in my phone conversations with officials at the Pentagon, it was suggested to me that I pursue a defense contract to build machines for use in a theater of war. They made it clear they would provide any research needed for the project by immediately putting me in contact with a research team leader. They also gave me specific instructions on how to present the idea to the right departments. Absolutely no “red tape”.  Actually, with no paperwork at all, they were evidently ready to move on it urgently. Although I certainly wanted to get such a contract, I was in no financial shape to even begin to meet their needs, or to compete with top contractors.

So the frequency instrument this guy had was very close to what I imagined such a device might look like. He declined to tell me where he had acquired it. I assumed it had been stolen. In addition to this device, he had a briefcase full of what appeared to be authentic documents from Rife’s laboratory, many of them signed by Royal Rife himself. He also showed me quite a few pictures of Rife and Crane and the equipment which I had not seen and have not seen since.

I didn’t make any offers on any of it, because I simply couldn’t afford anything as extravagant as that, and figured that the information I did have was complete enough. I didn’t believe I could learn anything of such value from it. In any event I felt that what he had, if it was really authentic, belonged in a museum along with the rest of Rife’s original pieces. I told him so, and he put his stuff away and politely departed.

Two days later my house was robbed while I slept. My garage, actually. As far as I could tell, the burglars did not enter the house. thief All of the completed machines I had in stock, along with the manuals were stolen. A loss in today’s dollars of about $30k, which was a lot for me then. Curiously, that was all that was taken. Expensive electronic test equipment, computers, and other scientific hardware were untouched. I was grateful I hadn’t just finished a production run and the place wasn’t stacked to the rafters, because that might have finished me. Shortly afterward, I moved the operation to a secure venue.

This was just about the time the internet started to make changes to the Rife Machine market. The days of covert operatives selling machines out of the back of a station wagon were over. As were the strong arm tactics used by profiteers, where they would very aggressively try to sell machines at absurd prices to the wealthy, and to upper middle class people suffering from cancer. Devices that would ordinarily sell for $3000, were routinely sold for $50,000 or even more.

I remember seeing John Crane’s advertisements offering a guaranteed cure for AIDS, for $50,000. I’ve forgotten where I saw these for sure; but as  I remember it, those ads were in the local newspaper. Seems crazy, but that’s how memory serves me.


Almost from day one of my exposure to Rife technology, I was approached by locals who had Rife Machines. Since Rife had lived in San Diego, there was a much higher public awareness of Rife technology here than anywhere else in the world. Usually they were enthusiastic about helping me by letting me learn what I could from these devices.  I examined and tested dozens of machines, many of which were home-made. These covered the full range: from devices that were made by, or contracted for, John Crane himself, to completely pathetic fakes. By fakes I mean the great majority of all so-called Rife Machines that were sold to the public for decades before my time. These were modified function generators, mostly the “antique” variety dating as far back as WWII. It was a common practice to simply paste on a printed label over that of the original manufacturer, with something like “Rife-Crane Frequency Generator”. Sometimes it was nothing more than a “Dymo Label”. Some of them had not been modified in any other way, so the therapeutic value of these fakes was at most 5 or 10 percent of a properly built machine.

The decades of this kind of fraud fairly well crushed the Rife Machine business. Machines of this kind were so grossly underpowered and the results that were possible were so disappointing, that the credibility of the technology was negatively impacted in a massive way. As far as I could gauge, I had entered the business when it was at its all-time low, and this was the apparent reason.

Crane himself built at least some devices that were very ineffective. But that wasn’t his fault; it was simply due to the fact that he was also updating the hardware to modern components. Converting a device of this kind from vacuum tubes to transistor was a lot more challenging than converting a radio; and how to do that well enough that a transistorized unit could perform the therapy equally well took time to develop.

It took the Rife Machine market a generation to get to the point where state-of-the- art components actually dominated.

The San Diego Main Library once had a special section for Rife books and publications. Again, this is because the Rife technology originated in San Diego, and during the time when Rife still had global recognition. The city was very proud to be the setting where such momentous events took place. All but one or two volumes remained at the library when we started using it in the 80’s. We were told that all the rest had been stolen. Royal Rife with microscope

This was the point in time when I think that lacking any credible documentation, the entire Rife story became unhinged from reality. Stories started coming out that were completely outlandish and highly unlikely in my opinion, since it appeared to me to be nothing but another round of misinformation. I knew for sure that misinformation had completely saturated the market, when I realized that I had a lot more people claiming to own original Rife microscopes than the actual number that had purportedly been built.

These microscope arguments which had once been heated, jealous, and accusative disappeared once the performance of modern digitally enhanced microscopes began to equal and ultimately to surpass Rife’s prismatic scopes.

Scientifically, even the new scopes held very insignificant importance to the therapy since all the frequencies for virus, bacteria and fungus had been established for decades. Although it was, and still is, possible to use them to show microbes being destroyed by “frequency energy”, these results are academic.

What it takes to treat a human body is far different from treating a single drop of fluid on an unprotected slide. 

The practical application of the technology to achieve consistent real world results that can be repeated and relied upon can only be convincingly shown through a large number of users whose results are confirmed both by conventional, as well as alternative testing.

Sometime in the early 90’s, I was introduced to a woman who had an original Rife Machine that needed repair.  She explained that it had been left to her by her grandfather, who had spent his professional career as a high level city official. She asked me never to reveal who they were.

It seems that as the executor of the will, she had discovered a large collection of original Rife documents and the machine in his garage. She realized that all of this had been taken from the official evidence, and was supposed to have been destroyed. I agreed to repair the machine for her if she would allow me to make copies of all her documents. Suffice to say, this material presented yet another quite different story about the activities of Royal Rife and John Crane. I was not at all surprised to find that this story, too, was not corroborated by any of the renditions I’d heard up to that point in time. It still has not been confirmed.

Although its not impossible that this information was a fabrication, there was every reason to believe it’s authenticity. It consisted of about 400 hundred pages of contracts, business letters, personal letters, legal documents, testimonials, depositions, and personal accounts of various kinds, all pertaining to Rife or to Crane. Some of it typed, and some of it hand written.

Approximately at this juncture in time I started to suspect that a high level conspiracy might exist against Rife and his technology. The idea wasn’t anything new. I’d been hearing this sort of theory for a long time, and took most of it for greatly exaggerated marketing hype. It was also typical for profiteers to claim that Rife machines wouldn’t be available much longer just to instill a sense of urgency in the prospective buyer.

It might easily be taken as coincidence that Universal Pictures began to associate everything having to do with electro-medicine with villainy, torture, insanity and mayhem, starting most notably in the 1930’s by means of movies like Frankenstein. Perhaps these movie releases had been sequenced to correspond to theFranekenstien lab times when Rife was most likely to gain major traction in the market and in the eye of the public. In any case, it was a campaign that was seriously detrimental to the prospects of the technology.

If fear of electric shock was the sentiment they wished the public to adopt, they did a pretty good job. Obviously, it has taken this long for the majority of the public to begin to accept the therapeutic value of electro-therapy.

The Royal Rife story continues, as more and more people try to write themselves into it. Or, like Hulda Clarke, try to pretend they invented the technology independently. I always figured that just by being honest, and by sincerely producing the most effective device I could, I could hardly avoid rising to the top spot in the market; because as far as I can tell, none of my competitors are doing that. Ultimately they would drop out of sight because they can’t possibly get the high percentage of successful results we normally expect with JWLABS model machines.

This theory proved to be true for a long time. But it was another thing that changed when the Internet came along. When I first put JWLABS on line in ‘96, there were fewer than 20 sites containing Rife information, none of which still exist to my knowledge. Virtually all the makers that existed at that time have since gone defunct for one reason or another. Most of my competitors over the years have been charlatans and opportunists, so they were never really competitive in any practical sense. They were often people who were going to get into trouble regardless of the business they were in. Many of them were arrested.

The Internet facilitated an exponential increase in the number of speculators and opportunists, and a corresponding amount of incorrect, deliberately misleading rhetoric. It is difficult to combat an overwhelming volume of irresponsible fabrications. The truth is not always as easy to market as fiction.

For the longest time I have been saying that the biggest single factor that interferes with the progress and acceptance of Rife technology is the preponderance of fake machines and irresponsible promoters. The unseen forces that do oppose Rife technology seem to have taken that to heart, if they are funding these high profile failures like [whats the name again?] who was slaughtered in court and imprisoned. Obviously, events like his downfall are highly damaging to public opinion. Same story for Hulda Clark and her zapper.

I have to assume that some operations are funded because their science is laughable and because their claims are quite absurd. This is especially the case with broadcast-type machines. I don’t believe this kind of Rife business is set up to sell Rife machines, when everything they say damages the credibility of the technology. Their claims are either meaningless, or scientifically unsound. It seems far more plausible that businesses such as these are created to provide a platform to distribute false information. Obviously I could be wrong, and have no proof other than my own conjecture.

But I know, I do not guess, what the possible therapeutic value of these energies really is, and how the energies work. I am sure enough about this that I cannot accept that anyone who enters into a business with sincere intentions could possibly make mistakes of that magnitude except by complete incompetence.

Like Hulda Hulda ClarkClark never mentioning Royal Rife in her book. She couldn’t possibly have done any research on the subject whatsoever, without finding Royal Rife. I assume she didn’t mention him because that’s where she got the idea, and believing it to be so obscure that she could simply pretend she’d never heard of him. But in reality, her story is like someone who was previously completely unknown in the field, claiming to be one of the top physicists in the world, and when asked who Albert Einstein was, claims never to have heard of him before.

Certainly I can never apologize for the predominance of liars and thieves in the Rife device business. All I can do is plead my case. They can say anything they want. To be fair, I have always hoped that I was not the only sincere player in this field of endeavor. I have always assumed rhetorically that other ethical makers exist. I have to believe. I have just never heard of them as yet. If I am satisfied that they are competent and honest, by whatever means, I would in some way approve of their machine, or their enterprise, according to a written agreement.

I have to assume that another sincere player in the field would be faced with the same frustration of being continuously compromised and insulted by rampant fraud. My intent would not be to promote their business or presume that they might promote mine, as we would still be competitors. However, in principal, an association of ethical makers would serve their common interest. This has been done successfully before in industries where the standards of an association provided the basis for public acceptance where fraud and poor product performance were previously dominant. The bottom line is that when I am asked for this kind of referral now, I have no suggestions that I can trust. It would be far better if I could give a customer the name of a company that at least will not be contradictory to the best interests of both the consumer and the industry.

As for non-contacting electrodes for doing therapy, I have a solution of sorts, but as yet I have not found any method that is equal to direct contact. I know that some devices, presumably like GB4000, have both types. I have not evaluated this unit in the laboratory, but I must assume it has some potential if it is approved for use as a TENS device.

Having both types of application on one machine makes sense if the maker isn’t sure which method actually works. But that gives more credit than is their due, considering what it really takes to make either one perform at its optimal parameters. I assume it is simply a way to justify a higher price.

Dr. Bob Beck was probably one maker I’d have given my approval, if I had had the opportunity. As far as I can tell, everything he did and said in this regard was factual and effective. His creation of very specialized units also was the right idea, in my opinion. However, he has passed away.

Bob Beck at workBob Beck photo

I don’t know anything about what the validity is of any device built under his name since that time. If his name has been taken to promote another device, it might be just a joke. On the other hand, it might be an honest Beck device, in which case, it’s success will depend on the skill and knowledge of the new makers. Even the best machines can be useless in the hands of the incompetent.

If I have any real place in the modern history of Royal Rife, I suppose it really doesn’t amount to a great deal. For a long time I figure I was the only honest maker out there. Maybe I still am, but just doing what would be normally expected in any business doesn’t deserve much praise.


I’m sure that the Pentagon release from 1989 on JWLABS.COM has been a cornerstone to uphold the credibility of the technology where nobody else could even begin to defend it scientifically. My successes and my web site information have given the competition more confidence. But that information is intended to give my customers confidence, and at least some of them started out as customers. I might have the record for being the most copied, but adopting my warranty and customer service policies are just common sense. I might be credited with being the first to combine music with Rife Therapy, but music therapy is one of the oldest of all therapies. Still, nothing that merits more than a footnote in any true history of Royal Rife who was the greatest microscopist in history.

It’s a tragedy that Rife’s legacy has been so questionable regarding the therapy, but part of that was Rife’s own doing. He never revealed the entire truth about the therapy, because he felt it was a trade secret. I can’t blame him for that, but 50 years later, it has only served to confuse issues more completely, and given rise to a lot of meaningless argument. If John Crane hadn’t revealed the truth toward the end, we probably wouldn’t have any Rife machine market today at all because history has shown many times that you just can’t get adequate results with a high percentage any way other than direct contact, which he declared was in use during Rife’s tenure.

The potential for reactions to the therapy exists in all new users, and in a few cases even a very feeble device can induce a small reaction. Since the therapy itself is a real thing, it is expected in a very small percentage. If they take this reaction as a success, ignore their failures, eventually they will have a collection of what appears to be successes. It becomes a question of how many users they had to go through to get that many. A device that is only 2 percent effective, as pathetic as it may be, is still able to achieve results in 2 percent of users; and just as we have seen many times with JWLABS model machines, these results often cannot happen with any other type of therapy.

So, it might be possible to get 2 percent results in cases involving a disease where the cure rate is 2 percent. Which would be a 100 percent increase in the overall cure rate. But this sort of thing is only hypothetical, because a 2 percent machine like a Clarke zapper loses it’s apparent therapeutic value entirely once the initial reaction has passed. It’s results rely on an occasional phenomenon. It isn’t able to provide the kind of therapy it takes to continue an actual recovery to the finish.

Of course, anyone can refute what I’m saying, and folks are free to believe whatever they like about the history. I have offered some of the reasons why I don’t entirely believe the history as it has been presented. I’m not offering any major alternative though. I believe that, technologically, there is a logical progression that makes sense; but even that requires some educated guesses to fill in the gaps since both Rife and Crane had, for all practical purposes, refused to reveal the whole truth. This is evidenced by Crane’s self published Electron Therapy Manual.

It was further collaborated by Peter Heller’s archive, which he donated to us shortly before his passing. Peter Heller was Barry Lyne’s partner in an enterprise, the purpose of which was to bring authentic Rife technology to the world. An effort that failed because of basic omissions relative to the therapy. Had they known the truth, they would have spent their limited funds differently. Unfortunately for them, they wasted it trying to repair the microscope. It wasn’t the first time this kind of thing had happened.

I think I understand better now why there are so many heated collection letters from Rife and Crane to clinics, doctors and hospitals, whom they had entrusted to return an independent evaluation of the technology and the promise of prospective distribution.

When I started making machines, I often received this kind of inquiry, and still do. I’m sure they had sent out dozens of instruments to folks they believed to be reputable without payment, probably because of the promise of large wholesale orders if the technology proved out. I did that a few times myself, and it was invariably a mistake. Usually, once they have received the device, that’s the last time they will talk to you.

In one of the few half-way successful speculations I tried with clinics, I had to insist they at least have enough commitment to pay for the initial devices to use in their own experiments. They first got the device approved in their country, then proceeded to conduct the therapy on patients according to the instructions they were given. This clinic was required to document and record all results for every case, and provide them to a government health agency on a regular basis. Hundreds of thousands of people received the therapy, with consistent percentages of successful therapy in 99.1 percent of cases. At the time, it was the most popular clinic in the world. People came from all over the world. When the clinic opened each morning, the lines went all the way around the block twice.

The main reason I did not profit much from all of this, is the simple fact that one machine goes a long way, and I don’t think they ever needed more than 10 or 15 units. They started to run into problems when they tried to expand the operation. I was acutely aware of it when at the same moment, due to repeated delivery errors, it became impossible to send machines to them, which had never been a problem before. Also their payments, which were in the form of direct bank wires, experienced completion or execution problems that delayed them indefinitely. In my opinion, it wasn’t just a coincidence. It was apparently a carefully choreographed sequence of interference that suddenly appeared in our international telephone connections, fax connections, shipping and banking transactions, that had the effect of making business impossible, and creating suspicion that served to undermine my relationship with the owner.

These, and some of the events that followed suggested that this interference could only be coming from some one, or some place, very high up at the transnational level. There is obviously no direct proof of that hypothesis, other than the very destructive nature of a series of highly dubious coincidences.

The clinic continued to experience problems, and it came to an end roughly the time there was an internationally released news story, that characterized them as charlatans by implication. I did not see all of the reports, and was unable to find the original article. It had not been released in the USA, and few if any Americans ever knew about it, nor could they find it if they tried. Parts of it got to me by fax and by snail mail.

The story was about a young boy who had been diagnosed with cancer, and his parents elected to take him to the Rife clinic first, before attempting chemotherapy or radiation, of which the family was terrified. The parents were threatened with loss of custody, and criminal charges of neglect if they did not submit. They were outraged by this, and proceeded to take their child to the clinic anyway, since the well being of their child was their responsibility and their primary concern. Incredibly, a warrant was issued for the arrest of the family, and the parents were charged with kidnapping. Definitely a powerful deterrent for users and practitioners alike. The clinic closed sometime thereafter.

Only one time did I ever have a clinic buy any more than a few machines without any experiments or confirmation of results. One gentleman in particular, bought and distributed hundreds of my machines to his customers without any regard for the safety or efficacy of the therapy. He actually made up his own protocols, having no practical knowledge of his own whatsoever. I believe his coaching lead to at least one fatality. For me that was the last straw, so I immediately let him know that I intended to discontinue his purchases of Model A in the near future.  I offered to give him a turn-key service to make machines under his name, (not mine,) and he enthusiastically agreed.  After we invested in his new production run, he suddenly jumped ship,  claiming that family members didn’t get the results they wanted. It’s been our practice since day one to provide customer support to all  JWLABS model users. We were in touch with enough of his customers that we knew what their results were.  And they were not as he claimed.  He did not, in fact,  know the results of his own customers, as he was not providing follow-up. True to form, he attempted to skip out on his bill. Tens of thousands of dollars worth of machines that had already been delivered. Thanks to that guy, I now only offer wholesale prices on a turn-key basis, under their own label, so they will be more responsible with their claims and their actions.

My economics are a lot different from those of Rife and Crane. Losses of this sort are irritating to me, not devastating. However, Rife was shipping out a lot of really costly, as well as labor intensive equipment to clinics without advance payment and no signed agreement. This had to be a major factor that held back Rife and Crane, along with the technology itself. Small businesses have a hard time recovering when they have no money and no inventory. The options they have are quite limited and most involve further compromise like accepting investors or bank funding.

I guess the biggest problem I have with the published history as it regards Rife Therapy is the intensity and seemingly uncalled for vitriol. I fail to see any distinguishing theory that explains this. From my perspective, most of the details are irrelevant except perhaps to a historian. My interest is only in the therapy.

I’d hate to think the only motivating point that these folks are trying to put over is the misguided belief that the therapy was done with the Ray Tube attachment;  because if it is, that claim immediately falls apart under any objective scientific scrutiny.

Radio is a most inefficient and potentially harmful way to direct frequency to the body.

Radio is a most inefficient and potentially harmful way to deliver frequency to the body.

For me, as it is for many people who have a general grasp of household physics, the therapeutic value of the Ray Tube is effectively dead on arrival. The question we raise about the desirability and expected effects of things like this may have given pause for educated people 50 years ago, and thereby become a quagmire.  Not so anymore. Today this issue goes without saying, because today it is obvious. Average folks with no technical background, however, even today are far more easily mislead.

It would have been inappropriate for me to decline a thorough examination of the Ray Tube before deciding not to build it at all. And I did so, mostly to assure myself that it would be the right call.  Because to make that decision responsibly, it had to be without a shadow of a doubt. One of the things that helped me to get past that problem was the Pentagon Release. It would have been equally inappropriate for me to decline a thorough examination of any relevant contemporary science or technology. The Electro Conformational Coupling document provides the model in biochemistry to explain most of the effects in terms of more modern science, most of which did not exist in Rife’s time. Obviously, none of it calls for a Ray Tube; but it does call for energies identical to what we use today in JWLABS model machines.


How responsible would it be to make a device that relies on technology from 70 years past? Perhaps if I were only building guitars, or restoring antiques, it would be acceptable; but in an electronic device that might be critical to the well being of a great many people, it would almost be a war crime.

Although I started out with Rife technology, and I incorporated it into my designs, my machines are based on concepts that come from a spectrum of sources which I was able to blend together. The contributions I collected from Royal Rife’s work are certainly an integral part of the whole but they are not the theories we use to understand, to control or to manage the therapy.

Some folks are caught up in the idea that only the old fashioned Rife hardware, used the way Rife said to use it, is the only effective way. This assertion is the kind of thing that will make a modern Electronics Engineer wonder what you’ve been smoking. An EE is not a physicist or a medical doctor, and as such they can’t presume to make judgment calls in those areas of the technology, but at least they know which way is up.

But in a strange way, this preposterous notion was true in a sense. Converting antique vacuum tube technology to modern components was more difficult than it appeared. Many of those who tried to do it failed, not realizing that some of the components of the old technology provided characteristics that had to be equaled or at least simulated. No one had anything to guide them to the correct answers, so if they discovered the right combination at all it was by luck or by trial and error. Mostly error.

For this reason, the myth that only the old style vacuum tube technology was any good, persisted for decades. It was never completely true from a technical point of view. There was never a point where new technology couldn’t replace the old. Engineering-wise, it was simple if you knew which components were critical and which ones didn’t matter. Without that information, it was impossible.

JWLABS Model B27 version 4 - analog Rife machine

JWLABS Model B27 version 4
Our final vacuum tube Rife machine

The way I solved the problem was to not even try. I just went ahead and built vacuum tube devices, because that’s what most people thought they wanted anyway. A vacuum tube is not the same thing as a ray tube, by the way. Vacuum tubes were replaced by transistors beginning in the 50’s. It was a very common component in virtually all electronics until it was replaced by the silicon chip.  (See evolution of JWLABS vacuum tube devices HERE.)

The so- called Ray Tube was an attachment to the Frequency Instrument itself. It was made by filling an old X-Ray tube with a gas like argon, and putting an electric charge into it. It was usually hooked up to a contraption consisting of an amplifier, a radio transmitter, and a frequency generator. The radio energy it produced radiated from it in all directions. There was no ray in the true sense. It was also called a plasma tube, but the only plasma was in the tube itself as the gas heated to the point where it would illuminate.

I was never completely convinced that the tube itself served any purpose that a straight transmitter couldn’t do just as well. I didn’t actually build and test that theory, but I always felt it was suspicious that he used an X-Ray tube, and it made a pretty light. I just always saw that as being just a little too cute to be something real. This was the time American doctors began to have X-Ray cameras in the office, so obviously they would recognize that the Ray Tube had some similarities. Presumably, doctors were more comfortable with it for that reason. The fact that it lit up like a neon sign must have made it seem more convincing to a patient. To me it seemed like an unnecessary contrivance.

In the last ten years, Model A3 has become the most cost-effective of all Rife machines. Surpassing even Model B  in efficacy at less than one tenth the price, Model A is nearly the perfect instrument. No more cryptic programs, no more searching for the right frequencies, everything is done for you by an expert. Recorded sessions are not simple programs. They are live sessions hand-tuned (within a billionth of a hertz), recorded directly from the special Model B recording output. So they are far richer, far more complete, and we have a full library of sessions for your selection.  We have developed other innovations in the last two years as well.

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JWLABS' Model A3 solid-state Rife machine

JWLABS’ Model A3 solid-state Rife machine

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The son of an inventor, and an inventor in his own right, John Wright operated Wright Laboratories for his projects long before he embarked on the Rife machine project. Some of John's fields of interest include: drafting and design, electronics, physics, mechanics, molecular biology, chemistry, astronomy, microscopy, radio, geology, botany, pharmacology, genetics, zoology, world religion, law, languages, masonry, and oceanography. For John's full bio, click here.


  • William MacLean says:

    I have just started using an older model Rife machine (as you describe in the last few Paragraphs of your article)
    I found your story fascinating and informative,
    and would recommend your product to anyone who discusses my use of the Rife technology with me.
    I am treating HPV 16+ cancer, and have just started my second week of treatment.
    If you consider it appropriate I will give further reports on my progress,
    Thanks for your persistence in developing a more technically advanced product,
    Blessings, William

  • Anne S. says:

    I recently purchased a Prowave machine from Nature Wave and have stil some time to send it back–they give you 90 days–and was wondering if you could give me an unbiased assessment on whether your machine is better and I should get yours and send theirs back.

    • cherry says:

      I’m sorry we did not see your question sooner. First, understand that our response will be biased, as we have made great effort to set the standard in the Rife industry.

      With nearly 30 years in the business of designing, building, and supporting our Rife machines, we have a very good sense of what works. The ProWave machine is an off-the-shelf product which is digitally generating frequencies. As demonstrated in our material on our web sites, digitally generated frequencies have limitations. They are usually built in China, or somewhere else in Asia.. They seem to be sold through distributors. This could also be an issue, as a distributor system usually means that you pay more, in order to accommodate the distributors’ mark-up. Furthermore, working with a distributor, you may not know the level of expertise with the machine, and customer support may well be limited.

      As noted on our sites, we have been doing this for a long time. We know what works, and we know the real history. We are a part of that history. Our machines are fundamentally different in a number of ways. We have manually tuned our frequency sessions from an old-style analog Rife machine (Model B) that we built for many years.

      The analog signal was very significant in Royal Rife’s results. Our Model B, with very refined tuning, delivers a very robust signal. Our highly refined tuning delivers frequencies within up to a billionth of a hertz! This means that no pathogen can avoid the frequency. It means more, in terms of the quality of the signal delivered to your body.

      Our Model A Rife machine is a solid-state equivalent to the Model B, in terms of output. It’s much easier to use, of course, because we have done the homework for you.
      Model A frequency sessions are available via cds or online at our membership web site http://www.rifetherapy.com Model A is supported by unlimited customer support. This means that we will help you to modify your protocols, as needed, to ensure that you achieve optimum results. Also a lifetime warranty. That’s how confident we are!

      We wish you good luck with what you have, and don’t hesitate to let us know when we can be of further service.

      To learn more, see https://rifemachine.com/products/model-a-rife-machine/

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