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Rife Therapy for Beginners and Re-starts

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This information is most essential to Rife therapy, and perhaps the most important to understand. One of the most common things you will hear when discussing Rife therapy with users and practitioners is “everybody responds a little differently”.  Something that is not unique to Rife therapy.  So we must ask ourselves why that should be?  Is it a difference in perceptions?  Is it a difference in the genes?  Could it be that every infection is just that much different?  Is it the individual body chemistry?

In truth, it’s probably all of these, plus a few more.  To understand it in perspective, if we were to test a hundred randomly chosen individuals to determine the difference in how they all respond to the exact same therapy (namely the beginner’s routine), we would expect to find that about 80% of the cases are within 10% variation with each other.  The remaining 20% of sample cases would be substantially different (50%-100%), and experience immediate dramatic effects.

The individual often does not benefit from dramatic effects, and there is absolutely no truth to the saying  “If you don’t get a JWLABS Model A3 Rife machinereaction, it isn’t working”.  In any clinical situation, obviously, this is to be avoided whenever possible.  The clinician isn’t selling you on the idea, he is simply looking for the most beneficial results.  And the clinician does not doubt the effectiveness or the veracity of the therapy, so does not need to prove it again to himself at the patient’s expense by over doing it.


People who say “If you don’t get a reaction, it isn’t working.” either have very feeble devices, or lack experience.  Even a feeble device can get a reaction the first session or two. This proves nothing.

It is often this initial reaction that the “rogue sellers” are using to convince the user that their device is more effective than it really is. This is something I have said many times.  Many of the so-called Rife machines out there are only good enough to prove the theory.  They are not useful, reliable tools.

The real therapy cannot fail.  People fail.  People fail to understand it, fail to notice it, fail to do it right, fail to be consistent, fail to get correct diagnosis, etc.  And if you over use the real therapy, sooner or later it will bring reactions that are far beyond the comfort level of the user.  Obviously, quite undesirable.

I can build you the fastest car, but this does not make you the fastest driver. And even if you were, there’s no guarantee you will win the race.  So I don’t push an 80 year old grandma out on the race track in a Ferrari F50 without a lot of caution for the first few laps, because without some experience she will crash into the wall almost every time.

One thing to bear in mind about this therapy is that it is far more potent than it first appears for many users. Rife machines help you get your hands on the steering wheel regarding your health!      

If they follow the beginner’s routines until they have established a maintenance level, the amount of change that happens per session is a lot less than it would be if we proceeded with aggressive treatments from the first.  The purpose of this is to try to even out the effects to achieve a smooth transition to a better state of health.  Seamlessly and imperceptibly, with as little effect as possible.

This policy represents respect for the user, and their experience while using the device.  But it also helps us to identify those rare high reaction cases early, so we can advise them to dial back the therapy until more progress has been made with it.  Thus allowing them to begin to do more normal therapy.  Even to discontinue the therapy indefinitely, or until certain extreme conditions can be corrected by a different therapeutic modality.

This policy also gives respect for the huge reaction potential in the cases where major problems exist but are not diagnosed, or misdiagnosed.  Sometimes these are cases where there is a major or critical systemic blockage.  If the blockage is known, we can treat accordingly; but if it is unknown, we run the risk of emotional and physical effects of a huge and sudden change.  This change could be so pronounced that the user might land in the hospital after only one session.  It’s rare, but it could happen.  This could easily turn the user against the further use of the therapy.  It’s understandable, but it’s the wrong conclusion.

Dramatic increase in symptoms is the most common negative effect.  Most often, it happens simply for the reason that when the immune system is accelerated, symptoms characteristically increase, at least for a short time.  But it can happen for other profound reasons.

Extreme cases of metal toxicity have taken as much as a year to reach the point of doing one (1) full minute per session, with no negative reaction or increase in symptoms.

Over use, especially in the first few weeks of therapy, could be dangerous and even fatal.  Juvenile diabetes cases have gone into insulin shock after a single session.  Painful shingles outbreaks (from dormant virus being released) could suddenly cover the whole body.

Edema, gout, ascites, and similar conditions including certain tumors all can be made much worse, very quickly if the initial therapy is not properly regulated, according to the responses to beginners sessions.  Spectacular and sudden swelling can occur.  Obviously, if this occurs in the brain the results could be very grave indeed.  When such effects are caused by the therapy, they normally are gone in a matter of hours or days.

It is also possible for the user to become able to perceive certain symptoms that had already been present but, until the therapy, went unnoticed.  Such symptoms may not simply vanish quickly.  They might, however, be expected to reduce as the problem is reduced.

The basic criterion for Wright Laboratories Model Rife Machines has always been to deliver maximum potency safely.  For this reason, users of JWLABS machines have seen a lot more spectacular results.

Baseball sized tumors completely gone in only seven sessions.  Lethal throat tumors, declared cancer free in 10 days.  Advanced AIDs sufferers symptom free in less than 2 weeks.  These are also examples of dramatic reactions.

Sensational as some cases are, sensationalism is not a criterion in medicine.  So it should never become a factor in any home remedy.

An AIDS or HIV sufferer is going to have to continue with the therapy for quite a while after symptoms have disappeared in order to actually test negative for the disease.  We find the same to be true in cases of cancer, lyme, hepatitis, herpes, and shingles.  In fact, the entire range of infection.  But it is most easily observed in viral infections.

The JWLABS Model machines are unbelievably effective for most problems, and way too effective for a few.  On the other end of that spectrum, obviously, are the conditions which don’t respond to anything.  It is evidently a very tiny percentage.  In almost 30 years, we’ve heard of about 10 such cases.  But they do exist.

Some kinds of infection do not respond to the therapy.  For instance, some insect and spider bites where the pathogen is not a living thing, and the disease spreads because of a chemical reaction.  Often marine parasites do not respond to the therapy, as they can be highly resistant to electro-magnetic energy.  This is because they have been routinely exposed to lightning strikes for eons.

In those cases, the therapy still has enormous value to the user.  It’s not uncommon for Rife therapy to help remove the reasons that other therapeutic modalities fail to work as well as they should.  The machine is used prophylactically to prevent and to reduce co-infection, to reduce damage and symptoms, and as an adjunct to any ongoing detoxifying protocol.

It is not uncommon for the machine to create the conditions necessary for improvement because of its wide range of beneficial effects, even though there is no direct therapy or title that is known to work for that condition.

The beginner’s routine is a recorded session title we call the General Alignment.  It is used only 10 minutes per day, 5 days on and 2 days off, until there is consistently no more change in pH than 2 tenths of one point per session.  But there is no guarantee that this is slow enough for everyone to begin, with no reactions.  If the reactions are too great, we stop the therapy a few extra days until it passes.  Then we simply return to the therapy, but we reduce the minutes we do per session.

There is a reasonable percentage of users with incurable, or un-treatable conditions who have had completely satisfactory results and never needed to do more than the initial beginner’s start-up. They never needed any additional recordings, and they never did anything that was created specifically for their problem. It just melted away, usually in the first weeks or months.

This can happen because Track 2 of the General Alignment is designed for new users to stimulate the immune system and cleanse and normalize the blood.  This can, in some cases, rapidly detoxify the system. Even though you may only feel the sensation in your palms under the patches, it affects every part of the body every time you do it.

Healthy people generally have no significant reaction, and no major changes in interstitial pH.  They still experience some increase in stamina. A slight general sharpening of the wit, the eyesight and the spinal poise are commonly noted in the first days.

The therapy is much safer, in general, for youngsters and teens than it is for older folks. Children, however, must seek parental supervision.

For more details on the start-up see links here:JWLABS Rife machine ad





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