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Rife Technology – Toward a Deeper Understanding

By May 13, 2016 4 Comments
Dr. Royal Rife at Microscope

During our 29 years in the industry, we have observed many misrepresentations of Rife technology.

At some point, I believe, some things have been taken for granted. We assume in a general way that all targets, organic or inorganic, have very specific frequencies. Thousands of cases suggest that this is a truism; and yet it is a gross over simplification.

Although it’s true that the simple model is close enough in the average case to get the result, there are enough non-average cases to suggest that we cannot rely on the simple model in practice. It would be extremely nice if Rife technology were really as straightforward as setting a frequency and bingo, there you are. Sadly no. Not only is it far more involved, it is also a moving target.

The correct frequencies for any specific microorganism are determined by the following variables in order of their importance:

  • Size

  • Location

  • Hydration

  • Chemistry

  • Conductivity

  • Background (or ambient frequency, or pre-load)

  • Temperature

  • Adaptation

Each is broken down into a spectral gradient, and each can be at any point in the gradient at any time, so the mix creates a huge number of possible relevant variables. And, unfortunately, there is always the unknown variable X.

In reality none of this information can be readily determined, so the science involved is superfluous. It cannot be calculated accurately in any reasonable time, nor would it be cost effective. A complete failure might likely occur in the case of unknown size, sensitive location, low hydration, or desiccated tissue, complex pharmaceutical and other toxic chemistry, low conductivity, intense background radiation (such as cell phone towers, and other radio sources), low temperature/blood pressure, and a long history of unsuccessful exposure to the therapy, resulting in a highly resistant strain.

In the basic use of the technology, there are two kinds of energy of which the user should be aware: Migration current and diffusion current.    The migration current is the part of the energy that you can easily feel; and the diffusion current is the part of the energy that you cannot feel, because it is too diffuse in the body for the nerves to detect.

Presumably, the migration current is powerful enough to electrocute virtually any single-celled microorganism if adequate power is delivered at any frequency in the therapeutic range. The diffusion current is far less concentrated, thus tuning refinement is vital. In general, the migration current is applied locally and diffusion current is applied systemically. (For example, via hands and/or feet.) So the optimum effect, logically, is when we deliver the migration current at vital, or mortal frequency. But as I have said, it’s not really as simple as we would like it to be. It’s possible to do everything right and still fail, due to any of the aforementioned variables.

To compensate for these variables, we have created the General Alignment recordings to anticipate the potential variables. And we address them systematically, in order to normalize the affected area and finally achieve the desired result.

Tissue adaptation phenomena is the most common problem in “civilized” regions.

Adaptation in the affected areas is due to its extreme environmental conditions over time. The scale is tipped to the edge in one or more of the relevant variables long enough to allow the person/organism to adjust to the presence of the parasite, in which case the body protects the offending pathogen and may in some cases still emulate it and or its symptoms, even after the pathogen has been eliminated. Something akin to mal-debarkment.

What this alludes to is a sequence of events. A standardized method of normalizing the body and the areas of infection to permit a more normal effect and reaction, not only to frequency therapy, but virtually any effective therapy. My expectation is 100% success in all cases with a correct diagnosis, and provided adequate therapy with our JWLABS Model A device.

People fail. The therapy cannot.

Note that we deliver frequencies which have been manually tuned with precision that is unmatched in the industry. From our analog Model B device, tuning is refined to as much as a billionth of a hertz. This, plus the ease of use of our Model A devices (which delivers the frequency sessions) continues to set  JWLABS apart as significant contributors the the development of Rife technology.


JWLABS Model A - The finest in Rife technology

JWLABS’ Model A3 – The Finest and most practical line of Rife machines.

Learn more About JWLABS and Rife Technology

UPDATE: We have launched our latest development in Rife technology. Model A4 is the first and only touch-screen Rife machine. Access our full library of hand-tuned frequency sessions which are on board the machine. Learn more HERE.


JWLABS - The finest in Rife technology!

JWLABS Model A4. The Best and the Brightest of Rife machines!

John Wright

About John Wright

The son of an inventor, and an inventor in his own right, John Wright operated Wright Laboratories for his projects long before he embarked on the Rife machine project. Some of John's fields of interest include: drafting and design, electronics, physics, mechanics, molecular biology, chemistry, astronomy, microscopy, radio, geology, botany, pharmacology, genetics, zoology, world religion, law, languages, masonry, and oceanography. For John's full bio, click here.


  • Tom miller says:

    Can the Computors rife I have be loaded on my Apple iPad?

    • cherry says:

      If you are a JWLABS customer, you can convert the wave files from your JWLABS cds to mp3 and transfer them to your iPad. Many of our folks are doing this effectively with their tablets, even their smart phones. With respect to other sources of frequencies, we cannot ensure that you will get the same results. Bear in mind that our frequency sessions have been manually tuned from our Model B analog Rife machine which was in production for many years. They are not digitally generated. Our extraordinary tuning is very refined, to as much as a billionth of a hertz. This, and the extraordinarily fast sampling rate of our Model A deliver a robust signal with infinitesimal variances between frequencies. Our long history in the industry gives our customers confidence in our technology. To learn more, see http://jwlabs.com/rife-technology-2/jwlabs-product-evolution/ and https://jwlabs.com/rife-technology-2/jwlabs-product-evolution/

  • Thomas says:

    Please beware of people or so Called Rife instrument Companies selling pre-recorded Cd or Mp3 with rife frequencies. There is much much more to frequencies. For example lets use 50hz and 51hz there are literally 100s or 1000s of increments between 50hz and 51hz to the average person they would assume its only a difference of 1hz. Not so. That s why JW labs goes thru the effort to cover all of the increments between on an upward sweep starting at the lowest end and slowly going to the top end of the frequency and then back down to the lower end. Thus covering all of the increments. Referring to upward sweep and downward sweep. I myself have a vast knowledge of Electronics and have scrutinized many people and so called Rife Instrument Companies for taking advantage of someone who is interested in experimenting with alternative complimentary methods to assist in their treatment of illnesses or discomforts that are non evasive and not as dangerous as drugs.
    I am not saying the use of any device you decide to use is a replacement of your medical Doctor, what i am saying is that you do have options and if you find that this experimentation assists in helping with your illness or discomfort you have a Legal Right to pursue it.

    I received a severe laceration while sharpening a knife some years back, severing tendons in my left hand receiving 15 stitches. The Doctor said i would never regain the full use of my index finger without surgery that would of cost somewhere in the ball park of 15 to 18 thousand dollars. I could not afford that amount of money. Weeks passed and then one day i thought, what the heck i have a Model A Rife machine……. To make a long story short i thought why not, got nothing to lose so i started treating myself directly on the area of the wound and after a month or so of treating myself i have 100% use of my finger, i believe it was due to the electrical frequency helping my tendons repair themselves. I hope sharing this Info with you gives you some insight of the wonderful things that you can do with the right piece of equipment and dealing with Reputable People. God Bless Thomas

  • Woody Marcel says:

    Why does a correct diagnoses matter, if, as you say, the general alignment tracks takes into account most variables? How do you propose that people obtain a correct diagnoses in the first place?

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