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Rife Technology – Re-visiting “Rife Follies”

How does one discern the truth about Rife technology?  And how do we make a sound decision regarding choosing a Rife machine?  We speak to people daily who are grappling with this.

Increasingly, the consumer is challenged to sort out fact from fiction, truth from hyperbole.   We are faced with excruciating choices with respect to our finances, our politics, and our health care.  Our livelihood, and sometimes our very well being, depend on our ability to make sound decisions.  In this age of too much information, misinformation, and deliberate disinformation, we are awash in confusion and dilemma.

To make matters worse, many are already challenged emotionally and financially by the time they are considering owning a Rife machine, so the decision making process is complicated further.

In a previous blog, we called attention to devices in the marketplace which are of dubious value, and are represented by people who are somewhat in the shadows.  By this, we mean that there is no owner of the company identified, no historical background provided (except reference to the story of Royal Rife) which would lend credence to their claims or otherwise indicate that they have expertise with the technology. You might call them “copycats”.  Taking advantage of the little that people know about Rife technology and, even worse, what people don’t know.  (See https://jwlabs.com/rife-follies-saga-instant-expert/ )

Isn’t this always the way?  Isn’t this what we are faced with, really, when it comes down to making decisions which have consequences? We start out thinking that we know something about the subject, only to learn that we are truly uninformed.  If we have the steadfastness and the stamina, we persevere in the process and collect information which seems to buttress our confidence.  Only to learn along the way that much of what we have digested is inaccurate, misleading, or downright untrue.

The field of Rife technology is an unregulated industry.  It’s like the Wild West. We have reason to believe that there are people in the Rife industry, even companies, which have been carefully placed with the express purpose of creating this confusion.

We are mavericks, only in that what we provide flies in the face of most conventional thinking.  Though Royal Rife demonstrated nearly three generations ago his frequency theory, the most well-known device to be FDA approved to date remains the modest TENS machine.  No accident that it was approved within about a year of Rife’s passing, and by a company based very near to where Rife had his laboratory.

The TENS machine, you may know, is approved for pain relief.  And yes, you will find folks who have gone through the approval process with their “Rife machines”.  They are approved for pain relief only.  They are sold to the public with a wink and a nod as one of the few “approved Rife machines.”

Hey, whatever works!

This does serve a larger purpose, in that it gets into the hands of people at least something that can provide some measure of benefit to the user.  Even the most feeble device will have some beneficial effect.  This, we say with confidence, because we understand the nature of the technology.

In 1989, the DOD shared with us documentation which not only confirmed Rife’s effects, it advanced our understanding of what is happening in the body as a result of adding current at frequency.  It is much more than Royal Rife knew.  And what this evidence speaks to is the effect of current at frequency, not radio frequencies.

We urge you to examine this document.  https://jwlabs.com/jwlabs-pentagon-release-paper/  It’s very technical, but you will see at a glance that much more is happening than the electrocution of pathogens which Royal Rife demonstrated.  For simpler understanding, view John Wright discussing the basic effects of Rife therapy.

John Wrigt discussine the Basic Effects of Rife technology

John Wright began producing Rife machines in 1987.

It’s not uncommon for us to hear from folks who already have machines or have previously used machines and are especially taken with the allure of Rife technology.  They understand that something important is afoot. For some, it’s purely an academic interest.  An extension of their innate understanding that all things are of frequency. We are, after all, electrical beings.

For others, it’s deeply personal.  This, because they have experienced remarkable results from using some form of Rife machine, and they want the world to know.  They become missionary-like in their zeal to spread the word, and they sometimes position themselves as more knowledgeable than they really are.  This is another form of what we call “Rife follies”.

These self-proclaimed experts can lead you down a trail of confused pseudo science.  And it’s easy for the uninitiated to get lost in their enthusiasm.  Are they dangerous?  Perhaps.  Might they mislead you?  Absolutely!

We spoke recently to one such young gentleman who is establishing himself as an “authority” on Rife technology.  He announced that he had daily videos on You Tube and that he had established a Facebook page sharing his experience with a Rife machine.  This person was dealing with a pretty serious health condition; and he insisted that, after just three months, he knew enough about Rife technology to coach others.  He even bragged that he was making a living at this!

Quietly, and with raised eyebrow, we listened to his storm of assertions and feigned inquiries about the technology.  His questions were confused, and it became clear that he was not listening as we patiently attempted to make certain distinctions which were meant to deepen his understanding. It was abundantly clear that he was not interested in learning anything new, nor was he willing to consider that our decades of experience might hold any meaning for him. He was pitching us!

He bragged that he was making “lots of money doing this”.  This got our attention, so we inquired just what he meant. He proudly stated that he was being paid commissions for referring folks to certain companies.  Each referral which converted to a sale resulted in fees from $500 to $1000, depending on the company.  On the face of it, this may seem fair enough.

He’s funneling business to certain companies, resulting in new business and he is being rewarded.  That’s how the world works, right? That’s commerce.

In the world we live in today, perhaps this is uneventful and fairly benign.  But in a world in which people are sometimes desperate to find genuine help, it can quickly become treacherous.  Furthermore, it is a grievous insult to those who have pioneered Rife technology.  Those who have sweated out the details, designed and re-designed their instruments.  Researched and experimented, building from the ground up.  Slow and steady.  With hours and years invested in listening to the feedback from users of their devices and incorporating the nuances into the advancement of the technology.  And especially, those with a heartfelt commitment to the success of their customers.

This 20-something year old neophyte asked us no less than three times if we would pay him a fee in return for referrals.  Three times, we declined. We ended the conversation, wishing him well.  But with an uneasy feeling that there may be harm done to those whom he was coaching.  Little did we know that the payback would come swiftly and that it would be directed at us.

Within minutes, he was posting on his Facebook page about JWLABS.  He took some things we had discussed completely out of context, demonstrating not only that he did not understand what we were explaining about Rife technology, but that he had no desire to.  He used his out-of- context statements to bash us.  His attempts to discredit us were not based on any facts, but we knew the unspoken: We had refused to pay him referral fees.  He could not make money with us.

True colors.  Passion?  Enthusiasm?  Or hidden agenda?  (He does not disclose on his page that he was accepting referral fees, so the innocent consumer is unable to factor that in that fact .)

This is but one such story about a “self-proclaimed expert”.  We could tell you others.  They come in all forms, some wearing white coats (as in the case of a head of a world renown clinic who peddled Rife machines, but had no interest in being trained or coaching his patients properly), others who are self-described entrepreneurs or “therapists”.

We felt that this story was important to tell because it’s important to know to whom you are speaking.  Who is the author of what you are reading?  To whom are you granting authority?  And in what domain?

A larger question is who do you trust?  In this world of social media, we call “friends” those we have never met.  We relate stories which are unverified.  We hold as truth what we hear in the “news”.

It IS the Wild West!  And this is true on so many fronts.  We urge you to take your time.  Do your homework.  Learn which questions are the right ones to be asking.  We must learn to be discerning, for there is temptation in all directions to be misled.

When choosing a Rife machine, ask yourself:

To whom am I speaking?  What is their history in the industry?  Does their material make sense to you?

Is their equipment and their technology straightforward and not over-complicated?  Do they stand behind their equipment, and for how long?

Is there someone there who will care when you have questions, become confused, or otherwise need guidance?


We invite you to call to discuss your questions and concerns.

Stay tuned for updates as we prepare to launch our next generation of Model A Rife machines.





Cherry Maly Wright

About Cherry Maly Wright

Cherry acquired her first Wright Laboratories Rife machine in 1999. Motivated by a long-held interest in health and wellness, she understood the value of the basic effects of Rife technology and the significance of employing it for general wellness as well as crisis intervention. Formerly a massage therapist, she became a JWLABS Distributor in Chicago. After nearly two years, she came on board full time in 2001 to manage Sales and Customer Support. She is now Executive Director of Wright Laboratories LLC, directing Customer Support, Sales and Marketing strategies and working hand in hand with the engineering team for ongoing product development. Cherry's history includes Midwest Regional Manager with Logonet Inc, a company specializing in Ontological Design which was established by Dr. Fernando Flores. After nearly five years with the Flores organization, she marketed other nationally known speakers and trainers in the personal and executive coaching industry including William Hanrahan and Dr.Teri Mahaney. These teachers have had a profound impact on Cherry's personal and professional development, and they are a reflection of her personal commitment to helping people be more effective in life. For well over twenty years, that commitment has been expressed in the realm of helping people toward wellness.

One Comment

  • Scott says:


    Thank you for this post. Your comparison to the Wild West to explain the experience of someone researching Rifing is a bull’s eye. As someone who recently ventured into this unknown territory, it quickly became obvious to me that there was a lot of mis- and dis-information out there, and a lot of snake-oil salesmen. This new frontier seemed bleak and fraught with unknown dangers.

    I knew nothing about Rife machines, Rifing, or Royal Rife. But I was determined to learn and make an informed decision. I didn’t know really what I was looking for or how to find it but all the time I was thinking “I’ll know it when I see it.” Then I hit the oasis of JWLABS. While discussing my findings with my wife, I kept saying to her that JWLABS was different from the other websites and companies; there were real people behind JWLABS and all the affiliated web sites; the history was there; the science was legit, and you explained it so that I could understand it (mostly). As a complete stranger to this town, you made me feel welcome. I also noticed what wasn’t there: marketing hype and an attempt to get me to “Buy now!” because “Lines close in 30-minutes!” and “This deal won’t last!”. There was just JWLABS and your Rifing technology. An refreshingly honest approach toward simple folk in desperate need of help.

    To anyone else reading this post and my comments, my wife and I are new to Rifing. We are babies compared to Cherry and JWLABS and their experience. We are certainly no experts on Rifing. But they are, and that’s we trust them. JWSLABS isn’t just interested in getting your money. Not once in the several dialogues with JWLABS did they try to sell us one of their Rifing machines; we never felt pressured to “buy or die.” Cherry answered our questions (sometimes repeatedly), explained everything to us, and has been there for us since the purchase. And I’m not a review “bot;” I am not an actor; I am not a paid spokesperson. I am not getting anything materially in return for this comment. What I am getting in exchange for buying a Model A from JWLABS is far more valuable — improved health for my wife.

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