Royal Rife transducer technology

When Royal Rife came along, transducer technology was fairly well developed. Remarkable effects were being observed, and devices of this type enjoyed unprecedented successes. But still, there was not enough scientific background to make results predictable.

Electro-medicine Demonized

By 1920, the electric chair was put in use in prisons. One of the major pieces to the puzzle was discovered when about 1928, Rife found that microorganisms are susceptible to resonant frequency. At first, Rife was touted as the savior of humanity. But in 1931, Universal Pictures produced the motion picture Frankenstein, which effectively demonized electro-medicine in all its forms. Rife was forced to conceal and to down play his use of the transducer.

Since virtually nothing of Rife’s hardware was practical, interest in it soon waned and fell into disrepute. It seems evident that Royal Rife had the interest of many, but few were willing to accept his hardware. His principal intellectual properties were unprotected.

The Downfall of Royal Rife

One of the most popular parts of the Rife story involves intrigue, betrayals, and corruption. There is very little evidence of this, but the speculation is to the effect that the AMA destroyed Rife and his work, in much the same way as they destroyed Harry Hoxey.

Royal Rife

At the time Morris Fishbein owned all of the AMA stock, according to some reports. The evidence we have seen seems to indicate that Rife and his supporters mysteriously began to do things that didn’t make any sense. They spent a lot of time and energy trying to recover documents and equipment they had lent to doctors and scientists. They wrote many angry letters. They got into trouble. They were even arrested. Rife ended an alcoholic, and this was supposed to be his cause of death.

We believe that exposure to the Rife RAY contributed to his deterioration, and the deterioration of the behavior of most of his close friends and supporters. These devices produced microwave energy, which kills brain cells and other bodily tissue very easily. John Crane tried to make corrections to common beliefs about the therapy after Rife’s death, but he too had been fried. He behaved erratically, and was difficult to interview when our people met with him in 1986.