Since the advent of the Model A-31, demand for Model B obviously, has disappeared. The antique components, and its inherent problems simply make Model B too expensive for most users. The main problem with an authentic device is that is has no automated functions. Everything has to be tuned manually. Look at this old Rife machine.

The user must hold still, while one therapist or technician holds the rods on the persons body. Another tech controls amplitude and frequency.

When modern electrode patches were invented, it became possible for the user to control the machine by themselves.

But it is often quite difficult, even with stick-on patches, to tune the machine continuously, while applying to an area. For this reason, and because the correct frequencies for any given situation can be brought into dispute, there were some avoidable failures.

JWLABS Model A solves this problem, by taking its tuning information from recorded Model B sessions, freeing the user to perform the therapy. Amplitude and power are the only manual controls on Model A.

As promised, we will trade any old JWLABS model machine for a new Model A. Depending on the value of your old machine, some free selections from our library of session titles will be included.

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