an authentic Rife therapy device

To your left is the most authentic Rife therapy device. From its superb tuning, to its high impact housing, the new Model B has no peer. Safety, accuracy and reliability are high priorities in the design. It has many great features, dual ground sources, independent digital frequency counter, internal Faraday cage, completely manual tuning and ample storage compartment are just a few of the appointments the discerning Rife machine user or practitioner will appreciate.

The B-27 also has a special recording output, which is used to create custom sessions for Model A. This permits any of the sessions that are possible for Model B, to be easily used with Model A.

Legendary Performance.

Not to mislead you, the 1995 Model B-27 Version 3 was the most successful Rife instrument in history, and virtually all of them are still in use even today. Efficacy of the Model B is unsurpassed.

It was exactly what the public wanted, and it performed better than anything that had come before. In fact, only the new Model A is it’s equal.

JWLABS built Model B for many years. The B-27 was the most successful, having very refined manual control, independent frequency counter, and many other features that had once made our Model B-27 the most desirable instrument in the industry.

Using the old vacuum tubes and wire-wound potentiometers, the basic design was about as antiquated as any modern product could be, since the technology had been obsolete for more than 50 years. In our early days, we set out to make Model B a device that would last for 30 years or more. But, one after another, parts suppliers and assembly technicians made errors, sold defective parts, and generally sabotaged the Model B project, in an attempt to put us out of business. It very nearly worked. Hundreds of defective Model B instruments were sent to customers from the now defunct contractors who operated as our factory. Over 76 percent were defective in 2001. We are still trying to pick up the pieces.

Quality Control

Deeply in debt, we endeavored to replace the fraudulent contractors and make a renewed version of Model B, but this too failed. The necessary engineering skills to manufacture Model B properly, in the traditional way, simply no longer exists.

The last production run of Model B was in 2002, and was about 30 percent defective. Virtually all of the Model B instruments we made between 2000 and 2002, have come back with problems. Our cost was $8-10,000 per unit.

The version 7 of B-27, was a beautiful instrument, but only a handful were without flaw. Compare this to the first five years of Model B production, when every instrument was hand made by JWLABS engineers, the defective rate was zero. Our production cost was about $1,200 per unit, and used almost exactly the same hardware.

For the most part, we have been trading out the problem machines for new Model A instruments. Although we have eliminated the problem of sabotage, by partnering with honorable people, it is a matter of prudence to recall all Model B instruments made during the two years in question, and once that has been accomplished, we will take a look at a new version of Model B. We should point out that Model A has made the general style of fully manual instruments like Model B obsolete, and such devices have really only one purpose in modern times, that is, to create sessions for use with Model A.

The Original Wright Labs Model B-2

Although the first Wright Labs instruments were not mass producible, later models were. Now the machines are very refined and have simple controls. Basic procedures established by JWLABS are now widely imitated.