Manufacturing fine Rife instruments Since 1987

JWLABS began manufacturing authentic Rife instruments in 1987. We were looking for a new project, and the Rife technology was among the several we were considering at the time. It was coincidental that we were located in San Diego, where he lived and had done most of his work. Purely by chance, we were approached by private individuals who had been personal friends of Roy Rife, and who were keenly interested in having machines made. These were folks who knew quite well what the machines should be, and brought us original documentation, as well as some of his better original instruments. We have made machines on this basis ever since.

In those days, the Rife technology was almost unknown, and there was much fear among users of persecution and confiscation of devices. For this reason we thought it best to closely examine FDA regulation, but even then the regulators were already compromised by big business, and this was evident upon obtaining copies of their rule books. These were worded in such a way as to effectively outlaw anything which they did not exclusively control.

JWLABS & The Federal Technology Transfer Consortium

Since FDA approval was effectively out of the question, we proceeded to contact officials at USAMRID which was located at the Pentagon, in Washington DC. Surprisingly, the Department of Defense was completely unaware of Royal Rife, and welcomed our input on the subject. We exchanged information, and received US government research documentation on related subjects via the Federal Technology Transfer Consortium. Since that time, (1990) the DOD has continued their own development of bio-active frequency technology.

It is logical to suspect that this research, and the global awareness of Rife technology that has occurred since, has seriously discouraged the proliferation of biological weapons. But don’t get too excited. It is predictable that the deterrence effect of Rife technology will eventually be overcome by weapons grade pathogens that anticipate the action of frequency therapy in all its forms.

Future and Current Products

Most new designs do not necessarily work out. We conceive of them, design them, and sometimes, if we are excited enough about them, actually prototype them for testing. But these new technologies, like all new ideas, have a very high attrition rate. And for the most part, never make it to the production stage. Only our Model A line has made it that far.

In the last decade, Model A has become the most cost effective of all Rife machines. Surpassing even Model B in efficacy, at a fraction of the price. Model A3 and Model A4 represent incredible innovation in the technology.