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Rife Follies: The Saga of the Instant Expert

By October 23, 2014 One Comment

On numerous occasions we have had customers who, after being introduced to the most basic rudiments of this technology/therapy, were inspired to become advocates of Rife therapy to the public. A noble enough cause, but it reminds me of the US presidential elections. Hundreds of millions of people feel that they are qualified to choose and to hire a president. For no explicable reason. There is absolutely nothing of their experience or their training that qualifies them. So, why they believe it is a mystery.

Nevertheless, we have an ever rising tide of thoroughly confused people out there. Due to the likes of: (“not mentioned here “)*, and others who have no history in the industry, no experience in the field, practical, or academic. They take it upon themselves to try to lead the way. The blind leading the blind.

They have served to confuse the public, and then sell them nonsense. Hulda Clark’s book The Cure For All Diseases does not mention Royal Rife even one time. So how, we might ask, did she manage to research the field and never discover Rife? Like a physicist who has never even heard of Einstein!

Dr. Hulde Clark ultra zapper

Dr. Hulda Clark’s ultra zapper

Her subsequent device offerings proved this. The Clark “Zapper” was the least effective Rife machine ever made. An ironic joke at best, but it proves that she had no idea what she was talking about when it comes to therapeutic electro-medical hardware and applications.

Others who make suggestions for frequency use and lists of frequencies, demonstrate no practical experience; and with time, they reveal that what they tried to bring to the table in the way of Rife Therapy amounted to nothing more than pure conjecture.

And conjecture is apparently the name of the game when it comes to Rife Technology, because there’s also an increasing list of makers who have created variations on the basic hardware and then offer them with no history and no testing at all.

The founder of Pacific Health started life as a JWLABS customer, just a few years ago. Using only technology they reverse engineered from JWLABS and a number of other makers, they created a whole line of fake, completely untested devices and offered them to the public as though they had some special authority. Thieves, basically, willing to tell any lie for a sale. Completely criminal in every respect. Yet another self-appointed expert, lacking in skill as well as integrity.

The preponderance of fake Rife devices on the market forces me to reiterate the truth about this technology. Yet another attempt to help those with real needs determine a fake from the real.

Let’s briefly examine Cancer Tutor and the GB 4000. It is the oldest argument there is in these matters. The style of device they are making is simply inferior to a purpose-built device like JWLABS Model machines. A simple matter of ergonomics. There is admittedly at least some perceived value in offering a machine with an array of imaginative attachments. All of which are of course, non-essential. What that has to do with Cancer Tutor is a mystery. It might seem suspicious that they don’t offer a selection of devices, rather than just one single choice. We might suspect them of taking a commission or a kickback. On the other hand, it might be even more suspicious if they didn’t. We only know they are highly biased, and the reason is unclear. It certainly isn’t their skill and knowledge that elevates them to the level of giving any such recommendations. They just don’t get it, apparently.

A few makers have managed to get a new, piggy-back approval based on the very old approval of the TENS unit in the 1970’s, but that is a far cry from getting it approved as a Rife Machine. Which is the reason we did not do that. It misleads the public.

From the very beginning of the Rife legend, there were charlatans selling function generators and representing them as Rife Machines. And, there is a very good reason for that. Rife himself actually used existing signal generators (Function Generators). It is probably why he had once thought he could do everything with only 11 volts of power. Just about the limit of output they normally use for this kind of test equipment. In his early days, Rife thought he could do everything with only five frequencies. Yet another wrong assumption. (JWLABS session recordings today normally cover trillions of frequencies.)

So, it is safe to say that what makes any signal processing device into a Rife Machine is what you know about it, and how you use it.

As I will demonstrate, it is absolutely preposterous to spend thousands of dollars on something you can buy for a few hundred. Off-the-shelf, brand new signal generators of high quality start at around $200, To make it into a Rife Machine, just paste the word Rife on it somewhere. (Or better yet, feature his image!) Beautiful old, vintage analog pieces are still plentiful. Made during that same bygone age of Royal Raymond Rife. For peanuts folks.

What has made JWLABS Model A so popular with clinics and practitioners overseas is not only the ergonomic simplicity and top quality enclosures, it’s also that the signal is a professionally hand-tuned frequency schedule using a fully manual, purpose-built Rife Machine. ( JWLABS Model B-27, version 7.) A device that tunes analog frequency in increments of as much as a billionth of 1Hz.

Since all JWLABS Model A series devices are able to accept any audio signal, from microphone to live music, from cell phone to signal generator, if you want a function generator to use as a Rife Machine, just plug it into any JWLABS Model A input. That’s it. Just plug in to adapt any audio source, either digital or analog, into an amplified and adjustable square wave signal with a DC offset.

JWLABS Model B Rife Machine

The average signal generator has built-in sweep functions, as well as fully manual tuning. The main problem with using a function generator as a Rife Machine is that it is not made for the purpose, so it is very clumsy and complicated to operate as compared to JWLABS Model machines. Model A will automatically adapt your device into a state of the art Rife Frequency Generator. Set it at any frequency you want in the therapeutic range. Any way you like, for as long as you like.

After almost 30 years we have learned a great deal more about how this therapy works; and rather than argue about it, we have simply created optimum therapy sessions for the spectrum of applications, so there is a library of well tested routines you can access just by pushing a button. Hand-tuned, analog routines, with a proven history that have been used successfully world wide for decades.

It is really unfair to the public to convince them that everything has a special frequency, and that you can kill off a microbe by using just one number (frequency) – or even a few key numbers – on it at any time, in any situation, because that is not how the therapy works.

The habitual misleading of the public by Rife Machine makers is something that JWLABS has fought tooth and nail for as long as we have existed.

Dr. Hulda Clark Rife Digital Ultimate

Rife Digital Ultimate

A few obvious examples:

The frequency range that possesses any substantial therapeutic value in and of itself, regardless of the delivery system is quite limited. Much above 10K, (ten thousand cycles per second) the amount of heat and electrical energy it takes to penetrate exceeds the value of the frequency component of the therapy, and it becomes just raw electrons, usually manifest as heat.

Above the audio (or audible) range, we have the traditional radio range of frequency. In this range, as it is with all ranges that are higher in frequency, it is well beyond what you can hear or feel. And also as we might expect, all ranges above the audio range produce heat. Heat is the sum of the effect it (radio energy) can have on the body, and it has long been established that it is harmful to the body at any power or in close proximity to living things.

It becomes a kind of radio radiation, and in fact, just above the Radio range, we find the microwave range of frequency, often referred to as microwave radiation, now widely being used for cell phone communications. An industry that has unfortunately moved beyond the radio range.

The hazards of Microwave energy are also well known and very well established scientifically, as the military has had microwave weapons since the invention of the MASER. Which actually came before the LASER. And has considerably more destructive power than does LASER technology.

The basic principals of the phenomenon we might call sympathetic resonance, (like shattering a glass with the right sound) hinges on the wave length of the frequency that is used.

The popular theory of Rife technology also hinges on this most critical property of electro-magnetic energy. The size of the target, determines the frequency. If you know or can calculate the size, you can fairly accurately ascertain the correct resonant frequency.

The wave length of the microwave oven is longer than the diameter of the little holes in the screen. So the signal cannot escape. If you place an ant that is shorter than the wavelength in the microwave oven (as long as it is on a paper, or other surface that does not get hot), you will see that the ant is completely impervious to that frequency of microwave energy, even at full power.

So, quite obviously, you cannot kill a virus with radio. The smaller the target organism, the higher the frequency that is required. If you can’t kill an ant in the microwave, then it should be obvious that Rife could never have killed a single virus with radio energy.

At least, not in vivo.

John Wright

About John Wright

The son of an inventor, and an inventor in his own right, John Wright operated Wright Laboratories for his projects long before he embarked on the Rife machine project. Some of John's fields of interest include: drafting and design, electronics, physics, mechanics, molecular biology, chemistry, astronomy, microscopy, radio, geology, botany, pharmacology, genetics, zoology, world religion, law, languages, masonry, and oceanography. For John's full bio, click here.

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  • nina says:

    What comes to mind is the strategy of weeds to imitate the appearance of the vegetable the gardener is growing.
    A proliferation of weeds will surround parsley. Weeds that look just like parsley but they do not have any of the other properties of parsley.
    I am very happy with the JWLABS Model A rife machine. It has helped me, my friends, and my animals (horses, dogs, and cats) in a variety of
    situations. Buyer beware of weeds.

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