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Rife Follies – Part 3: Rife Digital Comparison

By October 31, 2014 5 Comments

JWLABS’ Engineer Compares Specs

This is an addendum to our Rife Follies series. When asked to examine the printed specs of Rife Digital Ultimate, our seasoned engineer provided the following responses, which we found hilarious.
[space]Engineer: “Most of this stuff is complete BS. I’ll comment on each line below”:

[space]Product Claim: “Ultimate” has more than double the Amperage of the Rife Digital Bioresonanz
Engineer:”We can’t compare to their “Bioresonanz” unless I have one to deconstruct and measure.”

[space]Product Claim: “Fully Programmable Rife Machine With Equivalent Power of Industry Standard Rife devices”
Engineer: “There is no “Industry Standard Rife devices”. This is a complete fabrication. Since it is not refutable, you could claim the Model A has more than three times the power capacity of Industry Standard Rife devices.”

[space]Product Claim: “Utilizes Bioresonance treatment frequencies”
Engineer: “This is like saying “Utilizes custom treatment frequencies developed by world renowned Rife expert John Wright””

[space]Product Claim: “Power Rating: 16v-DC, (Ultimate model has 35% x more Power than Rife Digital Bioresonanz)”
Engineer:”Voltage is not power – that’s why I’m saying this is BS. They’re using a bigger power supply, but none of that power is being used or people would die.”

[space]Product Claim:”Power Adapter Rating: 4500ma, (Ultimate model has 125% x more Amp Capacity)”
Engineer:”4500mA would kill you. The power supply can source that much current, but this has no bearing on what actually comes through the electrode wires.”

[space]Product Claim:”Rife Measured Voltage Output ~14v (Use only Oscilloscope to measure voltage output)”
Engineer:”Model A has a continuously variable voltage output, from 10V up to 68V (as measured with an oscilloscope).”

[space]Product Claim:”50% Duty Cycle (Standard)”
Engineer:”Same as Model A.”

[space] Product Claim: 100% Positive Offset
Engineer: Same as Model A, but this isn’t really saying anything.

[space] Product Claim: DAC: Digital Accuracy
Engineer: Without a published number of bits, this is saying absolutely nothing. For Model A Rev 3.2, you could say “Superior analog circuitry allows for infinite adjustment versus digital devices”.

[space] Product Claim: RF Frequencies using CW Impedance
Engineer: There is no such thing as CW Impedance. It’s a made up thing. Search the dictionary for a more clever sounding word and you’re saying the same thing.

[space]Product Claim: LCD display gives accuracy up to 2 decimal points. (0999.99Khz)
Engineer: Model A Rev 3.2 doesn’t have a LCD display. Would you like this feature on Model A Rev 3.4?

[space] Product Claim: Frequency Range: 0000.01Khz – 0999.99Khz (≈ 1MHz)
Engineer: John knows what your frequency range is. You could turn these guys in for violating FCC emissions laws. If their frequencies go above 9kHz they are breaking the law. The trouble is, Model A is probably also breaking the law. But I would claim that any frequencies above 20kHz is harmful EMI (electromagnetic interference). Above 20 kHz, you are actually subjecting yourself intentionally to the same frequencies that the wackos are always saying cause cancer!

[space] Product Claim:”Lab tested Pure Square Waveform on all Rife frequencies”

Engineer: Model A has the same.

[space] Product Claim:Harmonics: Harmonic Waveform periodic on 100% of Frequencies

Engineer: This doesn’t mean anything. Gibberish.

Rife Digital Ultimate

Rife Digital Ultimate

[space] Product Claim:Uninterruptible Program Sequences

Engineer: Gibberish. The power button would definitely interrupt the program sequence?!?

[space] Product Claim: Automatic function plus manual over-ride.
Engineer: I’m not sure what they’re claiming here.

[space] Product Claim: Square Wave Output
Engineer: Model A has the same. We just said that 4 claims up though….?

[space] Product Claim: 2 Strap Connectors for the hands
Engineer: Model A has the same.

[space] Product Claim: 2 Strap Connectors for the feet
Engineer: Model A has the same.

[space]Product Claim: – USA manufactured chipsets, by Microchip Devices USA
Engineer: I seriously doubt this is true, but it doesn’t really matter. We could say we use chipsets manufactured by Texas Instruments.

[space] Product Claim: – All Countries DC Switching mode Power Supply Adapter (US110v – 230/240/250v)
Engineer: You also have a universal power supply adapter.
[space] Product Claim: – Idle Mode: Default Mode , Rife Digital waits for your instructions
Product Claim: – Program Mode: Press P to Program 10 Frequency Ranges
Product Claim: – Run Mode: Press Run to run any frequency full time
Product Claim: – Sweep Mode: Press Sweep to Run a Frequency Set at intervals of 10 minutes per program

[space]Engineer: For all of the above you’ll have to talk about the superior frequency sets developed by John Wright.

[space]Product recommendations: Purchase Rife Digital Bioresonanz Ultimate model if …..
[space](1) You wish to use this Higher Power output for treatment of more serious disease.
Engineer: This seems dangerously close to making a claim about treating a disease. Isn’t that illegal?
[space](2) You require a Rife Machine that can deliver the higher power of industry standard devices
Engineer: There is no industry standard. You can make something up about Model A delivering 25 x the power of competitors. No way to refute it.
[space](3) You prefer Rife Digital to run all the frequency sets for you, automatically
Engineer: Model A can do the same by using the CD.
[space](4) You need DAC Accuracy combined with RF Frequencies using CW Impedance
Engineer: I don’t know how you combat BS like this.

[space](5) Your need the Larger 24Mhz Quartz Crystal Core.
Engineer: Huh? More complete BS.

[space]Engineer: John is good at coming up with marketing speak. I can check over what he writes; perhaps help with accuracy, grammar and punctuation.   But being trained as an engineer has destroyed my ability to fabricate BS like these guys are doing…..

[space] Engineer: Wow.  Send me up a 10 lb bag of that good California grass and I’ll get my old college buddies together – we’ll come up with BS that rivals this guy.


Note: Remarks from our engineer do not constitute a claim on the part of JWLABS. We provide this information from a highly trained craftsman in order to help the reader to make an educated decision about what’s real in this industry.

Engineer’s follow-up  11/24/14:

I looked briefly at the zapper [Rife Digital] you sent.  I took it apart and jotted down a few notes:

  • There is no adjustment on the intensity.  You have 16V of output and that’s it.
  • This machine is UNBELIEVABLY simple as a result.  They have a simple program in the micro-controller that toggles the voltage at anywhere from 10 Hz to 1 MHz. [This is engineer speak and is not exactly how it would be described to the user.]
  • Clearly this thing is being built in China, despite the claims to being built in Germany.
  • I would estimate that they are buying this device for under $20, but they probably have $50 worth of packaging and fancy graphic overlays on each unit.
  • The “Crystal Core” is not present in the manner described in the websites you sent me.  Instead, they have a standard quartz crystal that is used to operate the micro-controller (all micro-controllers require a crystal).
  • This design is inferior to the Model A in many aspects.  The most important features of the Model A (with respect to the Zapper) is the complexity of the waveforms that John Wright has recorded, the ability to stimulate using music, and the ability to control the intensity of the waveform.

Postscript: Note that the “Pro’ device is also a duplicate product. Same specs, same packaging. Put out by the same people.


We offer substantial discounts on trade-ins of devices made by other manufacturers. Call us at 888-891-1122 to discuss details.

Clark zapper professional

Hulda Clark zapper.  She never mentioned Dr. Rife in her work.

Rife Digital Pro

Clark zapper with Rife’s image.       Here,  called Rife Digital.









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  • Christoph says:


    You have finally succeeded in putting a solid lid on the RIFE BS storm. You are somewhat like myself. I can spot RIFE BS in about 5 seconds from logging on to some of these web pages. Most criminal to my thoughts. I have learned much over the years. But one thing I don’t regale in is guesstimating wrong data and wrong information. Before I publish I ask around and through your websites and pages I get a solid sense of understanding and comprehension of the evolved technology know as the rife technology. This technology looks and is very different from what Raymond Rife has brought about; he has ,of course, pointed us in the right general direction. And it is up to us or to you JWLABS to generate better focused applications I still have much to learn about these applications before I would dare to write a scientific synopsis about the Model “A”. For now be this only in anecdotal form; I have somewhat understood the principle of JWLAB’s. There is still much more for me to investigate. And yes, any willful copying of the Copyrighted technology is not my style. Anyone caught stealing this information should be prosecuted to the full extend. Some potential client tend amerce themselves in a sort of an “analysis paralysis”. This is because they don’t know what they are actually facing. This is because these people have no fundamental knowledge of frequencies and magnetic energy field. They think they know a bit here and there, but still have no real basic comprehension of electro magnetism. It tantamount of trying to teach someone to read without the basic knowledge of the alphabet.

    Christoph, Ottawa

  • Suzanne says:

    I like the first line of the engineer’s comparrison: “Most of this stuff is complete BS…..” As for your explainations, John Wright, as usual, you have my head swimming! Your knowledge is way abouve my head!

    I have been using the Model A off and on for years, and I find it an enjoyable and healing experience. Go get em, JWLABS!

    I was just lucky, I guess, to have found you guys! I really had no idea about all the charlatans out there. Your CDs that attach to the Modle A Rife Machine have specific frequencies, to tune in to and destroy specific pathogens; no guess work there.

    Thank you John and company for your selfless crusade to heal people one by one; WITH one-ON-one intelligent counceling!

    All the Best to JWLABS!

    Suzanne Wasiik, Oak Ridge, Tn

  • Roy G Smith says:

    Well finally someone shook up John and the result is really very accurate, as usual.! To the point and somewhat humorous (dry)..but it really comes out that this man does know what he is talking about…I have always laughed at the Zapper but recognized that is may work accidently in some cases…..the main point of Johns Rife experience is the Square wave..you see the Square wave is a combination of all harmonics of the base frequency..so the pathogen is being hit with many frequencies at the same time this does not occur with a sine wave generator. The beauty of the JW lABS machines is their simplicity and ease of use.connect them up, put in the program you wish (on a CD) and relax..I can assure you as an original model B user this is utopia and I can understand Johns frustration with these copy cat devices that have no research. I was very fortunate to find Cherry in this jungle back in 2000 and realized very quickly that there complete faith was well warranted . So yes I understand the frustration and this response…very well done John, you and your sidekick are treasures and many a cancer {as well as many other afflictions) sufferers know that your experience and guidance is invaluable. I have often recommended JW Labs units to many people over the years and never with any regret….The honesty and frankness of the guidance is a very valuable commodity and the support is 100%……so if you feel Rife Technology is needed in your life contact Cherry she will guide you through a wonderful experience and if you need real technical help Johns your man!
    I am by training and Electrical and Electronic/Computer Engineer, however one term has buffaloed me ..CW Impedance…I know what a C is and Impedance what is the W for????WAVE??? has Tesla invented something that is new to me??or is this a Quantum Unit?..
    Bottom LIne you want Rife Technology contact JW Labs via staytuned.ws

  • Way cool! Some extremely valid рoints! Iappreciate ʏoᥙ penjing thіs ᴡrite-up and the rest of the website is
    very ǥood.

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