Convert music into a therapeutic output

Turn up the Tactio

If we haven’t already convinced you that JWLABS Model A is the most dynamic, most fool proof, most innovative Rife instrument ever invented, the great features of Model A keep coming!

Model A does something very special. It instantaneously converts music into a therapeutic output. In simpler terms, it makes tactile music. That is… music that you can feel! AND listen to at the same time!

A new dimension in music

So you think the giant woofers in the back of your SUV are way cool? Model A will make that seem like a wind-up toy! Get ready for total music addiction! Unbelievable! A whole new, thrilling entertainment stimulus that is as basic as audio, or video. Model A is Tactio. Tactio is the ultimate music stimulator.

Model A will not work with AM radio. Some players will not have enough output power. Children under the age of 13 should be supervised by an adult. Maybe addictive. Over use may cause headache, or hangover. Poor connections may cause burns.