The model a Tactio feature

Get ready to be blasted into the 21st century!

Tired of the sameness of that dreary old pod thing, walkman or portable disc player? Just plug into the Model A and experience its’ Tactio feature! It amplifies all the physical sensations of your favorite music thousands of times! Make your hair stand on end!

Experience music like never before

Just sit back and plug in some nice mood music. Did we mention that Model A has room for two? It all depends on the music you choose. So, it is all up to you! Use FM radio, car stereo, computer, disc player, TV, in fact, Model A will work with almost anything that has a headphone jack!

Model A will not work with AM radio. Some players will not have enough output power. Children under the age of 13 should be supervised by an adult. Maybe addictive. Over use may cause headache, or hangover. Poor connections may cause burns.