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$29.95 mo or $179.95 year

You will have easy access to our complete library of hand-tuned frequency sessions.

This is far more than you’ll need, but membership offers users of JWLABS Rife machines the chance to experiment with numerous possibilities.

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Rife Therapy Benefits:

  • 320 + comprehensive Rife machine frequency sessions
  • Easy access from your PC, laptop, or tablet*
  • Connect your Model A3 or LiveWires easily at the USB port and your headphone jack.

* Accessible with some smart phones, though it pulls a lot of juice from your phone.

1 review for Rife Therapy Membership

  1. Grant L.

    After 10 months of investigating Rife type machines, I decided to order a Model A from JWLABS. The machine and accompanying CD arrived in a timely fashion and the customer support was way beyond my expectation.


    After using the General Adjustment tracks I was ready to progress to tracks addressing cancer, at which time I discovered their new web site “RifeTherapy.com” I subscribed and have started doing treatments/sessions through the web site as opposed to driving the frequencies with a CD. All I can think to say is “genius”. An amazing technology, a simple interface and convenience beyond imagination.


    I travel and the ability to access a whole library of frequencies for hundreds of health issues using a computer, iPad, smart phone and the very small and portable Model A is incredible. I immediately called my daughter and told her she had to get hooked up. This is revolutionary for health and extremely affordable.


    I only wish I had found it sooner My sincere assessment is that everyone should avail themselves of this extraordinary vehicle to take control of their own health.

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