Pre-programmed Rife machine Sessions


Expertly Tuned Frequency Sessions from our Analog Model B Rife machine

Two hours of recorded frequencies!
Discounts on volume orders

We’ve left nothing out!

We don’t just give you a handful of target numbers. We know that one size does not fit all, whether talking about your body or the specific frequencies of pathogens.

Our hand-tuned sessions include frequencies throughout the therapeutic range, and each title has been tuned for you in anticipation of the needs of the given condition.


These are Potent Rife Machine Sessions

Start slowly with these advanced recordings, as they are more aggressively tuned than the General Alignment with which you will begin.

We advise that you not use the entire title (two disks) at a given sitting. Learn from us how to rotate your tracks, and pick up some tips for specialized techniques of application.

Is there an advantage to CDs?

We know, cds are becoming obsolete, and we’ve planned for this in our product development. However, here’s an advantage: You can save your files on your computer and always have a back-up. A bit of a bonus for Old School techies.

For security reasons, we no longer post the list of Rife machine treatment sessions we’ve prepared for you. We have a password protected current titles list to download here. Call or E-mail for password. To get additional details about our current titles you can call us at 888.891.1122.

Purchase online or order by phone at 888.891.1122

No unauthorized duplication of Model A recordings, please.


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