Privacy Policy

Terms and the Practices

Our privacy policy as explained below, are the clauses, the terms and the practices by which John Wright Laboratories, [JWLABS] in good faith, attempts to protect all customers, prospective customers and participants. Any and all information JWLABS is given by the customer or viewer of the web sites, regardless of how it is given, remains the exclusive property of that person. JWLABS assumes no rights to any such information, and agrees to eradicate, erase, or destroy permanently, to the best of our ability, all such information upon written request, including but not limited to, paper notes, receipts, forms, cancelled agreements, cancelled contracts or computer files of any kind that may contain banking or credit card information, except where required by other pre-existing agreements to retain them, such as proof of delivery or other lawful purpose.


Security at JWLABS has two major areas of concern. 1) The web sites. 2) Customer data and contact files.

The web sites that Wright Laboratories has put on line do not have any malicious software of any kind. If your browser warns you that it has detected “pop-ups” on any JWLABS web site, or Wright Labs domain, it is likely to be a false report. We do not use pop-ups, cookies, or browser re-direction. Our focus is on giving the user or web site visitor correct information concerning Rife instruments without interference and all pop-ups or other malicious software etc. would constitute interference.

From the users point of view, there is no practical way to determine if any on-line company is really interested in protecting you. But it is possible to judge for yourself if the company has a motive to protect you, and that may be the only useful method. JWLABS has good reason to protect it’s customers in any way possible, because customers are Rife machine users. Since our goals involve discretely spreading the word about the benefits of Rife machines to those who need them, and since most of that business comes by word of mouth and by referrals, customer security is important to us.


The privacy policy at JWLABS has always been the same and it will never change. We never knowingly violate our own policy under any circumstances. The personal information of our customers and our prospects, regardless of how insignificant, are never revealed to anyone. If we have a reason to refer a new customer to an older one, it is done by permission only. Such referrals are subject to the Terms of Use and conditions are spelled out in the customer agreement. Any permissions are not transferrable and must be given explicitly by the customer.

There is no need for us to hide our policy in clever legal terms, in tiny print, or in cryptic drop down menus that are difficult to read, understand or to print. The policy is that we don’t give out customer information, in any form at any time. There are no grey areas.

If we were to receive demands from any government agency, we will notify the customer in advance if allowed. Much of the information, is simply not kept, because our relationships with our customers are close enough that the majority of our communications are by telephone and are never recorded.

Celebrity Privacy

We suggest that unless there is a reason for revealing celebrity status, such as an interest in more active participation in our company, it is usually best for public figures of all kinds to communicate with us by proxy, under an alias, or your real name if you are known publicly only by a stage name.

Government Officials

Privacy for government officials, especially high profile, and in countries other than the US, will be more difficult due to recent legislation. Avenues of communication are simply not secure anywhere in the US at this time. This has no impact on our own policies. If you are concerned about anyone discovering the nature of your illness, use a proxy, or visit with us in person.

Terms of Use

This agreement supercedes all previous JWLABS terms of use agreements.


JWLABS, Web Site, Wright Labs, Wright Laboratories,,,,,, shall mean the company, the web sites of the company, the contents of his web sites, or Mr. John Wright himself.

Users, viewers, visitors, customers, the customer, you, and the public, shall mean any and all private persons, the companies, the employees of a company, the employees of an agency of any kind in any nation, under all circumstances of accessing the web sites.

Entry, viewing, downloading, accessing, or participating shall mean any access, any screening, any use whatsoever of the material available on the web sites, regardless of the means by which access to the material contained in the web site is accomplished.

Conditional Permission

Conditional permission is granted upon entry and assumes that such entry constitutes complete agreement with all terms and statements herein. Assumption of agreement applies to all users who view or enter, wether they have read this agreement or not. is the domain name for Wright Laboratories; John Wright Laboratories; JWLABS and any other domain name properly registered in Mr. Wrights’ name as stated herein. The material it contains is Mr. Wrights’ personal property. Under no circumstances will any part of this web site, be it misspelled, misaligned, out of sequence, out of context, improperly capitalized or contradictory to any other part, be construed as a waiver of the constitutional rights of Mr. Wright or the associates of Mr. Wright. Therefore it is expressly and explicitly stated that Mr. Wright, as a sovereign citizen shall not be required to recognize any united states federal court or agency that does not operate under the united states constitution. Mr. Wright does not waive any part of his rights under the constitution of the united states. When you enter here, you agree to this.


Any viewer of the material agrees to the binding terms of use as stated herein. If you do not agree to all of the terms as set forth below, you are not authorized to use this web site, to view this web site, or to use the information contained therein, for any purpose.

Users must provide their own equipment for the purposes of viewing JWLABS web sites, including computer, or other Internet access device.

Users must obtain a JWLABS model machine to participate in password protected areas of any JWLABS web site or domain.

This agreement may be updated at any time, effective upon entry.

Users may not copy, duplicate, redistribute or in the slightest way infringe upon the copyrights of JWLABS material of any kind. This includes any form of electronic transmission. All intellectual property, patented equipment, proprietary information, recorded information, or trade secrets remain the the property of their respective owners and permission to share it with others is not given.

Search engine spiders, or the employees of search engines may as needed place JWLABS images, banners, page descriptions, keywords and URLS on a search engine lawfully doing business, for public queries.

The material you obtain from JWLABS may not be modified in any way. It may not be re-sold, re-packaged, or reverse engineered. No rights are given for users to display or to sell any part of JWLABS property, on the web, in your business or in your home.

JWLABS instruction books, model machines and recordings may be offered on an approved web site, in their home or their place of business, as specified in a separate written agreement for re-sellers, distributors or link exchange web sites.

If, in the event any JWLABS web pages or domains are dysfunctional, experiencing down time or are inaccessible due to high traffic or server error, permission to view JWLABS web site material is suspended until the condition or error is corrected.

JWLABS does not guarantee the recordings it contains will function properly. If they become non-working for any amount of time, due to problems other than the slow connection or inadequate connectivity of the viewing device or computer, users agree to notify JWLABS upon this discovery by e-mail or by telephone.

JWLABS does not guarantee any outcomes that may occur due to the use or misuse of web site information or recordings. Users will hold JWLABS blameless of any and all damages they may incur as the result of the use of web site material, the help or advice they may obtain from JWLABS or his associates, including customer service.

Any user who is given a referral may contact that referral only in connection with the purpose the referral was given. Users may not contact referrals otherwise or for any other purpose. Users agree to notify JWLABS if at any time they are harassed or stalked in any way by a referral to whom contact permission was given.