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The pH Argument

By September 8, 2014 No Comments

If the pH is not within the correct range most of the time, that person will not do well. Not feel well, not recover as quickly. Furthermore, other therapies – really all therapies – will not work well, or will not work at all. This is very pronounced in folks who are suffering from any sort of chronic disease.

I suppose it will continue to be a bone of contention, but the truth about pH how it works and how it is controlled shouldn’t ever be the argument it has become. I learned about pH from learning fish keeping. The principals are identical. By and large, the proper pH balance is what keeps the fish from getting diseases.  From becoming sick, and from death.

Fish Bowl

pH of the water must be properly balanced for fish to thrive.

We test salivary pH of course, and not urinary. The reason is the same as in the fish tank. You would normally test from the tank, and not from the filter. That water does not represent the water in the tank.

When you check the oil in your car engine, you look at the oil in the crankcase, not in the filter. That oil is not representative of the oil that is in your engine. By the same token, the urinary pH does not represent the true interstitial pH.

Controlling pH is about detoxifying the body; and this can only be done by flushing away as much excess salts as possible.

One primary thing that helps with that is de-ionized water. That is, water that has been thoroughly cleaned through a reverse osmosis filter.

Clean water has no pH because it contains no salts whatsoever. Therefore, using only de-ionized water helps to carry away more of the excess salts in the system and brings pH down the right way. The only safe way for many people.

Taking alkalizing agents, special diets, foods or other supplements will be counter-productive for most people who are toxic. A condition that, for most people suffering from chronic disease, will only change when the toxic load has been reduced.

The reports by many users of JWLABS Model Rife Machines suggest that toxins appear to be forced out of the tissues and into the system. From there it must be flushed out. Therefore unless the pH is in line, progress may be slow due to the increase in toxins that must be normally passed.

The goal is a daily high of 8.0 and a daily low of 6.0, with a daily average of 7.2 to 7.4. That’s a range in pH of 2 full points every day. If the range of pH is 1 full point or less, taking control of pH is probably the most important thing that a person can do to improve their health.

For some folks it is the only thing that works. And again, often nothing works until pH is under control. This can be very challenging for those with chronic disease.

The good news is that testing and controlling pH is free; and you can easily do it yourself without the help of a practitioner, and test strips are inexpensive and easily obtained. More good news is that with continued use over time,  JWLABS Rife machine users observe a gradual improvement in their average pH.

Many have become aware of the importance of managing the alkaline balance of the body when addressing cancer and other serious conditions. In addition to the Rife machine, it’s often advised that people supplement with high quality minerals. In short, the pH argument is one which may not be present in your doctor’s discourse, but learning about this subject can help you improve the quality of your health.

pH Chart

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