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Discussions with John Wright

Model A Basic Effects – Addendum

By September 15, 2012 2 Comments

We’ve had a number of responses to John’s recently re-posted video discussion of the basic effects of Model A. Here, we address a series of questions presented by one of our readers.  It provides just a brief review of observations we’ve made over the years; and though it’s not a comprehensive list, we hope it will prove helpful to even our most seasoned Model A users.

We offer this, not as prediction or promise, but as points of information which may help prepare you for what follows your initial Model A sessions. Perhaps these points will clarify what you have already observed; in which case, you may find certain reassurance that things are progressing normally.

  •  Fungus – Increasingly, we’ve taken note of the part that fungus plays in many conditions. It’s becoming fairly common knowledge that systemic fungus (often, but not exclusively, candida albicans) is a significant player in Diabetes, Cancer, and Lyme disease. We suspect that it plays an integral role in countless other conditions, as well.

           Regular users of Model A understand that each of our frequency sessions provides masterful tuning  through the entire range of fungal frequencies. It’s important to note that in the presence of fungus, use of the Model A Rife machine may temporarily increase symptoms and/or sensitivity in the subject. For this reason, a conservative approach and careful observation are encouraged.

  •  Blockage – With respect to blockages, whether intestinal or cardiovascular, Model A users should anticipate a possible sudden change in symptoms, good or bad. Sometimes this will require conventional medical intervention, as in the case of a fistula, for instance.
  •  Infection – With the introduction of frequency sessions, it’s not unusual for undiagnosed conditions to be revealed. This is especially true if the condition exists at any significant level in the body. Given that this may result in a manifestation of new symptoms, it is imperative that beginners proceed conservatively with their sessions, allowing the body to clear the effects of detoxification and recovery.
  •  Injury – For persons suffering from injury, whether by accident or surgical procedure, it is reasonable to expect a more rapid rate of healing. This signifies an accelerated growth of new cells, as well as increased circulation to the area.
  •  Drainage/Detox – It’s reasonable to expect Model A users to have an increase in the amount of detoxification and/or the need to detoxify. This applies to the local area of concern, as well as the entire body systemically. It is a fact that the current, as well as the frequencies, improve the pumping action of the cells so they more readily release toxins.      

Often, the degree of detoxification is observable through saliva pH testing. These indicators are often more apparent when first beginning with Model A or when moving to another range of frequencies. Note that we encourage drinking plenty of water to assist this natural process.

  • Further Diagnosis – Any new symptoms that appear as a result of using the Model A may provide an opportunity for conventional diagnosis of problems which were previously undetected. The machine itself is not a diagnostic tool, yet its use has often led to a better understanding of what is truly the cause of certain conditions.



Model A represents a step outside the box with respect to managing our health and well-being.


John Wright

About John Wright

The son of an inventor, and an inventor in his own right, John Wright operated Wright Laboratories for his projects long before he embarked on the Rife machine project. Some of John's fields of interest include: drafting and design, electronics, physics, mechanics, molecular biology, chemistry, astronomy, microscopy, radio, geology, botany, pharmacology, genetics, zoology, world religion, law, languages, masonry, and oceanography. For John's full bio, click here.


  • Graham says:

    How can you tell what frequency you are using? Looking at the picture of your model A, above, it doesn’t seem to have a LCD display, it just seems to have a rotary knob, so how do you know whereabouts to turn this knob and what frequency you would be putting through your body. Also is there a hand or foot pad to hold onto?

    • cherry says:

      The knob you refer to is the amplitude knob, which governs the intensity of the signal. There is no tuning required on the Model A. We have taken the guesswork out of the tuning for you, in that we have skillfully tuned the frequencies from our legendary Model B which was a full-function analog machine.
      You will access the frequencies from a CD which will move through the entire spectrum of therapeutic frequencies. We will teach you how to target the frequencies you need to address detoxing, parasites, bacteria, fungus, viruses, and much more.
      We have employed tuning techniques that we have developed over 25 years, giving proper emphasis and directional tuning, as needed. You do not need to know in every given moment what frequency you are on in order to benefit from our experience and knowledge. That’s the point of Model A. To give you professionally tuned sessions right out of the box. No learning curve for you to enjoy the benefits of this remarkable machine.

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