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Model A4 Rife Machine Start-up Guide

Our Model A4 is the most user-friendly Rife machine!

This evolution of Rife technology represents decades of research.

JWLABS marks its 30 years in the Rife machine industry.

Model A4 Rife machine is cutting Edge.

It brings you uncanny ease of use.

It’s more powerful! More portable!

We take the guess work out of this complex and nuanced technology, without dumbing it down.

We’ll be here for you!

JWLABS is renown for personalized customer support.

Call us, or email, and we’ll help you customize your protocols and learn new techniques of application.

We work to ensure that you get optimal results from your Rife machine.

Use your Model A4 Rife machine on a plane, train, or automobile!

The touch screen menu and the internal re-chargeable battery free you up as never before.

Over 320 titles on your menu. Select your favorites for quick access to your sessions.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy your Rife therapy session. Even when you’re on the go!

Access your frequency sessions with a touch of your hand.

All sessions have been masterfully tuned from our previous analog machine.

Each protocol provides the full spectrum of therapeutic frequencies, from 2hz to 10,000hz.

This means that each title provides expert tuning through numbers known to be effective for all pathogens.

Our sessions effectively address Detoxification, Immune Stimulus, ATP synthesis, and more.

Call us to discuss your questions and concerns.

We’re here to help you sort the facts from the fiction, and to help you make the right choice for your needs.

Toll Free: 888-891-1122
Direct: 951-926-6415

Learn more about the A4 Rife Machine

Cherry Maly Wright

About Cherry Maly Wright

Cherry acquired her first Wright Laboratories Rife machine in 1999. Motivated by a long-held interest in health and wellness, she understood the value of the basic effects of Rife technology and the significance of employing it for general wellness as well as crisis intervention. Formerly a massage therapist, she became a JWLABS Distributor in Chicago. After nearly two years, she came on board full time in 2001 to manage Sales and Customer Support. She is now Executive Director of Wright Laboratories LLC, directing Customer Support, Sales and Marketing strategies and working hand in hand with the engineering team for ongoing product development. Cherry's history includes Midwest Regional Manager with Logonet Inc, a company specializing in Ontological Design which was established by Dr. Fernando Flores. After nearly five years with the Flores organization, she marketed other nationally known speakers and trainers in the personal and executive coaching industry including William Hanrahan and Dr.Teri Mahaney. These teachers have had a profound impact on Cherry's personal and professional development, and they are a reflection of her personal commitment to helping people be more effective in life. For well over twenty years, that commitment has been expressed in the realm of helping people toward wellness.


  • STEVEN SMITH says:

    MODEL A3
    MODEL A4

    • cherry says:

      Steven, we appreciate your interest in our Model A line of Rife machines. Model A-3 is priced at $1695.
      This includes a full start-up kit. We also provide personalized coaching at no charge.

      Our Model A4 is the first and only touch screen Rife machine. Priced at $3995, it has over 300 very comprehensive frequency sessions on board. These sessions were manually tuned from our previous analog instrument. The tuning is refined to as much of a millionth of a hertz. This means that the user has the advantage of full bodied analog output in a solid state format.The superior tuning of our sessions means that no pathogens can evade the current or the frequency. Follow the links below to compare the instruments.

      Model A4 Information: https://rifemachine.com/jwlabs-model-a4/
      Product Comparison: https://rifemachine.com/products/product-comparison/

  • Elisabeth Gardiner says:

    Hi, my daughter has been sick for a few years and was recently diagnosed with Bartonella. Can the Rife machine help with this? Thank you for your help, Elisabeth

    • cherry says:

      Elsabeth, while we cannot make claims or promises, we can say that we have worked with numerous people with Lyme and Bartonella. Many have gotten their lives back as they work with the machine with patience and consistency. Our customer support will help you to adjust protocols as appropriate for each user. Keep in mind that our Rife machines are deadly to the pathogens, while strengthening the immune system. The same current which is mortal to the bacteria, fungi, etc, is stimulating to every cell in your body such that the metabolic function is enhanced. I will email you links to our site so you can explore further. You may call us at 888-891-1122 with any further questions you may have.

      Note that our original web site is currently being re-designed.. New pages will soon be live at http://www.jwlabs.com

  • Louise says:

    Do these machines actually cure you or do they just manage the symptoms? Do these machines help people with lung disease such as emphysema?

    • cherry says:

      Louise, though we cannot make claims of cures, many of our customers have reversed their lung conditions similar to what you have briefly noted. When used properly, JWLABS Model A Rife machines have helped many people gain control over their health, thus improving the quality of their lives. It would be most helpful to discuss your questions and concerns in person, so please call us at 888-891-1122. We look forward to discussing with you the benefits of working these machines.

  • Fari says:

    Im new to rife andthe website. Which machine canhelp with tinnitus since 1991,ear pressure, and water inthe ear feeling? Im female, anditsin my left ear. What frequencies help this?

    • cherry says:

      Fari, thank you for your interest in JWLABS Rife machines.. I have sent you some links to help you explore our web sites, and I encourage you to call us to discuss your specific concerns. Tinnitus can have any number of contributing causes, so it’s impossible to say with certainty how the would affect your condition. That said, we have had numerous cases wherein these issues have been subdued, if not resolved. We look forward to hearing from you! 888-891-1122

  • Defender says:

    Why are these so expensive when technology is at an all time high with the lowest costs in history? The profit margins must be huge! Which is a shame if the object is to improve patient health naturally.

    • cherry says:

      As always, we appreciate your interest. JWLABS has endeavored to provide instruments which are straightforward, reliable, and affordable. You may be referring to our top-of-the-line Model A4 which was launched early this year. This, of course, is our most expensive unit. Our mid-priced unit is Model A3. We sometimes have used A3 units available, as folks upgrade to the A4. Even the previously owned units are not released until they are tested and certified for our Lifetime Warranty. Unparalleled in the industry.

      We take pride in manufacturing in the US. You may be comparing us with other folks who are going off shore to manufacture.

      In addition to our lifetime warranty, our Model A3 and Model A4 instruments are supported with unlimited personal coaching. We strive to guide and educate our users to ensure that they proceed safely and effectively.

      We have a unit which is perfect for those with budget concerns: Our LiveWires device is a great way to jump into Rife technology with a modest investment. Here, you can compare our products.

      We strive to provide the right match for your concerns. Choose the people who have been designing and supporting quality Rife machines since 1987. We look forward to hearing from you!


  • Paul says:

    Cherry, for the past 5 years prostate cancer has been ruining my life and the expectancy of it. My prostate has been completely invaded and I have read that Rife technology may help. Could you elaborate on this possibility and give me more info on the A3 please?

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