Model A4

The Next Generation of Rife Machines

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Intelligent. Leading Edge. True to the History.

Our goal with Model A4 was to do the impossible: engineer a full-function Rife machine experience into the most portable, user-friendly interface ever. And not only is it compact, it's as powerful as we can make it within the safety parameters. The new A4 delivers over 20 percent more potential voltage and hundreds of full bodied, hand-tuned frequency sessions.

All at your fingertips with our innovative touch screen menu.

frequency sessions
max potential output
battery life
precision wire-wound potentiometer

More Muscle. More Mobility.

Now equipped with a rechargeable battery, Model A4 is more portable and more powerful than ever. Whether sitting back and reading a book, riding in a car, or even flying on a commercial plane, you can enjoy the benefits of our expertly tuned frequency sessions with ease. We’ve increased the potential output to 80 volts. More than you will need.

Pure Design. Purpose Built. Packed With Power.

We've gone through dozens of embodiments and prototypes in developing our Model A line of Rife machines. We are experts at developing potent and user- friendly devices you can use safely and effectively in your clinic or in your home. Model A4 exemplifies our commitment to quality and consistency. We're so confident in the reliability of our devices that we extend a lifetime warranty.

The Touch Screen Menu.

Press and Play. Choose Your Favorites.

Now equipped with over 320 full spectrum frequency sessions, Model A4 delivers Masterfully Tuned Protocols at the touch of your hand. Even beginners move confidently through advanced sessions which have proved effective for many years.



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Model A4

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