Model A4

The Intelligent Rife Machine

Model A4 Rife Machine Therapy Features
Touch Screen Menu for easy access to over 320 hand-tuned frequency sessions!
Military grade enclosure for optimum protection!
Battery charge indicator
Port for re-chargeable battery, providing easy portability!
Input port which permits accessing frequencies from an outside source!
Tactio® port for your exhilarating experience of tactile music!
Two electrode ports provides for two users!
Activity Light indicates when your electrode wires are live
Polarity Switch permits the change of direction of current!
Precision, wire-wound, analog, ten-turn potentiometer providing fine amplifier attenuation!

Touch Screen Menu

Top Touch Screen Rife machine

Military Grade Case

A4 Rife Machine Quality Rugged Case

Quick Access to Our Full Library

Full Rife Therapy Frequency Appication Library

Choose Your Favorites

Our menu provides a wide selection of full bodied therapy sessions which we have expertly hand tuned for you from our legendary analog machine.

Bookmark the titles with which you most want to experiment.   This will give you quick and easy access.

Watch our A4 start-up guide

Success Stories

“My Rife machine, a Model, is great and still helping me to stay well! I am a very long standing customer of yours. I treat myself for Lyme.”

Lynne. McC.Georgia, user since 2010

“My wife and I have been using our Model A4 for a few months. My wife had a stroke 8 years ago, leaving her left side affected. I have had arthritis in my foot, due to an injury.

I'm glad to report that my wife has noticed a slight increase in strength, and more definitely in balance. My foot has improved to the point that I no longer hobble. We continue to experiment with protocols in the hope of continuing our progress.”

Roy D.Arkansas

“We are so thankful to you all for what you have done and are doing in trying to help in the healing of humanity.”

Elizabeth C.Indiana, user since 2014

“I have been using my Model A4 for just a few months. I recently had surgery, and I continued using my machine after the procedure. Historically, I have been slow to heal. I am pleasantly surprised at how quickly the incision closed.

My recovery has been much faster than expected. It seems to me that this machine has made a remarkable difference.”

James Y.Thailand
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Model A4 Does Double Duty

Two electrode ports allow for two users at once. Be sure to have the more sensitive user govern the amplitude of the signal.

Full body sessions are delivered to a single user applying current to hands and feet.

Get Charged and Get Packing!

Our re-chargeable battery makes you independent of a power supply during sessions.

Its compact size (It weighs only a pound.) and rugged case mean you will not be without your therapy during travel.

An excellent companion on trains, planes, and automobiles!



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Model A4

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