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JWLABS’  Model A3 Rife machine Start-up Video.  Watch this to learn how to use your Model A3 Rife machine safely and effectively.

JWLABS has been manufacturing fine frequency instruments since 1987. High standards and ethics have always been the main tradition at Wright Labs. It is a tradition we choose to uphold. In addition to our unparalleled customer service policies, we replace or repair any failed machine for free, and generally provide all the same service as any manufacturing contractor.

Our first machines were commissions. Customers who know what a Rife machine is, and wish to have one made, contract with us for that purpose. We still do it this way.

We know that our customers expect nearly 100 percent effectiveness, and we do everything in our power to meet those expectations. One of the ways we do this is to make instruments that exceed what the customer expects. All of our machines have twice the power that Rife used, and are thousands of times more accurate.

For more information about JWLABS frequency instruments, see https://jwlabs.com/jwlabs-rife-machine-product-comparison and  https://jwlabs.com/jwlabs-model-a3-rife-machine/

This video can also be seen at https://jwlabs.com/jwlabs-rife-video-series/

Cherry Maly Wright

About Cherry Maly Wright

Cherry acquired her first Wright Laboratories Rife machine in 1999. Motivated by a long-held interest in health and wellness, she understood the value of the basic effects of Rife technology and the significance of employing it for general wellness as well as crisis intervention. Formerly a massage therapist, she became a JWLABS Distributor in Chicago. After nearly two years, she came on board full time in 2001 to manage Sales and Customer Support. She is now Executive Director of Wright Laboratories LLC, directing Customer Support, Sales and Marketing strategies and working hand in hand with the engineering team for ongoing product development. Cherry's history includes Midwest Regional Manager with Logonet Inc, a company specializing in Ontological Design which was established by Dr. Fernando Flores. After nearly five years with the Flores organization, she marketed other nationally known speakers and trainers in the personal and executive coaching industry including William Hanrahan and Dr.Teri Mahaney. These teachers have had a profound impact on Cherry's personal and professional development, and they are a reflection of her personal commitment to helping people be more effective in life. For well over twenty years, that commitment has been expressed in the realm of helping people toward wellness.

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