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Are you looking for an affordable, full power Rife instrument which has a proven track record and is easy to use? Our Model A3 "listens" to the hand tuned frequency sessions we've prepared for you and converts them instantly to therapeutic output. The A3 circuit board is designed with care to preserve the analog nature of the original signal.

You can access Rife frequency sessions on your A3 from our CDs or our special membership site at Connect your A3 to a cd player, your computer, or your tablet for an easy, professionally tuned therapy session.


10 Trillion

700+ Hrs

320+ 2hr Titles *2


Single/Multi-wave *1


Analog & Digital

An Elegant Solution

Precision engineering is the hallmark of our Model A line of Rife machines. Throwing off the limitations of “old school” Rife machine thinking, yet preserving the integrity of the robust analog signal our development team takes pride in bringing you a revolutionary instrument with the performance, elegance and reliability worthy of our long history in the industry.

Our machines are manufactured in a top quality, professional electronics assembly plant here in the USA.

Effortless Session Frequency Tuning

No more cryptic programs, no more searching for the right frequencies. Everything is done for you by an expert. Recorded sessions are not simple programs, they are live full bodied sessions recorded directly from our special Model B recording output. So they are far richer, far more complete. And we have a full library of sessions to choose from.

Each and every recording was created by an experienced practitioner. You will always have the maximum Rife therapy possible with Model A3. And you will be sure that it is the most potent Rife type output, with the original physics.

Prepare To Be Amazed

Accuracy is as high as one millionth of one Hz and each session contains the entire range of therapeutic frequencies, specifically tuned and adjusted for every application.

Target numbers, both traditional and nontraditional, are tuned to a precision unheard of in any previous Rife machine. This gives you the best chance possible for full, and unsurpassed success.

Notice that your A3 comes in a crush-proof enclosure and that we provide a lifetime warranty and personalized customer support.

Timeless Solution

Whether enduring a health crisis or endeavoring to protect your future health, it's time to employ this remarkable technology.

Many users report more sustained energy, accelerated healing from injuries or surgery, pain relief, even clearer thinking.

The natural detoxification effects of the therapy may account for much of this.



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Model A3

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