Model A3

Handsome. Affordable. User-friendly.

Military grade enclosure for optimum protection!
Input port which permits accessing frequencies from an outside source!
Tactio® port for your exhilarating experience of tactile music!
Two electrode ports provides for two users!
Activity Light indicates when your electrode wires are live
Precision, wire-wound, analog, ten-turn potentiometer providing fine amplifier attenuation!
Battery Enclosure 4 x AAA (optional power source)
AC Power

Military Grade Case

Ten-Turn Potentiometer

Available in Multiple Colors

Will Model A3 be easy to use?

You bet!

Model A3 reflects our straightforward, no-nonsense approach to Rife machine user interface.

Power and activity lights let you know immediately the status of the power input and signal output, with no unnecessary bells and whistles.

Connect to your media device of choice (cd player, computer, notebook, or tablet) and select the frequency range to play through your Model A3, which converts the signal instantly to therapeutic output.

You will adjust the intensity of the output via our precision, wire-wound, analog, ten-turn potentiometer.

This provides you with supremely fine amplifier attenuation, instilling a confident, intuitive feel when applying even to the most sensitive areas.

Watch our A3 start-up guide

Success Stories

“I am currently treating ganglion cysts and carpal tunnel issues on both wrists. After daily sessions for 2 weeks the one cyst is nearly gone and the other larger one is 1/3 its size prior to treatment. The carpal tunnel pain has noticeable decreased by at least half.

Thank you for your help.”

David W.Tennessee

“I have had to struggle with many ailments this past year. I have dealt with viral, bacterial and parasitic struggles that I could not resolve. I have discovered that working with the JWLABS CD's and process has caused the most results with eradicating my issues. I cannot thank JWLABS enough for your professional, high-tech methods of resolving hard-to-resolve health issues!”

Elinor A.North Carolina

“Oh!!! Just so you know. I have finally visited my thrombosis specialist and I’m in the clear. No signs of new embolisms; gone they are. He cannot explain why, but I know why; those low 20 – 30 hz frequencies over a period of 1 months every 2 days did the trick.… Also I’m still holding my own with my diabetes, one treatment every 6th day…WOW!!!”

Christoph E.Canada

“I bought my Model A3 Rife machine from you several years ago to treat Lyme and parasites and it is great!”

Sandra S.New York, user since 2010
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What makes Model A3 so great?

You will have the advantage of expert tuning methodology which employs both analog and digital technology.

Our frequency sessions are recorded from our legendary Model B – 27v7 vacuum-based frequency instrument, providing accuracy as high as one millionth of one Hz.

Each session contains the entire range of therapeutic frequencies, specifically tuned and adjusted for each application.*

Target numbers, both traditional and non-traditional, are tuned to a precision unheard of in any previous Rife machine.

This gives you the best possible chance for full and unsurpassed success.

* An incredible option: Our entire library of frequency sessions is available for subscribers at



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Model A3

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