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Live Wires is our Pocket-sized Rife machine

If you’re looking for an affordable, full power Rife machine which is easy to use, Live Wires will fill the bill. Our Model A1 "listens" to the hand tuned frequency sessions we've prepared for you and converts them instantly to therapeutic output. The A1 circuit board is miniaturized and designed with our legendary care, preserving the analog nature of the original signal.

Small, but MIGHTY!

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Need Extreme Portability without Sacrificing Power?

Live Wires is unique from our other Rife machines. It packs the same punch as our Model A3. It can be used as a stand-alone device, or as an accessory to Model A3 or Model A4 (advanced users only).

The circuitry of this solid-state device is fully potted, which means it is not repairable. Thus our standard warranty does not apply. Customer support is available via email.

Our Rife machines are manufactured in a top quality, professional electronics assembly plant here in the USA.

A Potent Device in the Palm of your Hand

Our miniaturized instrument allows you to live stream your sessions from our membership web site for full bodied Rife frequency therapy.

Connect to your computer or laptop to access our complete library of hand-tuned frequency sessions.*

* General Alignment session, for beginners and general maintenance, is free at

I recently purchased a Live Wires........ Read on your website that people with high blood pressure should start with #5 of the general alignment, which I have done twice for 10 minutes each..... Was surprised at how quickly I sensed a difference in my body after just two uses. This appears to be much more powerful then I had thought....

Richard F.New York

Fingertip Control

Some frequency ranges feel stronger than others, so you'll want to make adjustments during your session. Keep your thumb on the wheel to increase or decrease the intensity of your sensation. Remember, some times less is more!

Have Live Wires, will Travel

Weighing only 5 ounces, and measuring 1.5" x .5" x .75", LiveWires is the ideal Rife machine to take on your trip.

With a mini-adapter for your USB connection, you can even use your tablet to access the sessions.

It Delivers a Punch!

Maximum output is about 68 volts, more power than you need to effectively address pathogens and to enjoy the detoxification and stimulus benefits.

One set of electrode wires delivers the current easily to the palms of your hands for systemic applications.

Power your Live Wires through your computer, laptop, tablet, or smart phone* with the USB cord attached.**

* Live Wires will pull a lot of juice from your Smart phone, so count on shorter sessions using your phone. A little goes a long way!

* * Most tablets/phones require a mini USB adapter, which we have in stock. Apple products require a special mini adapter which can be ordered from other providers.


Live Wires

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Live Wires

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